Should I Get a Rhinoplasty - Los Angeles, CA

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Heyyy there. I have a primary rhinoplasty booked...

Heyyy there. I have a primary rhinoplasty booked with Dr Grigoryants on 14 July. I'm so terrified. I swing from wanting it, to being unsure. I hate the tip of my nose, but I'm scared I'll look really different. Any advice, recommendations would be great. I have researched many doctors around the work and thing Dr Grigoryants is one of the best. Thanks X

Potential before and afters

So I thought I'de see what it could look like after... any thoughts.
I'm after a very minimal change, reduces columella and very slight slope... Still unsure. I'm 1 month out.

Surgery booked for 14 Jul ????

So, I've decided to go with it. Dr G has assured me that a subtle change is possible as I don't want a drastic change. I've done soooo much research and I'm happy to finally change this part of myself that has caused me a lot of insecurity over the years. I'll def keep this updated if anyone is interested in seeing my results and recovery. Nervous but excited.

Ideal nose...almost

Bella Hadid has almost exactly what I want.

First day after surgury

Hey guys, so yesterday was my big day. I'm in more pain than I was expecting. But nothing the meds aren't fixing. Seems everytime I get up it bleeds. Normal right?
Will update after my cast is removed.

Cast removal

Ahhh I can breath again! Yay! Minus some bruising, I can't be happier with the result! It turned out better than I could have hoped!! Can't wait to see how it goes over the next few months to a year. Don't mind the bruise pose, it was a snapchat to my mate.

7 days post op without tape

Supplies and comparisons

Hey guys,
So I just wanted to post a pic of the supplies i actually used. I purchased SO many things that I didn't end up using. But these are the things that came in handy:
Coconut oil - cleaning the tape off the face
Clearasil acne wipes - these are so good for chin and forehead oil
Cleansing/baby wipes - good for the face (not as good as clearasil though), and good for freshening up since you can't shower.
Vaseline - good for lips and nostrils
Arnica gel - bruising (I didn't take the tablets)
Vitamin C - for good immunity
Saline nasal spray - irrigating the nose after the cast comes off
Q tips - for applying vaseline to the nostrils
Dry shampoo - for the 6 days of no washing
Make up pads - cleaning around the nose. Also good for putting some coconut oil under the eyes for moisture (beauty tip rather than rhino tip).
Tape - for taping when the cast comes off.
Neck pillow/travel pillow - (not pictured) amazing for sleep.
Straws - for everything liquid. I even used them for soup.

Thats pretty much it! I bought things like dry mouth rinse, benzo peroxide, arnica tablets, but I just never used those things.

Im 7 days post op today... Very swollen but so so so happy with the outcome!

Traveling after surgery :/

Hey guys, so I'm not gonna lie, a 16 hour flight 8 days after surgery is a bit of a challenge. I taped my nose as soon as we took off, kept swelling down, but it blocked up so much, I couldn't breath through it. I have another 6 hour fly to go... Then it's done ha ha. Stay put as long as you can post surgery, but it's manageable. Just uncomfortable. Still trying to fight off those little black bruises too lol

From the front & comparison

4 weeks today

So I made the 4 week mark yay! I'm still super happy. It's obviously still swollen, but I keep telling myself I have another 11-18 months left of recovery :)
The columella is hanging a little lower than ide prefer, but apparently this is due to swelling. Hopefully reduces over time. I wanted a bit left anyway, as I didn't want it to look upturned. Anyone had experience with the healing of this part?
All in all, so so happy with the change!

7 month update

There's still some swelling on one side and some days the columella hangs too low. I did ask him to keep some of it, as I didn't want it to be flat. But, hopefully, due to swelling, it hangs lower than ide like. Very happy overall though.

I havnt had the procedure yet. Will update. So far the staff have been amazing. I am in Australia and I have been able to consult and book everything online. Dr Grigortants even suggested I not get my ears done, which to me speak volumes in terms of not upselling me to make money.

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