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I decided to wait over two months before I...

I decided to wait over two months before I submitted my review to Realself. I am a 28 year old male from Virginia. Throughout my life, I struggled with my nose. I had a medium sized dorsal hump and narrow mid vault. I found Dr. Naderi by searching Google and reviewing posts like these. I hope to share a lot of information regarding my experience with people wanting to undergo this procedure. However, if I can say one thing right away; Dr. Naderi is an excellent surgeon and I could not be happier that I chose him to perform my rhinoplasty. You are in good hands. Dr. Naderi is highly specialized in treating the nose because it is the only procedure he performs. Below is a brief summary of my experience.

Pre surgery:
I was very nervous prior to my surgery. I spent a lot of time researching the risks of rhinoplasty and had a very tough time committing to the procedure. I met with Dr. Naderi for an initial consult and was shocked that Dr. Naderi almost talked me out the surgery on the first day. During the hour initial consult he discussed with me the procedure and took photos and generated an image of how he would shape my nose to match MY face. I wasn't looking for any particular nose, but a nose that fit my face better. I think this is a the appropriate mentality to use when wanting to undergo rhinoplasty. Dr. Naderi was able to determine what needed to be done to give me this result.

After several months I scheduled my surgery and was a little scared. I met with him 1 or 2 weeks prior to the surgery to discuss post-op instructions and to answer any last minute questions. He answered all my questions and tried his best to put me at ease. I even emailed Dr. Naderi a few days before the surgery with a question and he responded promptly. He will give you instructions on cleaning and care after the surgery. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS!! He also write my prescriptions and his staff answered any last minute questions

Surgery day:
Day of the surgery I was very nervous. I did not sleep the night before the surgery but was anxious to get it over with. The excitement of the surgery outweighed the anxiety. Dr. Naderi talked with me before the surgery and comforted me right before I went back. Another recommendation is to make sure you have ALL your questions answered prior to the surgery day! The day of the surgery is a time to relax. Dr. Naderi's plan was to remove some cartilage and bone to remove the hump and to also place a spreader graft material to widen the middle part of my nose.

I remember waking up after surgery and I couldn't believe it was over. It felt like the surgery took minutes, but it fact it took over an hour. I got into my car and my girlfriend drove me to the hotel. I did throw up one time a few hours after the surgery, but was advised this was a normal reaction. The first day wasn't too bad. I slept a lot and took my pain medication. I wasn't able to eat much. There was a hard white cast on the outer surface of my nose and an adhesive tape underneath the nose which helps with swelling. Dr. Naderi even called me to check in on me after the surgery.

I cleaned my nose religiously with hydrogen peroxide and kept my nose moist with vaseline just like Dr. Naderi had advised. FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS. The week went by slow. I kept zip lock bags of frozen peas on my eyes and nose after the surgery . I also slept upright every night of the first few weeks to help with swelling. At about day 3 I did have large bruising under my eyes. I think it took up to 3 weeks for the bruising to completely go away, but 80 perfect of it was gone within and week and I was able to go out into public without people noticing.

Cast removal was one week after my procedure. I was very nervous and went to Dr. Naderi's office without any friends or support which I do not recommend! Dr. Naderi's staff took me straight back into the back room to have my splint removed. I had followed his instructions to shower a few times to let the cast soak for easy removal. The splint came off with no problem. Dr. Naderi handed me the mirror and I was very surprised to say the least. The amount of swelling really caught me off guard. My nose was perfectly straight, however it was much larger than I imagined because of the swelling. Remember that THERE WILL BE SWELLING AND THE SWELLING WILL GO DOWN. Relax. It will take some time however. Even after two months my nose is still swollen in the morning and after showers but it is significantly smaller than two months ago. Every week there is improvement. To anyone out there reading this and concerned about swelling, it will go down. However, depending on the type of surgery done and skin time, the time table will vary. It took my nose about 1 month to reduce in swelling enough so that I was comfortable again. Keep in mind it will take up to years for it to fully subside especially if you have thick skin. Dr. Naderi warned me of swelling the very first visit, but it did not process as to how much swelling there would actually be.

Its been 2 month since my surgery and my nose still doesn't feel like 100% normal. There is still swelling and some days it is worse than others. There is still some general discomfort but its sometime I don't notice as much anymore. I did have some numbness for a few weeks after the surgery and wasn't really able to smile very large for about a mouth. My sense of smell hasn't really come back yet either. It gradually improves week to week but I notice its still not as good as it used to be. Please message me if you have any questions regarding the procedure or Dr. Naderi. I cannot thank Dr. Naderi and his amazing staff as well. Thank you!
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