20 year old, Rhinoplasty with Dr.Grigoryants

Hey, I just booked my rhinoplasty with Dr.Vladimir...

I just booked my rhinoplasty with Dr.Vladimir Grigoryants. It's for 03/31/2016. I had to book it so late because I'm in school right now. I can't miss any school. I'm from the Bay Area so I'll fly to Glendale on the 29th. I'll be staying at an Airbnb place. I'm so so excited. Hopefully the wait isn't as long as it seems. I wish I could get it now.

One more pic

Front Before

I literally can't wait till my surgery date. 03/31/2017. It's 4 months and a half but I hope it goes by quick. I keep seeing all these great reviews fro mDr. Grigoryants

Pics I sent to Dr.Grigoryants

No makeup, don't judge

More side pics

I really want him to fix my profile. I'm literally counting the days until my date (135)
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