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I had my first BA when I was 19 yr old. I was a 34...

I had my first BA when I was 19 yr old. I was a 34 AA. I barely had any breast tissue and went under the muscle with 400cc saline (silicone wasnt allowed for 1st timers back then). When I healed I notice when I flexed I had a huge crease in the middle of my chest on both breast but being 19 I didn't think any of it. After having my first child at 25 I notice when my breast milk came in I could see my implant and then the milk on top. After I stop breast feeding it became obvious I had the "double bubble" on both breast And when I laid down they fell in my arm pits. In 2011, I went to a new doctor, dr. Andrew smith, who did a touch up to fix the double bubble and did an internal bra but said I needed to get a whole fix up after having kids. So that time is now :). I had my second and finally child in 2012 and now I'm ready to get them fix. Really nervous because I need to do a donut lift, resize my nipples, fix my pockets, switch implants from saline to silicone. 500-600 cc hoping 600 cc can work. I know sometimes going bigger isn't always better. I just want to do it right this time so I don't have to get this done again. I have a 4 yr old and 2 yr old who love me carrying them and I don't know how they are going to handle it me not carrying them for 3 weeks. My 4 yr is autistic and she doesn't understand mommy is going to have surgery so I'm nervous.

what I look like now.

So heres what I look like today and what issues I need to address. I have bad rippling which is common with saline (they are 12 years old). My right breast pocket needs to be fix. I want my boobs to be closer together when I'm laying down, hopefully it can be fix. You can see my side view that I don't have vplume on top at all. Now I know my breast bone sticks out so I won't have that fullNess like the girls who's chest bone goes inward. I'm hopin 500-600 will give what I want.

less than 3 weeks to go for both of us!

My best friend and I's surgery is less than 3 weeks away. We had our annual xmas exchange last night and we cheers to our old bikkini boobies away! We both are having dr andrew smith in irvine doing our surgery.

Pre op done!!

Woo hoo! Pre op was done today. All paid for and done! Lol. Dr. Order 565 cc silicone texture silicone high profile (the highest in that implant.) And 625cc in a moderate plus implant. We shall see what will fit best. ;) so nervous but excited to finally get thear babies fix! Mother nature after having two kids did it's tolll.

On my way!

Today is the day! Nervous and starving!!! Didnt sleep much at all like everyone doesnt. Time to say goodbye to the old 12 yr old implants!


Wow what a great experience! I was so calm and relax with the surgery center staff. I got there early. They made me very comfortable. Gave me a couple heated blanket while I waited for the Dr to come. Dr used 625 cc moderate plus on me. The 565 hp wouldn't close the as much as I wanted because my boobs naturally push outward. My pain is not bad at all! So was excpecting much worse. Dr andrew smith is the greatest and all the people that work along with him were great. I'm wrapped alot so can't see much. I ll see at th post op appt tomorrow :)

next day post op

Got the bandage off. Loving these 625cc mod plus silicone! It's exactly what I wanted. And they will getting better as I heal! Yay! In some pain and some.neasusa but doing ok. Need sleep. Didn't sleep at all last night

more photos

5 days post op

I'm so happy even just at 5 days after surgery! Loving the fullNess and how close they are. My nipple has always been off. One is higher than the other. I was born that way lol. Remember ladies doctors are not god cant make things 100% perfect. Still on pain meds. Took a shower by myself for the first time today. Felt great but that's all I can do. Lil sore from it. Fri I see my ps and the tape comes off, Thank goodness.

2 weeks...swim suit shopping!

So me and my bestie went bathing suit shopping. Totally unplanned and had a great time. every morning I wake up with my right boob tight and sore. My left one is relax and soft and ready to mingle! Lol. Right one is tight and harder. Called the dr this morning and they said it's probably from me using my right arm since I'm dominate on that side. I'm hoping so. So very pleased with my results so far. My old bras and bathing suits 32DD and 34d don't fit me so I gave them to my bestie who just got her twins (MG85). Hers look fabulous in my old suits. Sucks cause they were brand new from last summer lol. So glad I could give them to somoney :)

any advice? ??

Ladies, I had my revision 2 weeks ago. And since a week ago, my right breast got stiffer and hurts. My left is soft and fine and no swelling but my right is killing me. Just got the ok to start taking ibprofen today from the dr and said if it doesn't work they will give my a muscle relaxer. Has anyone experience this?

