650 UHP textured Inspiras from 440 HP 126 5'8 - Denver, CO

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Hi ladies! I'm a 43 year old wife and mother of 3...

Hi ladies!

I'm a 43 year old wife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. I'm 5'8 and weigh about 127 since starting to build muscle from 125 four months ago.

I had my first breast augmentation on 2 July 2015 and I'm excited to get my revision! My preop is on April 6 and my surgery April 20!!!

I have Sientra 440 High Profile textured round under the muscle implants now. I actually thought they were smooth until I asked the coordinator when setting my appointment for my revision 2 days ago! I suspected it when I was searching for my current implant dimensions. There was only a 440 textured sientra not smooth. I don't mind though because I totally trust my awesome dr.

I originally wanted 550s but got scared the closer I got to my surgery and changed my mind. People kept telling me I was too thin and they'd look fake and stuff like that. 2 weeks after my BA I had regrets. I did want them to look big and didn't mind if they looked fake. Now they look nice and very natural.

At 3 months post op I talked to dr Vath about a revision. At the time I thought I wanted him to fix my asymmetry but since then they've evened out a lot! I added a picture showing around 2 months and how much they've evened up since. They'll never be twins but I'm ok with that. One of my creases is lower but my dr won't move them because he says it can look worse after. Doesn't want me to get a double bubble! You can't tell in clothes so I'm glad I waited!

My dr is giving me a discount since he did my first B!

I've heard you have to go up at least 200 ccs to notice a difference so I'm wanting 650 ultra high profiles this time!! The implants I have now are 440 HP 12.8 wide and a projection of 5.1 and the ones I want are 650 UHP 13 and 6.6. I have no concept of how that will look but I certainly hope it's a noticeable difference!

Excited to get UHP Natrelle Inspiras!!

I emailed Kari the coordinator at dr Vath's office about the possibility of getting the Inspiras and she said they are a great option and she'll make a note in my file to talk about them at my preop!!

I seen and read a lot about them and I really like them! I have rippling not to mention I would like firmer boobs. I was going to get UHP either way but I love how filled the Inspiras are!!

The one thing that concerns me is that I have heard you need 200 ccs to see a difference and if I go with them I'm assuming I eont be able to go I've 615 ccs and I wanted 650. They get so wide compared to the Mentor UHPs but I'll see what dr Vath says.

So excited!!

Had my preop appointment today!!

Super excited!!! I picked my implants today at my appointment!! 650 Natrelle Inspira extra full (UHPs) round textured!! I have 440 HP Sientra smooth rounds now. Hoping 210 extra ccs plus switching to UHP and the fuller firmer feel of the Inspiras makes for a noticeable improvement!!

I asked about lowering my one crease and I'm cool with his reply. He said he'll do it if he's repairing a messed up crease from another surgery if it's absolutely necessary but it would be a mistake to move mine. He said it's not that off, they are perfectly fine and it only increases the chance of my implant bottoming out or my chance of getting a double bubble deformity.

Pic of 9 months post op and before

From my first BA. 440 HP. Can't wait for my revision!!

Revision tomorrow!!

I'm nervous, excited and a bit scared. I have to get it right this time! Half the time I'm scared they will be ridiculously big and then I'm scared the change won't be noticeable! Ugh, I feel crazy!!

Hoping they still have lots of fluffing to do!

Both pics from day 1 postop

I'm feeling a bit discouraged and hoping my implants have a way to go to hopefully look bigger and fuller with more progression!
Her's day one with my 650 Inpiras round textured in the top picture.
The fist is day one with 440 the round high-profile Sientra implants on the bottom.

Picture from 2nd day

Not much to say but in having more pain that the fist time. Could be that I had no memories for 3 days after going in to surgery or because they are bigger now.

2nd day update

Not much to say but in having more pain that the fist time. Could be that I had no memories for 3 days after going in to surgery or because they are bigger now though in still hoping they will get bigger..

Cool info I find out when talking to Dr yesterday !!

Feeling super excited! Earlier today a nurse called to check on me then 20 minutes ago Dr Vath called to ask how I was doing. I mentioned how my boobs seem to be closer together now. He said he knew I wanted that so he moved them closer and sill left did boob since I like that too!! Here's an example of how much closer it is :-) I'm a happy girl for sure!!

Now I just hope they get bigger since I switched from 440 Hp sientras to 650 UHP Inspiras.

Hoping it's noticeable

Hoping something happens to make my UHP 650s look big like I wanted! Maybe they'll stretch out?

A month or so before and 3 days after my revision!

I'm still really excited about the gap difference sndccantcwait tibget done God sports bras to help them stay nice. Just hoping still I'll look down and see a cup or two size increase sometime soon! This picture is about a month or month and a half ago and today, the 3rd day after my revision!

Same bra with 440 HPs after a few months and and 5 days after 650 UHPs

Would love to outgrow this 30G. Thankful the gap is small now but I'd love 2 more cup sizes!

1st post op appointment!

