Had Breastlift and Implants...second Time to Try and Correct Left Breast to Close to Sternum! Need Opinion and Answers - Houston

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I had a breast lift and implants 10 years ago....

I had a breast lift and implants 10 years ago. They were too large so went back 6 months later and had reduced a little. 6 years ago my left implant started to pull up my middle sternum skin. i went in they put mesh to correct, however just a few years it happen again. I went in a few days ago (march 27,2013) when he unwrapped the dressing the implant was the same way to close to the sternum and left the other side of the breast empty. he told me this would to correct to get a hard wire bra that came up high in the center. I went and bought one. I just feel we are doing the same thing we have been doing..please look at my pictures and give me your opinion. Will this something I always have or is he not doing what needs to be done. Not sure why I have to continue to pay all this money and come out with the same. I just want once in my life to be able to wear a braor bikini and cleavage be normal. when I have a bra or top on they look deformed. PLEASE HELP

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