Implants replaced after 12 years and 3 children - London, GB

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London Plastic Surgeon

This was my second surgery with Mr Rezai and I had just a great experience as I did the first time, 12 years ago when I had Mcghan 260cc, textured, high projection implants behind the muscle. I was 32a and went up to 32c. During the years, I went to as many yearly checks as I could, I think I only missed 3, and that was during my pregnancies. I now have 3 children, aged 7, 5 and 2 and I BF them all. With my little one I stopped BF just over a year ago. I had no concerns with the implants themselves, it was simply the case of my body overgrowing the size of the implants, if it makes sense! I am lucky really, to be blessed with good skin quality, after 3 children and BF every time, my breasts were not droopy at all, I only had some excess ski. I didn’t have much tissue to start with, before my breast enlargement, and that’s why the pocket was made behind the muscle. During each pregnancy my breasts increased in size but within few months of stopping BF, they went back to normal. I saw my surgeon almost every year and after each pregnancy I had an ultrasound to check the condition of my implants, last one was 6 months after my 2 year-old was born, and it confirmed both implants were still intact. I made the decision to change them only to go slightly bigger, and in the process, fill out the minimal extra skin I gained. I shared my plans with Mr Rezai when I saw him a year after my last pregnancy, he explained I needed to wait between 6-9 months after cessation of BF, just to allow for my glands to settle and my milk to completely dry. I did and in August this year I had my implants replaced. Everything went as smooth as it did the first time, and this time around my recovery was less painful. Size wise, once again I went with Mr Rezai’s recommendation and chose 350cc which is 11mm wider than the 260’s and the projection is 7mm more. This was the biggest natural size I could have that would fill out the skin, give me more volume but still fit my frame and look natural. Hubby and I have no plans on having any more children, and my reasoning for choosing the 350’s was that this is the size I’d probably leave with for a very long time and from previous experience with the 260’c this would most likely take me up a cup, which is what I really wanted. So 350cc textured high profile cohesive II Mentor implants, it was. I recently had my 6 weeks’ post-op appointment and Mr Rezai was surprised at how quick my breasts are settling this time around, although the size is bigger, I didn’t feel as much tension in my muscles as I did the last time, and I also see the difference in pace at how the shape is changing. I am DD and so happy with everything, once again Mr Rezai has exceeded my expectations. He is the most caring and selfless doctor I know; I went for annual checks for so many years, without being charged or to be treated any differently. He genuinely cares about his patients wellbeing and what happens to them after surgery. Everything has been as perfect as the first time, and Mr Rezai is the best and will remain my surgeon for life.

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