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I have had 3 breast augmentations in total. My...

I have had 3 breast augmentations in total. My first breast augmentation was approximately 10 years ago. I was a very flat 34A and known no life outside of padded bras and double padded bikini tops. I'm fairly tall at 5'7" and although small boned (weight around 115-120), I have a small waist, athletic shoulders and curvy hips. Beyond just wanting bigger boobs lol, I knew the implants would balance out my proportions nicely. The first size I went with were 385HP saline filled to 435. That took me to a solid 34C which felt huge to me and I loved it! The recovery was really painful at first as my skin was super tight and I had not had children so no pregnancy stretching. However after that first week, I had absolutely no problems at all. They looked incredibly natural and no one ever guessed I had implants. My people just thought I was blessed by mother nature. It actually took $4,200 to be that "blessed" lol. I've always been pretty open to telling people that I have implants. They were one of the best decisions I ever made, and I want everybody to be able to get them if they so desire. After having my kids, they looked even more natural as the skin stretched just enough for the implant to have a natural slope while still perky. I was able to dress them down or up depending on the occasion which was great. The only things I did not like were the firm water bag feeling of the implant and the gap in my cleavage. After I had my 3rd baby, I decided to swap them out for silicone which leads me to BA#2. To be continued....

Hello all. I'm sorry it took so long to update my...

Hello all. I'm sorry it took so long to update my review...I'm back in school and it's been crazy "finals" week :-O So onto BA#2...Last year (June 2012), 3 months after weaning my daughter, I decided to exchange my implants for silicone. Aesthetically, they still looked good, but I was excited to finally be able to have the option of silicone and for some reason, I was very nervous about one of them starting to leak (as they were 10 years old). So, after much research I met with the plastic surgeon (NOT my current plastic surgeon) who was quite well renowned in the Houston area. He told me that everything looked pretty straight forward and that I would have no issue with my swap. We decided to go a little larger at 492cc. and he said he could help the one issue that bothered me-the gap I had in my cleavage. Apparently my implants were HP and at that size, the diameter of the HP was too narrow for me (I wear a 34 band). Fast forward to the day of the surgery, upon waking, I had very minimal pain compared to my first surgery. I did however have some localized pain near the right crease area and noticed a small dent in the crease. All in all, the implants looked good and I loved the feel of silicone. The aesthetic was more natural and I did like that. However, with the moderate profile, I did not have as much projection/cleavage which I found a bit disappointing. At my first post-op appt., my PS said that while doing the surgery, he found scar tissue (capsular contraction) on the right side. This was a surprise to us both as I had absolutely no indication that I had CC...neither did he. I believe that due to the multiple mastitis infections that I had while breastfeeding my daughter, I started to develop the scar tissue on that side and it was likely stage 1. He did a capsulectomy and had to tack the crease after removing the capsule. I was given no restrictions in regards to lifting and he wanted me to not wear a bra of any type for 6 weeks ( I HATED this). In spite of the instructions, I did my best to be cautious with lifting as I was worried about compromising my repair. I do not recall the exact progression in time but in the weeks/months that followed, it seems my right side was dropping lower and lower. I voiced this concern to him on numerous occasions and was told several different explanations. The first time, he told me that I looked fine and the left was slow in dropping. The second time, he told me I needed a lift on the right (I do not need a lift and the nipple is in the correct location/breast is not sagging). The last time, he told me I actually have capsular contraction on the left and that is why the right seems too low in comparison. Also, (he would not confirm this) the crease on my right side had come "un-tacked" and instead of the normal round shape, it dipped down in the center. The PS also told me that the reason I had CC on the left was that I declined to have strattice placed in the left breast. I reminded him that he had never offered that as an option as we had no idea prior to surgery that I even had capsular contraction. He just gave me a stare and said, " you need strattice, it is pig skin," and left the room. Charming. After inquiring with his front office, I was told it would cost me over $9,000 for the repair. I had spent $7,800 for the augmentation a year ago and I felt sickened. I understand that capsular contraction is a risk of breast augmentation and I do not hold the surgeon at fault. However, the lack of post-op care, professionalism, and inconsistent answers led me to seek another PS for my revision. Financially, it was a strain to have another surgery this soon and had I been able to put it off for another year, I would have. However, the contraction was getting worse as time went by and the left implant was a full 4 inches higher than my right, tight, and painful.