I'm so happy! 3rd time does the charm I guess!

So I'm 18 days post and still have Alot of healing to do but so far I'm loving the results. My glue came off and my incisions are great around my nipples. My nipples don't look angry anymore hahaha. So glad they didn't get butchered up. My right one has been the most difficult. I'm still on pain pills (percocet ) and started. Muscle relaxer to help the stiffNess of my right one. My left one is great, soft and ready to party. They look exactly what I wanted. And best part is they don't fall in my armpits any more! Yay!

Bra shopping! 32DDD/DD

My realself gf (MG85) and I had our 3 week check up on friday. We decided to do some bra shopping. We decided to go to Norstroms since we have heard it's the place to go for bra shopping... wow I must say it may be my favorite place to go now! Bras fit me perfectly and I was measured at 32DD/DDD. I have been wearing 34 so I learned I was buying wrong bras even before my revision. Lol.
Their bras are so comfy and fit like a glove! Love love love.

My check up went well. My right boob is still way stiffer than my left. I'm still on pain pills and muscles relaxers but only in the morning and then at night. I still have morning boob on my right boob. It's getting better. Still can't lay on my side when I sleep which sucks because I'm a side sleeper. One day I ll sleep through the night and sleeping comfortable! ! slowly but surely it will all be worth it eventually :)

fat transfer to help rippling?

Has anyone done fat transfer to help reduce rippling? I had bad rippling before my revision and it has improved alot but still have a lil of it. Dr brought up how fat transfer can help that but it's way too early to know if I ll need since it's only been 3 weeks. Just curious if anyone has done that. I have read alot of dr say it's a great technique help rippling after revisions with patients who have thin tissue like myself. Just curious :) my boobies have changed everyday it seems for the better so I'm still very happy and I know they will never be perfect but would to get as close as can be ;)

my valentine's gift from my husband

Omg so my husband bought me this bikkini and glasses for valentine's day. (we are big river people and go to the river ever 4th of july) he is in love. He wanted me to do him sexy pic. Lol. Ok ok i have to say made me feel good too ;)

slowly but surely healing in the right direction

For all of you who were born with eveN nipples and breasts.... screw you. JUST KIDDING! you are all lucky who were born with symmetrical breast AND nipples just saying. Lol. my nipples and breast weren't symmetrical eveN with no breast tissue I was a 32AA/AAA to start with. So this being my 3rd surgery and with two different dr I am realistic about my outcome because of this. So with all that. In person you can hardly tell now with my revision that my nipples off still off. Huge improvement and I'm still healing so I'm very happy with the outcome so far. My rt breast is still tight and the implant still needs to relax a lil. I have too different side views lol. in bras bikkini and shirt or in person unless i point it out, u can't tell anything is different. Remember PS aren't god. They can help fix your flaws but can't get rid of them. ;)

7 1/2 weeks update

MG85 and I went out with our new improvements with our hubbies for the first time. We felt sexy and wonderul! 20 yr olds were hating on us lol. generation styles are so different lol. We wear tight figure flattering clothes and they were loose hippy unflattering clothes it seems. Haha. We went to a country club were I met my husband 10 yrs ago and it was our stomping ground back then ;). Anywho's we had a blast. But man my right boob hurt the next day from dacing. it's still high and stiff. Seems to get better each week. My dr said texture implants can take 6 to 9 months to soften. I trust him because he has always been rt on with my second and 3rd surgery with him. I go this Friday for a check up

2 months :( Bad news

So yesterday was my 2 month check up and I received bad news. My rt breast which is stiff and hurts is most likely CC
:( I completely burst into tears talking to the dr because my whole life has been this way. Nothing can go as planned. Very frustrating. Dr. Smith took so much time with me and assuring me he will do everything to fix me. He told me my surgery went perfect and afterwards I had no signs of infections. It's odd this happen. And ladies it happen one week from surgery. I woke up in severe pain and tightness and normally CC doesn't happen that early but he thinks it did. So he recommended for me to take vitamin E until I see him Next month for a check up. He wants to see me monthly to see my process. Luckily my friend MG85 was with me for her check up because she was great support too.
Good news my rippling on my left breast has improved so much! My left breast is beautiful and perfect. Hopefully we will get the rt one to match sooner or later!
If it doesn't get better by next month my hubby gave me the go to go under the knife asap when the dr says I can. So I'm glad I have a supportive husband. Dr said he would replace the implant with a brand new one. Put mesh in to protect the implant and remove the CC. So we shall see. By looking at it in clothes and bras u can't tell there's a probably but my touch you can tell. And it hurts me too. I'm very frustrated. also my nipple got sttetched out because of the CC making everything tight. PS says thats an easy fix and not to worry. I'm glad he isn't telling me to wait like most PS say or try to sugar coat it. I would rather know the worse than hope for the best. Any one had good luck with vitamin E pills?