Nurse told me at my post op I needed to eventually support the girls more than what I had on. I stopped at VS and got this wireless bra. I can wear underwire in about 2 weeks once it's comfy. It's a 34dd and works fine though the girl said it would be better with a smaller band and the cups are too small! Yay bigger boobs!!

Nice change for sure!

Nice change for sure! Both 5 or 6 days post, top 440 HPs and bottom 650 UHPs! Look at the huge gap and asymmetric results ????. So thankful for my revision!!

More in love every day!!

Can't believe these are mine.

Another comparison! First BA and 8 days after 2nd!?


4 DPO to 9 DPO after revision!!

I love to see how much (to me) they've changed in just 5 days!! I hope they continue to fluff up but stay round and firmer too!!! Yay big symmetrical boobs !!!

Day 1, day 4 and day 11!


All bio oiled up!

In a comfy nursing bra ready for bed :-)

12 DPO

12 DPO still loving them but do get scared things will change.

440 HPs vs 650 UHP Inspiras!!

Love the difference!!!

The changes!

The progression plus one once I took my bra off last night

Love the look now!!

I bought this pink set before my first BA. I couldn't wait to be able to wear it but it looked bad. Since my revision I love the look!! I have the panties too but didn't feel like putting them on right now. Please excuse my hair also, it's just up in a clip.

Almost 3 weeks post op!

My left boob will always be pointing out to the side more but I'm still thrilled!!

Showing the difference in Inspira and regular silicone implants

Just showing the difference with Inspira implants and normal Mentor implants.

Loving my cleavage!

I've had a few down days but am loving them today! They look so round when I look down at them plus my friend, who saw me less than a week ago commented how big they looked and that they looked bigger on top! I noticed rippling in my cleavage on my left (nipple points more out) side. It freaked me out but I'm trying to see past it since you can't see it in a bra. I'll ask my dr about it at my appointment Tuesday. I'm surprised though since I thought chances were lower to get ripples with Inspiras but apparently not impossible! Either way they are still 100 times better than before.

Eek, rippling.

I've been trying to avoid thinking about this but I'll be asking my dr tomorrow. I have crazy rippling in my left boob when I barely lean to the side. You can feel it when I'm out of a bra but in a bra you don't see it or feel it. I'm really sad because I love my boobs but don't know what, if anything can be done, to do. I got Inspiras for many reasons but one was because I thought they rippled less ????. Anyone have experience with this?

Happy but hoping for more projection

I'm very happy with my boobs but hope they will project out more in time. I'm 28 days out and though they are way better I expected them to look way bigger. My first implants were 440 hp with a width of 12.8 and projection of 5.1. These are 650 UHP Inspiras with a width of 14 and projection of 6.5. Do y'all, especially those with UHPs, think they will still project out further after a month still?

Way better!

Forgot I had this bra so I tried it on again. Looking way better now!! With my first BA, the closeup picture (440 HPs), I hated the way it looked but I like it now. It's a 32DDD so hopefully it will stay up since in wearing it to work today ????

Another view straight on like the 440 version

Another view to match the 440 picture in this bra.

1 month!!

Happy 1 month to my boobies! Loving them more each day!!

A comparison!

First BA and now.

Laying boobs!!

So nice to have fairy symmetrical boobs even when laying!! Before you can see one was smaller and higher.

30 vs 40 DPO

Loving the slight changes!

My new swimsuits!!

It took me 3 tries to get the sizes right since I ordered my swimsuits online and they are UK sized but here they are! Wanted a couple that would be more family friendly but I still love them. I'm just showing the tops for now since I didn't put on the bottoms. The one with stripes is Panache Swim and a UK 32G and the other is Pour Moi and a UK 32FF and they are both from Bare Necessities. I first tried 30s since I wear a 30 in a bra but they were super tight.

Quick update!

Do wish my one boob didn't point to the side more but I still love them!

440 to 650!

Loving the changes!

Loving the roundness!!

Loving my boobs <3


Loving the difference already!!

Video of me in a bra and panties!

Almost 2 months post!
I love my boobs more each passing day!!

440 vs 650!!

Looks much better with my bigger boobs!!

Fun night of dancing!

Love having boobs that touch!!


I freakin love having boobs!!

Before and after both BAs

Much better!!

No cleavage, just ribs!

I saw this picture of me from before my first BA and you could really see my ribs! Nice to have cleavage now :-)

First BA vs 2nd BA :-)

Finally I can fill this top!


Snapped this picture after work today. I am still amazed that I have cleavage now and just love it!!

Drop and fluff!

For you soon to be breasties or new breasties here's some drop and fluff. 1 DPO vs 11 weeks post!

4 months post Revision!!

I left for awhile but decided I missed all you supportive peeps in here and decided to come back!!

I'm just over 4 moths post my revision today and I love my boobs more and more each day!!

New bras!

Had been wearing my bras to death since my revision so I went and got a couple at Vitoria's Secret yesterday!! I'm really a 30 or 32 but 34s work on the tightest hooks and are easier to find! I was having nip skips in 34DDs so I got 2 34DDDs.

Revision from 440 HPs to 650 UHP Inspiras!!

