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Before I had any treatments all all, I read many...

Before I had any treatments all all, I read many of the HORRIFYING posts on this site about Restalyn, Juvaderm and some of the others. Those posts made me so afraid that I nearly didn't have anything done about my wrinkles. If I hadn't taken the chance, I would still be hanging my head when I walk through a store, ashamed of my old, tired, wrinkled appearance. I looked MUCH older than I am..older than other women my age and I hated it!

After my doctor did such a good job on my breast implants, I decided to trust him with filler injections on my face, despite my fear.

I have since realized that it's the doctor you choose, NOT the product that produces these sad results in the women who post here. I'm certain now, that it could easily be done wrong, in the wrong place, over filled, under filled or the wrong product used in areas something else should be used. For instance, he told me that Restalyn, not Juvaderm, should be used around the upper lip because the molecules are smaller and not visible.

I had Restalyn during my last two visits and loved it. Trying Restalyn, I figured, was a good and more temporary way to see if I liked what my doctor was going to do before trying something longer lasting.

I loved the Restalyn but also know that it typically lasts 4-6 months. Though Juvaderm claims 6+ months, I've been told by people as much as a year later that the effects of their Juvaderm were still present. I'm sure that's not the case for everyone.

Since my doctor did such a great, and natural looking job with the Restalyn for my Naso Labial folds and the wrinkles above my upper lip, I decided to tackle the very aging indentations and deep wrinkles around my chin area with Juvaderm. This is the final area on my face that makes me look older than my 53 years of age.

He numbed me up (as he always does) and then worked his miracles. When he was finished (about 20 minutes later), he handed me the mirror and the first words out of my mouth were: "You truly are an artist!".

There, before me, in the mirror, was the 35 year old woman I once was!

I smiled all the way home.

The really fabulous thing about all three treatments was that my husband never noticed or commented! (Though my girlfriends all screamed with delight and one has now had her face done with Restalyn as well and loves it!).

Some might think that' my husband not noticing an awful thing! But what that tells me is that I don't look like a different version of myself! I still look like ME! Just minus the wrinkles and decades younger! (But does that also mean that my sweet husband never saw the wrinkles to begin with?). They were TERRIBLE! What a cool thought to think he might look past them and that they don't matter. But they DO matter to ME!

My doctor said I would probably bruise pretty badly because I begged him to fill in a very deep indentation (about the size of a dime!) that took quite a bit of product and manipulation... but the ice pack he gave me did the trick. I have NO bruising at all!

I do, of course, have a little bit of swelling (barely noticable) but as with the Restalyn, I know that within a couple of days, this will be gone completely.

When I had my breast surgery, he had me take the herbal suppliment "Bromelain", which is a pinapple dirivitive and helps with bruising so I started taking that the moment I got home, but it looks like I won't need it after all.

I am completely delighted! I'm headed off to New Mexico to see my family in two weeks. They will remember me as I was the last time they saw me: with deep, deep wrinkles and folds that made me look 60! I can't wait to hear their comments!

I'm a happy woman!

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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