Going next fri to schedule revision

I sent my PS this picture and said if I could just come early and discuss surgery dates because I don't see how viatimin E will fix the capsule that's this bad. Obviously he agreed since his receptionist called me and said for me to come next fri to discuss options and surgery dates. I'm hoping for the end of april I can do my revision. It's hurts to sleep and hurts so bad in the morning. Pain pills help throughout the day. I know I'm in good hands. My good boob that healed is perfect and exactly what I wanted so now hopefully my body will heal right this time.

going back under the knife again

Saw my PS today. I'm so blessed to have a caring PS. He isn't making me wait since I'm in pain. I go april 23rd for the CC in my rt breast. It is a lil softer but still painful. He is going in to release the capsule using the same
implant. Going to clean everything up and do a criss cross technique to open the capsule. I'm know I'm in good hands. it's really rare for this to happen a week after surgery but it could have been that a caught the flu or virus that then returned affected my healing process And could have cause the CC. if all looks ok too he will fix my nipple. It got stretched out from the CC.

It's been a roller coaster. surgery pushed to April 30th.

Wow its been a hell of a week. So April 10th we went to vegas with our best friends. Fri night we had a blast and MG85 and myself dressed up vegas style with the new twins. We had so much and felt great. we were drinking and guessing with which girls were real or fake lol. Anywhos all fun ended when I woke up at 530 in so much pain and my heart was racing. My back was killing my whole body hurt. I stayed in bed all day. Try to go to the pool. Thank god it was a European pool because my bathing suit was hurting my CC boob so bad so I had to take it off. We went to a show that night and came back and went straight to bed.
Coming home from vegas my parents had to take my kids and car home because I wasn't able to drive because I was hurting so bad (I had a feeling i had a kidney infection and I had medicine at home so that's why I didn't go to the ER right away). My husband had to fly out of vegas for work so my best friends took me home. When my parents drove my car and kids home, My dad and my son were in a car accident on the fwy. Some idiot was towing illegally and the truck came off the trailer and flew across the freeway and luckily my dad slammed and swerve and the truck hit the front my car. the whole freeway shut down. Everyone was fine and no one got hurt. ThaNk god. My son slept through the whole thing. However this person doesn't have insurance. Luckily I have uninsured motorist insurance.

So I went to bed that night hurting popping Norcos and I was in so much pain. it got worse and worse... I ended up in the ER that morning. It was the worse pain and sickness I have ever had Gone through. I had a kidney infection, passed a kidney stone, a cyst on my kidney and UTI. I have to be on antibiotics for 10 days. Finally after day 6 th I was feeling better. The weird thing was the antibiotics they gave me at the hospital Levaquin, help the pressure on my boob! It helped it so much. I still have pain and restriction in my rt CC boob. I had my pre op on fri the 17th and surgery is the 30th. We decided it's best to wait til I'm 100% better. So ya been a crazy week. Lol. As a thank you for Dr. Smith and his staff MG85 and I decided to have cookies made as a Thank you to him and his staff. They came out so cute !!!

On my way for the revision of my revision

Check in at 1030 surgery at 1130. Not nervous at all. Just anxious. Just hoping all will be fix and heal right this time. The pressure/stiffness reduced after the IV antibiotics I had at the hospital a couple weeks ago but the pain or sharp pains I get every morning and through out the day still there. Oh and the squeezing sensation too. Dr is going to do a criss cross cutting technique to release the CC and wash out the pocket. Wish me luck!

Surgery was cancelled when I was under.

