WORTH IT! Downsizing w/ INSPIRA. 30yo, 5'2, 115lbs, L:385 R:365cc Breast Augmentation Revision, Capsulorrhaphy W/ Seri

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Hello. I had my first breast augmentation January...

I had my first breast augmentation January 9th, 2015. I was technically an A Cup, but I wore VS 34B/C Push Up Bras my whole life. One day, a switch flipped inside of me and I decided now was the time to get a breast augmentation. I made an appointment and moved the process along. On January 9th, I received 500cc Style 20/High Profile Natrelle Allergan implants bilaterally via transquxillary incsion/armpit, with liposuction to the fat in front of my armpits. I almost immediately felling into a severe depression that lasted 2-3 months. I am aware many people can feel sad or depressed after surgery, but it was beyond what I would consider "normal sad" post-surgery. It was so out of character for me to feel this way. It was like a dark cloud was sitting on my brain and it felt induced. I could not understand it or shake it in anyway. I was emotional and just plain sad about absolutely everything in life. I was on a medication called Allocate, which is an asthma medication that was accidentally discovered to help prevent/aide in prevention of capsular contracture. At about 2.2 months on the prescribed 3 months of this medication, I read depression is a side effect. At that point, I would have done anything to lift the cloud that was sitting on my brain. I stopped the medication and within 2 weeks, I felt so much more like myself again. This is a total self-diagnosis, I have NO idea if the depression was directly related to the medication. After feeling more like myself mentally, I was still unable to shake the fact that my breast implants were just to plain big for my body/frame. I felt extremely top heavy and anything I put on my body made me feel 100 pounds overweight. Unclothed my breasts looked beautiful, meaning my surgeon did a wonderful job creating beautiful new knockers for me. I tried to look on the bright side for months. At about 5 months post-op I finally broke down and decided it was time to take my concerns to my surgeon. I was so nervous because my #1 priority was not to offend him. His work was truthfully really pretty. Thank the heavens, he was so kind and gentle when responding to my concerns about the size. He wiped my tears and told me he would fix me and give me smaller breasts. We decided I would continue to wait a few more months and heal from the first procedure. Also, hoping that maybe I could grow to like them. So, fast forward to today... 9 months later. My breast augmentation revision surgery is in 6 days. Throughout a few visits with my doctor, we got to the root of the problem:
1.) My right breast is larger than my left.
2.) My right breast is displaced laterally toward the armpit. It slightly falls toward the arm pit when laying down, causing it to feel heavier than my left breast.
3.) They are too big.
My doctor stated he places the implants in the center of the nipple. He showed me my before photos and it is easy to see my right breast flared out to the side toward my arm, my nipple followed. When he placed the implant, he placed it to the center of the nipple which caused the implant to face toward the right more. I have given him permission to place the new implant more medial knowing my nipple will be toward the right of the implant... because I would prefer the implant sits centered, only my husband sees my nipple anyway. It will not be off center by much anyhow, plus.. this nipple is the one that always sneaks out of my bra/swimsuit anyhow. It may be to my advantage so I can have cleavage without a "show". We are switching to a new implant that has been recently approved in the U.S. It was been used in Canada, Australia, and I believe Europe as well, for a few years now. This will help slightly minimize the side boob I have because the Inspira implant is completely filled/overfilled. The style 20 has extra space within the implant pouch causing the silicon to be able to slide to the left/right when you lay down and can give you more side boob while standing. The inspira implant should help keep everything pushed toward the center of the implant, I hope. Due to the fact that I have a larger pocket now to fit the 500cc in, he will be performing a capsulorrhaphy to close the pocket on the right breast w/ Seri, a silk mesh that dissolves and causes your body to form collagen in that site over an 18 month period. To sew in the seri mesh he needs better access, so we will be going through the nipple incision this time. He can only reduce the pocket so much without complications of mismatching arising. Our two options are:
1.) Left: 415cc Inspira SRF, Right: 385cc Inspira SRF.
2.) Left 385cc Inspira SRF, Right: 365cc Inspira SRF.
He is gong to place sizers to see what can fit and place the smallest of the three choices in. The left pocket will not be reduced with seri. It already seems to be quite smaller than the right. He will also place seri on the bottom of both of my breasts with no lift, only for support. My skin feels thin here and I asked him to place it there for the sake of planning ahead/reduce possible future bottoming out/sag due to the weight of the implants. I have confidence in his skills and believe I will come out looking the way we both are hoping for. If he could not achieve the proper result, I don't believe he would be moving forward with this surgery.
As far as the Allocate medication goes.... I told him I would like to still take it because my breasts are very soft and I had no complications. So, in my book that means I should do all of the same things I did on the prior surgery. Follow the same regimen. I asked him his thoughts on placing me on an anti-depressant. He is going to do some research and decide what to place me on to help keep my mental state better this go around.
SO... that's whats happening.
I did not post my first journey on real self. I have read over hundreds of girls experiences on here. I found the revisions blogs to be lacking and would have found it very helpful to have found a post like the experience I am having now to have been able to follow. Also, girls who have the inspiras and my stats are also limited on here. So, this is me trying to help others in my shoes... and also I hope to gain some followers who will comment and go with me on this journey to recovery. I need all the support I can get.
Thanks. K, bye!


