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Today is the first day i start accutane, im...

Today is the first day i start accutane, im really nervous and can't wait for the ending results!. I seriously was shaking when i went to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy. My doctor gave me 40mg of accutane and 20mg of prednisone. Whats weird is in highschool i would have some pimples here and there but never severe to a point where i took antibiotic or any type of treatments for my pimples. I had a clear face and once in a while i would get pimples, until 4 months ago. Out of no where i started breaking out like crazy, mainly on my cheeks. The only thing i changed was my diet, i started eating clean and going to the gym 5x a week, very strict, no sweets and i sticked to a lot of proteins(chicken, steak) and vegetables. About 3 months into my diet, i slowly started to break out on my right cheek, then it moved to my left. I thought to myself how can i be breaking out when im eating clean (no drinking) to when i ate junk food and drank every weekend and didn't break out? Acne really took over my life. Before having a crazy break out on my face i would be very sociable with friends and meeting new people. Go out for drinks and socialize, without getting a breakout the next day. Now i don't feel like going out or doing anything. It sucks so bad, im 24 and i should not be having this problem. It should be reversed, breakout in highschool and be flawless around your 20's. Because 20's are your prime time especially for a lady (because of your youth). When i see friends i have not seen in a while the first thing they say is "wow you broke out a lot" or i can see it in their facial expression even if they don't say anything about my pimples >:[. I'm also not the type to wear foundation so its literally bare skin and you can see every pimple on my face.

I tried everything... some made it worse. I know you're supposed to stick with whatever you use for a month to see some results but i kind of panic and tried so many different products within every 2 weeks i would put something new on my face, so i did not see any results. My doctor gave me this medicine called "Retin-Amicro" He said its something like accutane but instead of taking it orally its a cream, and it has vitamin A in it. I applied it to my face once a month and it seems to be working, i havent got a breakout until i went out and drank 2 days in a row. That was probably by the 5th week of using it. I would also get really dry flaky skin. The only thing i haven't seen that would help me was my scars. I also avoided sun, as much as i love to go to the beach i did not want any more scars.

i just hope i don't flare up or break out the first 2 week of taking accutane. Dry lips and other side effects are fine to me. But we'll see. I'll post again in 2 weeks, wish me luck guys.

side effect full in affect

After 4 hours of taking it I started to feel the side effect. First came the joint pain on the left side of my hip then an hour after my lower back felt really tight and it started to ache. My eyes once in a while would become dry but all I had to do was blink a lot to get it moist again. When it came to bed time omfg i felt pretty miserable. Because of my back ache I was tossing and turning like crazy. Putting pillows under the back and what not. I could not sleep at all. I would wake up at least 10x during the night. And if I heard tv noise or my family talking it really irritated me but not to a point where I would tell them to shut it. Take prednisone in the morning because my doctor said that is whats causing me not to sleep. Overall these side effects are tolerable, and with anything Day 1 is always the hardest. I want my face to clear up so bad so i am willing to go through these phases. Also drink lots of water. I'm trying to drink a gallon a day.



about Retin-Amicro, i meant to say i used it for a month, applied it every night before bed.

2 weeks has gone by.

Either time is flying or its moving soooooo slow. after day 3 of taking accutane i stopped getting those side effects, no more sore joints and back aches. Instead i started getting chapped lips within the week and a half. MY GOODNESSSSSSSS one thing i can tell you on this journey is to NEVER PEEL YOUR LIPS. I peeled it several days ago and my lips felt like hell. It was so raw and every time i eat something spicy it would sting the shit out of my lips. If anything exfoliate your lips or rub them in hot steamy water, or right after you get out of the showers. NEVER PEEL. I learned the hard way. The next morning my lips were soooo puffy it was scary.

I use burts bee or Kiehls lip balm #1 in mango everyday.

Anywho im off of prednisone and im starting to flare up a bit. Some white puss here and there too.
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