Possible Smaller Implants or Just Lift

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I got 330 silicone gel when I was competing in...

I got 330 silicone gel when I was competing in fitness, then had a baby I nursed and now I hate my breast and can fit into no shirts I love. I'm a size 8 in jeans but cannot fit into anything but L or XL shirts.
Dr vath is warm and patient and so far I love him. Hoping for enough tissue to just lift and not replace implants

Implant revision

Time is flying by. We're trying hard to be ready before I leave for Golden for Christmas so my hubby doesn't have to do so much alone. Time is running out! After seeing more of Dr Vaths results in getting more and more confident with my decision. Less than two weeks to go!

Before and after first BA

So as you can see this is after my first two kiddos but before my third (who came waaaay later). I clearly need to get back in the gym! But you can see that they have morphed into gigantic matronly boobs lol

Just got all my meds. Plane tickets ready

Christmas is almost here and I'm ready for the anticipation to be over. I'm sooooo nervous. I keep having dreams I wake up and they're bigger lol. So obviously I'm anxious. 5 days. I will get a photo up as soon as I'm lucid enough to do so.

Checked in

I am in my hotel and getting organized. Waiting for tomorrow. Guess there's no turning back now!

And it's done!

Had a weird anesthesia experience but I adore Dr Vath and I am so very happy so far

Lots and lots of bruising

I feel very tight. I'm waiting for them to not feel so hard and swollen. The under incisions are the only ones that hurt. I am always anxious for them to drop so you can't see the line underneath. Pretty sore today. I'll post more photos tomorrow


Typically with any surgery I have issues with lots of vomiting after. A few years back I had one of my knees repaired from a sports injury and when I told the anesthesiologist about my trouble with vomiting he said it's most likely the gas so let's try it without and see what happens. Well sure enough he was right so when I had a hysterectomy and sinus surgery years following I let the anesthesiologist know about the gas and they said great we'll make sure it goes smoothly. Dr. Vath has an anesthesiologist who seems to think her patients are morons and she knows better. She told me that I was wrong and that it was the anesthetic itself causing my vomiting. She said I'll just not give you anything for pain and then we won't have to worry about it. I said well I would appreciate you not doing that as I'm not a fan of having more pain I'm sure it's just the gas. She said no and that I was misinformed. Well in the OR I asked her to let me count down to when I'd be out so I wouldn't be so nervous. She said ok this is just oxygen and she started talking to a nurse and ignored me and I was out. Upon waking I was WIDE AWAKE and in A LOT of pain and still (as I knew I would) vomited. I made sure to turn my head her direction. When I told Dr Vath what happened he was very upset he got me some IV meds immediately and got my pain under control. He apologized profusely and said he would resolve the situation. That is my one and only complaint about my experience. she is not the only anesthesiologist there thank god! I will post her name as soon as I find it on my paperwork.

5 days post

My nipples are literally exactly even it's just how I'm holding my phone :)

From 4 days out to 7

I'm feeling good. Finally don't feel like a zombie. Here's a comparison photo

10 days po

They are dropping which is good. Bruising is better but still there.

Steri strips

Starting coming off but still lots of scabs and tenderness so I just applied frankincense and coconut oil and put new ones right back on. Anyone else done this????


Well I am not sure how I feel at this point. I'm two weeks out today and I'm unhappy with the length of the underneath incision. They are sooooo long. How on earth my breast will drop enough to cover them I am not sure. I will be discussing this with Dr Vath when he calls me the 20th. With my first lift and BA they were half the length. I am worried. A little depressed. And cannot decide if I am happy. But it has only been two weeks so I will just quietly wait....

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is really helping the scabbed parts so that's nice. I'm still pretty depressed over all so I'm posting a picture but just so eventually I'll look back and see progress .

Left breast

So I'm pretty sure it's a little bigger. Always has been. But I'm wondering if anyone has two cents about discomfort. Did anyone experience one side hurt more than the other? At two weeks out how much discomfort was everyone in? I find I ache by the end of the day and the left aches more always. This is a mirror shot as opposed to all my other selfie shots they look the same but the aching is constant today

3 weeks 3 days

They are changing lol. I have decided for the last week not to look. I use my coconut oil and am on my way. I stopped the silicone tape until all scarves and tape are gone. (It burned so I think it wasn't quite time to be using it) so I use coChristmas nut oil all over 3x times a day without even looking. So today I looked and yet again they're different lol. In a good way. So here's your update. Still in love with my surgeon and recommend him to anyone.

Tape is all off finally

About 6 weeks out

I'm starting to become happier with my breasts. Still wish they were a bit smaller but I'll just hit the gym and speed that along. Still love my Dr

Almost 4 months

I've largely been ignoring my breasts as to not obsess. Stil pissed about the length of the scars butcest la vie. They are a nice shape and size. That I like
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr Vath is truly an artist. A down to earth wonderful human being. He's honest and makes the whole experience worth while. His staff are fantastic minus one anesthesiologist who was less than kind. I'll go in to detail about that later I can't say enough good things about their office and their staff. I just wanted to give him a huge kiss on the cheek when I saw them!! He's so talented. I have a little baby weight left to lose and then I may need him to nip and tuck something just so I can see that smiling honest face!

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