My surgeon is magical. This beautiful man has so much experience and is so skilled in his profession. I am 3.5 weeks post-op and I feel like a million dollars! My mental state is 100% this go around. I feel completely like myself and love love love my new body image. Inspira implants are seriously worth going for and I feel so LUCKY they were approved in the U.S. just prior to my surgery! They were definitely the right choice for my surgery. I have this beautiful upper pole fullness and everything is pushed medially which gives me super cleavage. Dr. S stated that during surgery it became obvious that once he closed the pocket on the right breast that a lift would be necessary. He lifted the breast and sewed in the SERI silk mesh to the periosteum of the ribs. The left breast was far less complicated and he only laid the seri down and sewed it in place, no lift required. My breasts sit at the same level regardless of the fact that one had to be lifted, while the other did not. As stated in my first post, my right side nipple is now slightly more to the right. I barely notice it and I really like the placement of my new breast. Everything went exactly as planned.
As far as the Accolate medication I spoke about in my first post, I am taking the medication 2x/day and have NO side effects! Prior to the surgery my surgeon spoke to several of his psychologist colleagues and the consensus was to not place me on an antidepressant while on the Accolate. He gave me the option of not taking the medication all together, but with the research he has done on the medication helping prevent capsular contraction... I felt is was important to go with his treatment original recommendations. After-all, he is the specialist! He and some of his colleagues have written a published article on the affects of Accolate. When you go see him, read the article. It explains everything. I truly believe that as far as side effects go with medications... if you already have a tendency for something, the medication can exacerbate the side effect, or cause is to occur enough to be noticed. Knowing what I know now, I believe there were many factors in my life at the time of the first surgery that attributed to me being sad. The fact that I went 'too large' with the implants did not help my new body image. The dramatic change was one factor. The second, that I had to go back to work so quickly. I worked with a bunch of boys who did not understand how I was feeling, there was zero sympathy, other than from my husband of course, who helped in every possible way he could. I was far away from my family and did not tell them I had the surgery. My advice is, let your Mama know. Family support is so important. I also had a uncomfortable bed that was difficult to get out of. I ended up sliding down my pillows and ended up waking up nearly flat, also attributing to 'morning boob' pain for weeks after the surgery. On this second go around, I told my entire family and had so much love and support from everyone. I flew my best friend into town, she stayed for two weeks to take care of me, I'm so lucky she is a writer and can work from anywhere! She made me laugh and wiped away the tears when I cried. She kept me upbeat and helped me sooo much on the initial critical steps to the mentally & physically trying first stage of the healing process. My husband has always supported me, but this time, he got to have a break from constantly caring for me after this surgery. I think that's also important to consider... your relationship with your mate is the most important one in life. By bring my BFF to town to take care of me, it helped relieve him of so much pressure, allowing us to keep a perfect steady relationship status. He didn't have to see my ups and downs this time, he was able to go to work and come home and kiss me and hangout with me. He was not burdened with feeding me and helping me get up to pee every hour (because you should be drinking a TON of water during recovery). It is difficult to see someone you love in pain, having my friend here helped him just as much as it did me. Second, I purchased a wedge bed off of amazon for $128. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. I am still sleeping in it and it keeps me on my back and at zero gravity. I am propped up to the proper degree to keep my 'morning boob' to a minimum. Don't get me wrong, I am still sore in the morning, but much much less than the first go around. First time is was from skin stretching and muscle detachment, second time my ribs are the most sore from being sewed to. I also took 5 1/2 weeks off from work. I really allowed myself personal time to just HEAL. I still have 12 more days left! I could really get used to this not going to work thing ;) If you are in a position where you can take a large amount of time off, do it!! And last, have an excellent surgeon!! Dr. Schlesinger is a miracle worker. He is the top of the top. He has held my hand through the entire process and has treated me with SUCH respect. I called him on a Sunday because I was having a reaction on my skin to the drains and he came to work that evening to see me!! He does not take risks. He came in to see me on his ONLY day off. God bless that man! He took the drains out that night and gave me a steroid ointment. He called his Dermatologist friend and collaborated with him on why I had the reaction and the best way to treat it. He even got me a same day appointment with this TOP dermatologist for a secondary issue I was having- unrelated. I came in to one of my regular post-op appointments with an unrelated complaint, he looked at it and referred me immediately for it to be checked out. He said, "They make us General Doctors for a reason before we can specialize." He knows his stuff! And when he questions something, he researches and calls other Doctors and then follows up with you directly. He is amazing. I now have an appointment with the same Dermatologist for allergy testing next week. Seriously, I feel so taken care of. This process has been so great and I LOVE my new body image. I finally recognize the girl I see in the mirror. THANK YOU DR. SCHLESINGER!
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Schlesinger is a fabulously talented surgeon who always gives you his full attention. He always makes me feel taken care of and addresses my concerns and calms my wandering mind. He understands the emotions that follow a surgery that changes your entire body image. He's gentle and kind and holds your hand through the entire recovery process. As his patient you are seen many times post-op. He really takes you through the whole journey from start to finish. He has an incredible memory and makes me feel like I am his only patient. I would absolutely recommend him to future patients considering breast augmentation and/or revision in a heartbeat. Have fun and go see him!

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