Implant Exchange from 360 Cc to 520 Cc Inspira Silicone. Gulfport, MS

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I had my consultation for the exchange of my 20yr...

I had my consultation for the exchange of my 20yr old 360 cc saline implants for 520 cc Inspira silicone implants. Dr. Richardson was great so far but I am reading mixed reviews on Real Self so we will see how it goes. I am so excited and am counting down the days till the 10th! I'd love to know if anyone else has had the Inspira (or overfilled) implants and do they tend to feel harder than my saline implants... Which I hate the feel of. I am only 4'11" and do not have much natural breast tissue. Dr. R would like to use the Inspira to prevent rippling since I am going over the muscle. I am also concerned about needing a lift which he said he doesn't think I need. I slightly disagree but will trust what he says. So far, so good.

4'11" 120 lbs, 41 yrs old 1 breastfed daughter

Pre op appointment is Monday. Super excited about it but not about the hour and a half drive I'm gonna have after the surgery to get home to New Orleans. Hopefully I'll be to doped up to notice all the bumps. Also hoping to lose at least 5 lbs before the surgery. May be wishful thinking but I'm trying. Another 5-10 after surgery!

Surgery tomorrow!! Ahh!!

So I went to my pre op appointment on Monday and thanks to my fiancé's encouragement had decided to go up to the next size which was 560! The more I thought about it when I got home and not being able to sleep that night, I decided to call my PS first thing in the morning and switch back to 520 cc's. I was too scared of looking like Pamela Anderson with my little 4'11" frame! I'm second guessing that now thinking 50 cc's is not all that much bigger when you're talking about a 500+ size implant but I'm not gonna have boob greed. 520 will be a good bit more than my current 360 cc's and I'd rather be safe than sorry!!

The surgery center called and said I have to be there for 9:45am. Wish it would have been earlier but we are driving an hour and a half from New Orleans so maybe it's for the best. All I know is I better not see anyone eating or drinking in front of me before the surgery!! Haha!

So I made my ice packs, bought a neck pillow, packed a few things to take with me and am now cleaning my house like a crazy woman! Lol I will post an update and some pics as soon as I'm feeling well enough to.

Last meal

Had my last meal of the night at 10pm, sushi. It's finally here. Bigger breasts in the morning! Yay!

Post op Day 1

So I had decided to go up to 560 cc's at my pre op appt but quickly called the next morning to switch back to 520. Well I can definitely say now that I was wrong! I should have stuck with the 560 cc's. They just don't seem that much bigger to me. They are definitely more full, but I wanted to go at least one bra size up. I have tried on my bras and to my disappointment they still fit. Also, because I already had implants, the pocket was there and the skin stretched thus making them seem like they have already 'dropped'. I am posting pics so you can see what I mean. I'm hoping for a little more drop that will make them look a little bigger than they currently do. I know it's only the first day post op but I can't see them dropping much more.

I'm happy with the shape because I have more fullness and more cleavage but I do know I still need a slight lift. Just really wishing right now I would have went for the 560. For all the ladies that are if'y on their size choices, keep in mind going up 25-50 cc's is not going to make you huge but may help you with regrets of 'not going bigger' after all is said and done. Really wish I could turn back time right now and stick with the larger size. Anyway, I hope my story may help anyone out there who is debating size right now.

Other than that, this has been a pretty easy experience for me. Not that much pain and mobility is really good. Since I am over the muscle, I have even been able to lift my arms above my head and try on all my clothes and sports bra, etc. I do have this strange bruise on my arm though, not quite sure what that is from. Guessing it's from transport from OR table to recovery room bed. Hope all of you ladies are healing well and for those that are still waiting... Hope your time moves fast!! ;) XOXO

2 Week Update

Tomorrow will be POD 14 and I must admit that Im pretty satisfied. I know that a lift is still in my future, but I'm happy for now. Having a breast implant exchange is obviously much easier than the first time around. The pockets were already there, so he just put the implants into those already open spaces. This is what caused me to not need to drop and fluff. The way they look now is almost what they looked like the day I came home from surgery, aside from some very minor swelling. I'm very happy that I decided to go with the Inspira's since I now have no rippling whatsoever. (And I had almost no breast tissue to start with). I still wish I would have gone with the 560 or even 600cc's but I'm learning to love the 520's that I have now vs the 360 I had before. I am adding a pic of 360cc top/520cc bottom, along with some others in clothes.

I received some very good news at my 1 week post op appointment. I was able to start working out again this week as soon as I felt comfortable with it, even upper body!! That's only about a week and a half off!! This is because I went over so there is no muscle involvement. I also found out that I don't have to sleep in the sports bra anymore and can even lounge around the house without one as well. Yay! I still can't wear an underwire bra for two more weeks though. Everything seems to be progressing nicely so far. The only complaint I have is a little tenderness/soreness on the top of my left breast but just the surface area, nothing deep down. The skin does not look red so I don't think it is infection. I will just keep an eye on it. That's all for now. Will update again after my next post op appointment.

Question for you ladies.... Help

Has anyone ever had moderate soreness to the skin on your breasts? I'm experiencing this on my left breast and it seems to be getting worse, not better. My next post op appointment isn't until later this week and I will discuss it with him. In he meantime, has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas on what could be causing it?

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