I researched surgeons for weeks checking every review, reading every website, and pouring over every story related to local surgeons that I could. In the end, I narrowed it down to 3 local surgeons who specialized in revision work and then Dr. Patronella. His front office staff was professional, welcoming, and very knowledgeable (this was after the amazing reviews that I read about him-literally not one single negative review in 100's). I was incredibly excited for my consult day as once I decided to have the revision, I began hating the implants I had more and more each day lol. The day of the consult, I met with the surgical coordinator, Eva, who took my medical history and went over my goals with me. After this, I met Dr. Patronella. I was very pleased that the first time I met him was to go over my history and goals. He did not do the actual exam until after establishing a rapport. Dr. P has a very good eye and was able to quickly identify the crease issue on my right without me pointing it out. He confirmed the contraction and then we discussed my size goals. I told him I wanted to go larger and thought a HP would be a better choice for me as I would get the projection I wanted but not increase to too large of a diameter. He agreed with me and we settled on 650HP silicone. I asked the surgical coordinator to also order a 700HP in the event the he felt that was a better option at the time of the surgery. What I really liked about this surgeon was that although he did use his discretion in deciding what implant would work the best for me; he was very open to the size I wanted and told me to guide him in that decision. Fast forward to after surgery…I woke up with moderate pain due to the crease tacking, but I did expect that. The surgical nurse told me that Dr. Patronelle ended up using the 700HP as that was what looked/fit best (for my goals). In the end, I had a capsulectomy on the left side and crease tacking on the right and left. I LOVE my results so far! I have the size, shape, and cleavage that I wanted. My breasts are round, full, and I have amazing cleavage. The crease on the right is beautifully rounded and the crease on the left has a bit more tacking so it will round out in a few weeks as the implant drops a bit more. My post op instructions are to wear a surgical bra 24/7 along with foam crease support, massage, and normal lifting restrictions (thank goodness lol). Dr. Patronella had a nurse come out the day after surgery which I found to be a great touch. I saw him last week and will see him again next week. I do still have moderate pain in the crease area that extends to the ribs, but I’ll happily endure that if it means the repair is solid as it seems to be. I am currently taking Singulair for the next 6 months as some reports link it to inhibiting capsular contraction. I told Dr. P that I wanted to be a 34DD and it seems that I will be at least that. I was a 34D with the 492cc so the added 208cc will likely give me another full cup size. Although this sounds large, I can take a larger implant without looking too big (top heavy). Some girls can get the same look with a 435cc implant, but I had little breast tissue to begin with so I need a large implant. I know this was very long so thank you for bearing with me!

Hello all! Well, today is post-op day 12. I have...

Hello all! Well, today is post-op day 12. I have to say that if it were not for the crease repair work (IMF repair), this revision would be a breeze. I have absolutely no pain in the breast area. My only discomfort is related to the tacking. That pain is getting substantially better and it's no longer as painful when I stand up first thing in the morning. Now, it feels like a have Charlie horses near the rib area under both creases. Not acutely painful, but present enough to remind me to not do too much. And that's the most difficult thing not doing too much. Day 9 was my turning point and my energy increased to almost normal levels. I have a lot of energy and hate to sit still...EVER. Right now, I have quite a few precautions to protect the repair and I definitely do not want to compromise anything. I had my 2nd follow-up today, and Dr. Patronella told me that optimally I should use the foam for 8 weeks to continue to support my crease so my body had time to lay down the collagen to support and reinforce the repair. We also discussed the best type of bra-one which is one that has a band flush with my rib cage. After much research online, I'm certain I can find one that is properly supportive and yet aesthetically pleasing at the same time. My #1 goal is to prevent CC as best as I can and to protect my repair. I'll be glad when I can scrub my house again (I'm slightly OCD lol)! One piece of advice to those waiting to have your surgery is to arrange for someone to come in and clean your home a few weeks after surgery. You won't be able to do any deep cleaning for 4-6 weeks and if you're like me, it will drive you crazy. You spend too much on the surgery to mess it up by vacuuming/mopping, etc too early. Set aside an extra $130 give or take depending on your area and have someone come in-it will help you keep your sanity.