Omg I'm so feed up with my body! Everything was going perfect. I woke up them telling me surgery didn't happend because I was throwing up when I was knocked out before starting surgery. I ate at 9 pm last night. A bowl of cereal. I drank water to 1145pm. I did everything I was suppose to. Surgery reschedule for may 12th at 230 pm. I'm just so tired of this shit happening to me....sorry u all know I'm a positive person but I have my breaking point.... this is it.

the markings of my suppose to be surgery

I was so upset I can home and went to bed til the evening after surgery. When I went to take a shower I saw my markings for my surgery. You can see he was going to fix my nipple size since some how it got stretched from the cc or something. It will ten times better after he resizes it :). May 12th will be here soon.
what's really hard with all of this surgery is planning is that I have 2 kids. A 2 yr old and 5 yr old. But my 5 yr daughter is non verbal autistic and doesn't understand when mommy is gone or can't hold her or pick her up. So setting this all up a 3 rd time because I only have a few people that know how to take care of my daughter, is stressful.

Surgery went well! yay!

So everything went well! my surgery was suppose to be at 2pm but yesterday they called and asked if I could come in 930. Of course I said! I stopped eating and drinking at 6 pm The night before. Wasn't going to chance throwing up this time under anesthesia lol. Found out benadryl can make you hold in fluids and pain pills slows your digestion. So that may have caused my Complications last night. I didn't take anything last night. I can already feel difference how softer it is. Dr. Smith didn't resize my nipple. Don't know why yet, I ll find out tomorrow when I see him. He did warn me if things didn't look perfect during surgery he wouldn't do it But he said it's an easy fix he can do in the office so not a big deal. Was hoping it would be completely over. No biggie. I just wanted to fix the pain asap. Lol. my husband couldn't get the time off so one of my friends took me and taking care me. We are staying at the hotel til my check up appt tomorrow then head home. Hope all heals perfect this time!!!

Feeling down :(

So I just had my post up appointment. Great news is My pain is gone from the CC and the dr had to release alot of scar tissue and a lot of it was under my nipple. He didn't want to take the chance resizing my nipple because of that. That's not why I m feeling down. Im feeling down because my breast now is low, lower than my left and I lost alot of upper fullNess at the moment because he had to release it more than he thought. So it's a waiting game to see how it will heal. So I may have to have another surgery later. I won't do anything til after summer. I want to give everything a good six months to heal. Dr said we need it to stay soft and be healthy before anything. I trust him 100% and everything he has said has been true and has happens. He says it's swollen and heavy pulling down and he thinks it will raise up. He said to stay supported with a bra. I came home and put another bra on top of my surgerical bra lol. I didn't and won't take a picture because it looks horrible to me right now. It's just frustrating because I think us women want us to come out of surgery thinking everything will look perfect right away. It's silly to think that way but we do. So I have to stay calm. My dr said told me don't worry we will make it right and he would not give up on me. This surgery was to get me out of pain and it did. so grateful for that.

Ok I'm going to be brave and post what it looks like right now.

As horrific as this looks. It's normal.

RECAP: revision on my right capsular contraction breast 4 days ago from my revision in jan. He had to release the implant and remove scar tissue . (625 cc silicone mod plus implant)

As my plastic surgeon told me and reading other profiles who have gone through the same thing and reading what other plastic surgeons say, this is exactly how it looks after surgery. It will take 3 to 6 months to see the full healing and the new capsule to form and for it to rise and fluff u can say. My breast is twice as big from swelling and heavy. I'm posting this so if any other person goes through this they will feel ok and not so scared. It's a long road ahead and I have to be pacient. Is it all wOrth it? Yes. Things happen and I know I'm in good hands with my plastic surgeron. He has never done me wrong and everything that he says happens. So we shall see what the final product will be in 6 months.

why I trust my PS dr. smith

So it's only beeN 11 days since my revision of my CC breast and it's improving exactly how he said. He said it can take 3 to 6 months. But look how the improvement is! Now when I have my arms down it looks bad still but still improving. I can totally feel my implant on the bottom because he released the capsule but I remember that from my left boob and now I don't feel it at all on that boob. Still have a long way of healing.... I ll resize my nipple after summer. Even my husband joked wow look how big it is. Lol.