I left RS for a while and just came back do I wanted to restart my revision review with pictures. 

I had my first BA on 2 July 2015 and had Sientra 440 high profile smooth unders. I like them for about 2 weeks and then knew I wanted a revision. They were small, asymmetric, too far apart and looked too natural without much upper pole fullness. I went back to my dr and he agreed to do it for much less than my first since I was unhappy. I paid $7500 for my first and $3000 for the revision and boy was it worth it!!! 

I got Natrelle Inspira Responsive Touch textured ultra high unders!!!! They are closer, bigger, more symmetrical, firmer, project more and I have upper pole fullness!!

Definitely can have cleavage if I want!

This is the top I wore to work today. It's new and too revealing for work until I add a tank. I like it!

Excited to have my new bra back!

Laying back relaxing since I have a headache and excited to have my new bra back! I had to exchange it right after I bought it because it was separating between the cups a just got it in the mail yesterday! Sure do love having boobs!!

New maxi dress!!

Progression pics

Thought I'd add some pictures of my progression! I'm LOVING my boobs since my revision about 5 months ago!!

5 months post revision in 2 days!

Loving my new boobs and need to get serious about getting in shape. I'm not getting any younger!

Just wanted to show an example of 'drop and fluff'!

This is a few months ago but shows how much they had changed from day 1 to 11 weeks post!

Happy 5 months post to my boobies!!

Really loving my boobs since my revision!! So thankful that I did it and absolutely LOVE my dr!!!!

Jammie boobs!

Was just sitting on the love seat drinking my protein shake and took this.

Things are going great and I'm loving my boobs more each day!


We saw Cabaret tonight and I snapped this when we got home.

Love my dancing dresses!

Wore this out dancing last night and it looks so much better with boobs now! I dress like I'm half my age when I go dancing but I like it!

Happy (almost) 6 months!!

I'll be 6 months post revision on the 20th and I'm thrilled!! They have stayed round and fake looking and that's what I wanted!! I'll see my dr got the first time since 1 or 2 weeks post on Tuesday and I'll make an update then.

Had my 6 month post op checkup a few days ago!

I had no concerns and really thrilled with how they've turned out. Dr Vath said they were good and just warned me of things that could happen since they are heavier. I know I'll need a lift one day but for now I'm thrilled!! I wanted big, fake looking boobs with lots of projection and upper pole fullness and that's what I got!! They are even mostly symmetrical except for my left nipple pointing out a bit more than the other.

Just a quick update

Just wanted to show how my Inspiras have stayed rounder with upper pole fullness!! I wanted them to look faker and to have nice volume above my nipples too. Took this last night before bed.

Almost 7 months post revision!!

I'm not too active on here anymore and not too many people see my reviews but I still try to update them incase someone finds it helpful.

I really am thrilled with my revision! Not everything is perfect but I focus on the positives and am thrilled!! Really the only negative is that I have rippling but it doesn't bother me at all.

Hope y'all are all doing great!

Comparison from first BA to now!

Just a quick update!

Loving my girls more each day! No issues at all!

Workout boobs!

I use 2 sports bras plus a shelf bra in my top to keep my girls from moving when I use our elliptical!!

Leopard Freya bra!

I'd forgotten that I got this bra so out it came today! Love it!!

Almost 9 months post!

All is great and I'm loving them! Do I have ripples? Yes but it's ok. I don't go braless so it doesn't matter. You only see them if I lean over topless!

Almost 10 months post

I still love my results!! They aren't perfect but they're perfect for me!! I'm not sure anyone sees my review but I still try to update it.

One more picture

9.5 months past revision from 440 hp to 650 UHP Inspiras

Just a picture

All is well with my boobs but I've been feeling down about the rest of me. I've got to get myself in better shape before bikini season!

Almost 11 months post revision

I've known about my rippling for a while and usually it doesn't bother me but sometimes it does. Ugh

Super happy at 11 months post!!

Really thrilled at how close my boobs are and how they've become and stayed round. That's what I wanted!! I pretty much always wear a bra and sleep in a sports bra.

Ordered this online and I love it!!

I had low expectations for this since I ordered it online and it was only $24 but I love it!! We're heading to Disney World this coming week and are going to a luau!

13.5 months post my revision!

I'm really happy with them!

Very happy that I got my revision!

I wanted to give an update to my revision! I've been really happy and though I do have rippling I don't focus on it and rather focus on the other things I've gotten. Bigger, almost totally symmetrical, small gap (instead of huge one), firmer and lots of projection with a round look! I can make them less noticeable in clothes or have them look really big! I'm a really happy girl for sure! I have my revision on 20 April 2016 and went from 440 HP smooth Sientra unders to 650 UHP Insprira textured round unders. I love them!!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr Vath is amazing in every way. He is an amazing surgeon and has a wonderful bedside manner. He always answered my questions and never made me feel like they were dumb questions. I love that he called to check on me after surgery and during surgery just did something that he knew I really wanted done but had originally said he wouldn't do . I couldn't bec more thrilled with my revision surgery !!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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