Bra fitting!

Hello ladies, I hope you all are doing well! I'm about a month out and feel pretty great. Pain wise, I have very little. The only discomfort I have is in the rib area still from the crease revision. I think that will take another month or so to go away. I still need to wear my foam crease support and surgical bra for another 4 weeks. I also still have quite a few of the original activity/lifting restrictions. At this point, I think it has more to do with the fact that we are trying to get the crease revision to really solidify in there more than anything else. I'm doing my best to stay on light duty. With three young children, it is quite difficult, but I certainly do not want to go in for another revision. My results are absolutely phenomenal, and I could not have asked for a better outcome! I went to be officially sized today at Nordstroms. Although VS has some pretty bras, I don't care for their products. For one, they vanity size which basically means that their bras are all a size too small. If you wear a 34DD there, you are a true 34D. That is off putting to me for some reason lol. I don't think they should try to trick women so that they will buy their products. I also think they are overhyped. In addition, they do not correctly size women as far as putting them in the appropriate fit. Most of their bras do not fit correctly with the cup, band, and section in between the breasts which undermines the support you need. Fine lingerie boutiques and places like nordstroms have amazingly gorgeous bras that fit so much better! Although I'm limited in the type of bra I can wear right now, it's nice to know what I can order in the near future. :-) I am measuring a 32DDD which is exactly one cup size bigger than I was before this revision. I'm very happy. As big as that sounds, amazingly I can still easily dress them down. They don't look small when I dress them down, but they probably look like a full C. If I dress them up, I guess they look like a DDD lol. I like the versatility as I like a more conservative professional look when at my kid's school, and other similar settings, and a more voluptuous look at other times. I'm also pleased that I do not at all look top-heavy. I have a small frame, but not super narrow hips so these actually just help to balance me out. If I could give any advice, it would be to go a little bigger than your thinking. An augmented breast does not quite look as big as natural breast tissue. Also, it's easy for them to get lost in clothing.

4.5 weeks post-op

A quick break from my surgical bra. This is a 34D and with some push-up...too small. I don't currently own any bras in my new size, and am holding off on purchasing until I know my size for sure. I'm gathering and washing all my old bras to donate to perhaps a women's shelter. They are in really great condition and very nice bras so I'm hoping somebody can get some use out of them! Nice, well fitting, and solidly constructed bras are well worth the money. However, at almost $100 a pop, I'm okay with holding off another month or so haha. I admit to really digging the non-underwire feel with the added foam support. I never really realized how uncomfortable underwires are. To think, up until this past surgery, I've always slept in them my entire life for fear of sagging (well starting at 15). No more I tell you. I will done them during the day, but for now on, non-underwire with foam is totally the way to go for slumber ;-)

4.5 weeks

Sports Bra

Hello all! It seems the topic of sports bra after BA comes up a lot. There are numerous brands to pick from and it can be daunting to know which to try. I'm a runner and have done mini marathons, tri-athalons, etc. over the past several years with implants. In the past, I would wear 2 sports bras in order to hold everything securely in place. Then, after my 2nd BA, I was introduced to Paneche sports bras. They are amazing! They have underwire (some of their models may not if that's what you prefer), individual cups, and go by bra size instead of S,M,L. They are incredibly comfortable and yet provide maximum bounce at all! They look good under clothes and are just fantastic! I tried on my old one so you all can get the general idea. It's too small now as I've increased my implants by 200cc, but you can get the general concept. Ideally it should cover the entire breast area. I'll be buying a new one ASAP!

Dr. Patronella is an amazing doctor. Not only is he a brilliant surgeon, but he really takes time to listen to his patients. He always placed my goals as priorities and I always felt he valued what I had to say. He combined my goals with his tremendous expertise and gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for and so much more. I never dreamed my results would be this wonderful!!! I wish I would have found him when I first moved to Houston.

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