Least they look great in bikini and clothes lol

So still lopsided and uneven but seems to get better each week.wearing 2 bras makes a huge difference in training the recent repaired boob to stay more up. Pain is doing better trying to get off pain pills. Down to 1 or 2 a day. I love how they look in bras and clothes and bikinis. Wit my arms slightly up when i take pics they look great! With my arms down while taking a pic looks horrible and in person they don't look much difference. But dear lord my cell phone camera makes them look like 2 completely different boobs when my arms are down lol. Going to try and use someone else phone camera or regular camera to see if it makes a difference

Saw my PS yesterday

Well my visit went good. Everything he said I mostly expected. So happy I have him as my surgeron. Obviously I have asymmetry. We have to wait at least 6 months to see how I heal and what the next step would be. So which means ladies I will have another surgery to fix the asymmetry. This last surgery was just to get me out of pain, thank goodness and I'm so grateful for it. Least now I can move, and I'm not in pain any more. Plus I still look good in bathing suits and bras. Naked not so much. But I can be paticent and wait to see how I heal. So earliest surgery would be in dec. He may only have to fix my one side or both. My other side he side wasn't as soft as it can be but Is fine. Which I thought it feels great! Lol. So seems like I could have a slight CC on it but it doesn't bother me. I teased him saying "you won't give up on right?" He laughed and said of course not. So that's the update. Eventually this we all work out. :)

UTURN this is for you. Update and incisions pics.

So it's been a lil over 2 months since my most recent surgery on my capsulation breast. Still no pain like before. Breast is just heavy and low. Can't wait to fix that lol. But have a long time before that. Hopefully December. That's when dr smith said he would do it the earliest. I really want to keep my next surgery on the down low with my friends and family because every time I tell someone I have to have another surgery, they say AGAIN?!?! and I try to explain why and the steps to take and what a fluke things that happen to me that wasn't my dr fault, the look on the faces tells me everything. The next thing they say or ask is have I got another opinion and I always say No because I trust my dr and he is one the best reconstruction breast surgeons and he also has never lied or hide the truth and always cares about me and explains everything to me. It gets frustrating explaining it to people and they look at me like I'm naive or that im wasting my time or something.
Breasts aren't twins but are like sisters. However mine are like step sisters lmao. I love my left side. It's perky, squishy, no rippling and my nipple is cute size. My right is heavy, low, horrible rippling and nipple is huge lol. In bras and swim suits they look great. Certain tops shows my unevenness but for the most part are fine. I can't go bras less at all since I don't have the support on the one side and I don't take off my sports bra for sex. That's really the only time im super self conscious and hate it.
my last surgery was just to get me out of pain and not over work the breast and see how I heal first before moving on cosmetically. So overall I'm good. I can fake it until we can fix it in the up coming months. ;)

To mesh or not to mesh?

So saw my PS on friday. Good news in 3 months my breast hasn't changed. It's super soft too soft lol, has lots of rippling when I lay down (bad) and a lil when I'm standing up. So we wait another couple months to make sure my right breast doesn't change or form a capsule. If nothing changes or improves we will proceed to hopefully the finally surgery to comestic ally fix it. The last night was to get me out of pain from the capsulation. He said the capsule was pretty thick. He did a criss cross pattern on it and was hoping my body would fill in the gaps.

So options will be to use mesh or not. My husband says absolutely. He doesn't care what it will cost, he will sell a liver lol. He just wants me to be happy and to be done with it. My left breast is perfect and the slight capsule is in my favor on it so hopefully we won't have to touch it. Soonest surgery will be dec if nothing changes. If my breast does change, then we will wait and see what it will do. Dr smith says "I know it sucks to wait but it's best especially in your case being so difficult" couldn't agree more. Ya I hate how it is and I'm self conscious of it but I'm in no pain and I can fake it to make it look normal in bras aND stuff. So in 2 months we shall see what the verdict is! Hahaha. Hopefully this ugly duckling boobie will turn into a swan boobie like the other side.

Hello again! Revision #3 is set.

Saw my PS today and setting up my hopefully last revision on my right boob. I'm paying an extra 3k for the mesh to help the rippling in my breast. It has thicken alot since May when he released the capsule but not enough for it to be lifted and smooth out. I had 2 options. Have both breast worked on because I have a grade II capsulation on my left boob but it looks great, feels great and I don't want to mess with it. I don't want to chance something to go wrong. Or he can just work on one side to match it as best as he can to my left side. I choose just to work on the one side. So my surgery date is jan 19th. Yay! I also asked him about my tummy. Yes many of u will see in my photos it looks great but that's because I flex lol. I actually have the separation of my abs and have a mommy pouch. To most people I look normal but what my tummy use to be was perfect but my last baby was 9.5 lbs and I only gained 30 pounds so he stretched and ripped my muscles. Only way to fix my tummy like it was would be a full tummy tuck. Yay I don't see myself doing it but I wanted to know if surgery was the only way. I worked hard at the gym and it didn't change anything on my stomach. Least I know it's not fat just ripped muscles from bringing beautiful babies into the world :)
Wish me luck that this Rollercoaster of revision will soon end. Crossing fingerings!

