Revision Rhinoplasty After a Poor Primary. London, GB

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In my teenage years I developed a very large nose,...

In my teenage years I developed a very large nose, with a big hump. I was bullied and ridiculed throughout school and even in jobs post school, so in February 2014 I committed to having a rhinoplasty. This was with a 'high street' provider and I regret going with the particular surgeon immensely but sadly this surgeon was recommended to me. The bump was shaved down but I was left with an ugly over-projected nose and a deviated nose tip.

Fast forward one year and I approached Lucian Ion for a consultation for revision rhinoplasty. Mr Ion immediately put me at ease as I was nervous and we discussed my concerns and produced 'morphs' to come to an agreement on what we would be aiming for ideally with revision surgery. The agreed goals were to make my nose slimmer and to make the nose tip more symmetrical and to de-project the nose tip. I loved the morphs Mr Ion produced and I knew he was the surgeon for me.

In July 2015 I had my revision at Weymouth Hospital in London. The nurses were excellent and really looked after me and Mr Ion was very reassuring. I didn't experience much pain with the revision rhinoplasty, but I was very nauseous post op and I was sick a lot. The anaesthetic took a few days to get out my system too and in honesty the anaesthetic did affect my mental health until it left my system. Mr Ion couldn't check on me in person the following day due to business he had to attend to, but he called me to check I was okay, which was very nice!

The week between the op and getting the cast removed was very frustrating and the wait seemed to go on forever. I got my cast removed at Mr Ion's office a week later by one of his nurses and my nose was everything I had hoped for. Taut, slim, well defined, not too big for my face and the tip nice and symmetrical and proportionate.

However, the healing process has been difficult for me. My nose stayed slim and beautiful for a few days and then my nose started to swell, with particular emphasis on the nose tip swelling. I am 10.5 months post op and although the left side of my nose is nice, the right side of my nose seems to have gone a bit out of shape and the nose tip has dropped, despite it being perfectly elevated when the cast came off.

I am hoping that how my nose looks now is prolonged swelling, but I am not sure. I am due to see Mr Ion for review in June, but I am hoping to see him sooner as I am feeling frustrated with what I perceive to be a deterioration in the initial, beautiful result. I have already had steroid injections into my nose (twice) to try and reduce swelling.

I cannot fault Mr Ion's professionalism and knowledge but at this stage I am undecided as to how successful my revision has been. Hopefully I am experiencing prolonged swelling and hopefully time will be kind, but at the moment and when I look back at cast off photos, I can't help feeling frustrated.
Time will tell and I will update in the near future.
London Plastic Surgeon

Mr Ion is kind, professional and very knowledgeable about rhinoplasty. He has a great demeanour and is excellent at setting goals and being clear in consultation.

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