Before having kid's with my first BA

Here's me on my honey moon back in 2009. As u see here with my first BA with 400 cc I looked flat chested when I laid down. At this time I had them for 6 years but that's how they looked right after surgery. Wish I could have my tummy back lol. But after 2 kids and one being 9.5 lbs it will never be like that again unless surgery. I'm good for now. Just fix my boobies. Hopefully I ll finally get the boobies I always wanted. It's been a 13 year journey.....

6 more days til revision of revision of revision lol.

So I'm keeping my last and hopefully last surgery to myself and family. It's hard to explain my whole journey people because they think I have been botched or I should get a second opinion. No dr. Smith has done everything possible to help me and has never lied to me and my situation has been so rare it's almost unheard of. Not looking forward to paying 4k but I just want to get done right. I'm just paying for materials and the room and anesthesia. Just working on the one breast. I have a grade II capsulation in the good side. It looks fine and doesn't hurt me so not bothering to fix it. The side I'm getting done we are putting the adollerm mesh in doing a slight lift again and resizing the nipple. Crossing fingers all is good this time.
Here's my pictures of the progress of the last surgery in may to release the painful capsule and lift and to let it heal. As you can see it has improved to best it can. The rippling which was horrible actually improved the most.

The ugly truth

So here's the ugly truth picture as I call it. I hated taking pics of my.ugly duckling boob. Having my arms raised didn't make it look as horrible. But this is the truth. So yes I have been very patient dealing with this and letting it heal. I hope it pays off this tues. Doing this 2 step surgery fix has been hard but least not painful after the last surgery. I sent this pic to my husband as I was doing my pre op saying it doesnt seem that bad in person.... he says," ya it does honey. Hope you don't think I'm being rude...". I actually laughed because he has been nothing but supportive and always calls me.hot and beautiful even with mix matchEd boobies. This picture was yesterday at my pre op. I'm like a pro when it comes to these things haha. Dr smith the worst come scenario he can think of is if he thinks it would be too much trauma with resizing my nipple he will do that later in his office once I'm healed from.this surgery. I'm OK with that. I rather prepare myself for the worst than expected the best. He just doesn't want to over do it. I'm one of those special cases hahaha. Seems like my life story....

Surgery done

Well severy went good as far as I know. I'd the Dr talked to me afterwards I don't remember lol. I was the most calm before surgery. My husband made me laugh all the way down (its an hour and half drive) and everyone at the surgical center was so nice and welcoming and teased me saying I need my own parking spot there since they have seen me so much lol. Every time all the nurses and staff have been so sweet to me. Dr. Smith had a surgery before me but still came in with a smile and positive attitude while he was marking me. I felt like I always do with dr. Smith, in good hands :)...
First time I woke up from.surgery feeling nauseated and dizzy. Not a fun feeling. Once we got to the hotel room in took a zofran for my nausea. Then I was able to eat and take a percocet. Been in and out of sleep since. I do have a drain ugh so that means no shower just sponge baths til it's out. Dr. Smith says he prefers not to use them but if he needs to he will. Looks like he needed to. We will see how tomorrow goes and what he says. Through the clothes and feeling it, I like what I feel. I have the upper pole again. Yay! Hopefully the healing process will go well this time

1st check up with drains

Well I slept like poop last night. I can't stay asleep. Even on pain pills and melatonin nothing was letting me sleep. My butt is what was so uncomfortable because I have stay sitting up for the next 2 weeks. Maybe too I was at a hotel and not at home. Hopefully tonight on my recliner will be better.
An hr before my follow up appt the Dr office call
Told me dr. Smith had a family emergency and a nurse would see me. Well i had 2 nurses see me and they took my tape off and gaze and check my drain. I don't know why but all of a sudden I became dizzy and pale and nauseated. I almost passed out. Lol. With all my surgeries I have never nausea. My pain level is great though. I only took 2 pain pills yesterday and 2 so far today. I can't take photos with this drain and gaze. Hopefully next thurs I ll be able to once the drains get taken out..

Hanging in there

Finally was able to go to the bathroom! Woo hoo. I always hate that part after surgery. Pain wise I'm good but I'd I don't take my pain pills then I start not feeling well. My husband gave me a nice sponge bath/ half bath last night. So nervous on this drain so I was very stiff as he was washing me. Felt so nice to be cleaned and have water run down my back. I didn't get to see it a 100% but he did and he said it looks ten times better and great. I still get sick feeling when changing my gaze and empty my drain. If I do it it doesn't bother me but if anyone else does it i almost faint. Weird. My parents took the kids for the weekend so I get to rest and relax completely.
So I really didn't tell anyone about this surgery because of what I'm about to tell you. My step sister called my dad (step dad) and my dad said they were taking care of me because of my surgery and she respondEd "again?!!! She should Sue that doctor....." people just don't get it or want to get it when I try to explain my situation. Whatever. I feel good. Things look much better so I'm happy. As with any surgery it's going to take at least 3 months to see the finish product.

Worst panic attack ever

So I don't understand why every time my bra gets taken off I get a panic attack. I have no control over it. I thought it was nausea at first. Then thought it was the medication or being up for too long until last night. It was the worst panic attack and a true panic attack. I have anxiety attacks occasionally. But never a panic attack.
So my husband gave me my second sponge bath last night. He hits me in the bath and washes me very carefully and slowly. It feels so good to be cleaned but after a few mins I got light headed and dizzy and it kept going. It was the weirdest scary feeling. I couldn't breath I was trying to calm down by breathing in through my nose out through my mouth. I kept saying sorry to my husband. Finally I said get me out of here and once he put me on the bed I felt ten times better. My mom thinks it may be once my boob isn't bond and "free", the feeling overwhelms me. So I'm going to try and leave my bra on when he washes me. Anyone dealt with this??

The swan!!! Omg so happy.

Well here it is ladies. The ugly duckling is now a swan. I couldn't be any happier. Dr. Smith nailed it. Now hopefully my body corporates with me and stays healing correctly!. I took a sponge bath last night night and guess what?! No panic attack! But I also took a xanax before my bath.

2 weeks post op

I'm doing great. Still have to be very careful. Saw my DR last thurs and got my drian out. Thank goodness for that. Hated that thing. Can't wait to work out because I have gainEd 5 lbs from christmas aND being lazy lol. Surgery doesn't help that much haha.
Loving my results. From where u started to now it's a huge improvement. Like wow and totally worth it. My boobies will never be twins because naturally I have 2 different shape boobies naturally. Ladies, no matter how many surgeries you have, it can't change how you are naturally builto and I see that alot of here with women showing there wish list boobs to their dr and they get upset because their results don't look like that because their anatomy are the same. If you have any flaw naturally getting implants will only make it more obvious but yes the Dr can improve or help others but not completely get rid of it. So we have to be realistic when it comes to surgeries. So my boobies are sisters now not twins but no longer step sisters. Lol. My nipple is still not exactly the same size but that's something we can fix in the office and nothing to really worry about. It's just nipples to me lol. I'm totally happy with my results but still worry with the healing part process. I don't want to chance anything. So ya I will be lazier and get more fluffier than I would like but it will be worth it in the end. I ll just have to hit the gym harder when I'm able to ;)

3 1/2 weeks

So I have my ups and downs about my boobies. Today was a good day. The other day I cried because I don't think I ll ever have boobs I ll ever wanted. There are days where I wished we release the other side. I feel like they are half sister instead of sisters lol. My nipple obviously needs to get resized again. I think that will make me feel a lil better. Plus we all know we have to wait 6 months for the final result. I'm hoping it gets better vs. Worse.

6 weeks revision on right side

I really hate the having process since boobies change all the time the first year lol. I'm not a 100% happy since I didn't release the capsule on my left side with the revision. I was scared because it doesn't bother me and looks great to me. But I should have so I could have had a better match. So we shall see in a year what my next step may be. I have rippling still, I'm hoping it will get better with time. And I ll resize my nipple probably after summer. That's an office visit. No big deal. I'm fish in the summer so not being able to be in water for 4 weeks would kill me lol.
I got to much other stuff to worry about. We are about to update the house and recently refinance closing this fri yay! Plus having an autistic daughter is my main concern and worrisome. Today was my first workout, did Pilates. Nice n easy. Felt great though!

Before my first BA. (2003)

Found a picture of my pre op picture back in 2003. I was a 32 AA/AAA. My first set of implants were 400 cc saline. Funny to see how far and complicated journey it has been lol. I could never explant because I would really feel deform. I would only do it if I have to for health or important reasons.

Nervous of CC again

So today I woke up sick and I felt my breast and notice my rippling wasnt as bad as usually. Then it dawned to me, it may had got CC again. However my previous capsule wasn't removed but slashed and cut. Pro and con to all of this. My breast looks better. It's lifted and matches better and rippling improved... BUT it's firmer than it was last week. Its not bothering me or giving me pain. I'm ok with all of this, I just don't want it to get worse. Called my PS and going tomorrow for a check up.

Singular is helping CC

So just like last time my CC happen over night. Dr hasn't confirmed it since it's only had been 8 weeks since surgery. But I have dealt with this before so I know what's going on. I'm not in pain but when I last updated it hard much harder all of a sudden. And my PS agreed it was firmer that a month ago he saw me. I wanted to capsule a lil but to help my rippling so that was a plus but it was stiffer than I wanted. So I started researching..... found out acupuncture and singular medicine can help. I called my dr and asked if I could try singular since I had a prescription of it ( I have ashma) and he said he didn't support it cause it can work maybe 50% of the time but I can give it a try if I want.... so glad I'm trying it. It has actually helped a lot. Stiffness improved and softeness has too. I stopped for a few days and my breast started to get stiff again so I started back up and it got better again. This method doesn't always and most time it doesn't but it seems to be working for me

im back! and another surgery is ahead!

so its been 6 months sincr my last surgery on my right breast. i started to get CC again but after i experimented with singular it stopped and i have healed nicely. BUT as for my other breast is has CC and even though it looks prettier and doesnt bother me, the best way for me to match my breast is to release the CC so my breast can drop and relax. plus fix my nipples to match again too lol. if both my boobs were like one of the other either way we wouldnt touch them. But i dont want to have 2 different breast. im luckily to have such a supportitive husband who before i went in for this last check up told me to do whatever i need to do make myself 100% happy not just partial happy. he loves and lust over me just as im but he sees my insecurities about them. So surgery will be in Jan because it will be a yr since my last surgery and its the best time for me to do it also. we will most likely put mesh into this breast as well.

sooo... its Mommy Make over time..let me explain

if you see my photos you will be surprised what im about to say. i went for my pre op appt yesterday to fix my boobies again. i know many will say AGAIN?! but i dont care what people think but its not their body. i have always trusted my surgeon and continue to do so. i have had such a crazy roller coaster the past two years with my boobs. Dr. smith will do a lollipop or mini anchor lift on my right breast. and if needed lower my left. i dont care about scars. i just want my bobbies to be at the same level lol.
So now about the tummy tuck. i have an umbilical cord hernia. i also have diastasis recti of the stomach muscles and scare tissues from my c sections. if i wasnt having issues with all of those things i would mess with my tummy because i like and proud of my tummy after 2 kids. however if we are going to address those issues and fix them, i would have a flap of skin hanging after repairing everything, so might as well do the tummy tuck.... BUT im terrified. its a good 4 to 6 weeks recovery. i have a non verbal 6 yr old autistic girl and a 4 yr old son and i have a husband. so the anixety and stress of thinking not to be the super mom to of them all of them is killing me. my parents are going to help for the first weeks. i go in Nov 29th. pray everything goes well and heals perfect this time...

so happy!!!!

i did the mommy make over a week ago. its a rough healing but i love what i see. just got to hop the healing gods continue on a good path lol. i started a mommy make over review thay has more detail but i wanted to share on this review as well :) had a full TT to repair a hernia, muscle separation, c section scar and extra skin. only had to revise one boob with a full anchor lift.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

His whole team and office are so professional and friendly and treat you like a person vs just a # $$$. His bed side manner is very kind and understanding. He is very well known and his work is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone. In fact, took my friend with me for my recently consultation and she was so impressed with Dr andrew smith she is finally getting her BA done 2 days before me! Update: I have had complicatons from my revision and dr smith has been nothing more wonderful. I had to have 2 more revisions and he has been there for me with any concerns and never disregardEd me. I have been a pacient of his since 2011 totally of 4 surgeries. Always took great care of me. Sometimes complications happends, that's when you see the true side of a PS and I'm so glad dr. Smith has been always to his word and has a big heart.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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