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Hello everyone :) so I decided to post my story...

Hello everyone :) so I decided to post my story because i realized how helpful your stories truly are. And I am hoping my journey helps some of you. I am 27 years old and I have 2 kids. I didn't really noticed that my nose bothered me up until I lost alot of weight after my first child (baby fat). My nose then looked larger and I have a bump on the bridge that makes my nose look narrow then large then narrow (hate that). My profile isn't bad..it's more the front that I don't like. Most people tell me I am crazy and maybe I can only tell in pictures but I just want to feel confident. I only want minor changes to make more feminine and a straight bridge. So after 5 years I decided to take the plunge and because of your stories I found DR. G and schedule a visit. First visit I had with him was on 4/11/15 and he was nice but I felt so rushed. To be Honest I considered not doing it. But after a couple months I still hated my nose. So I decide to schedule another visit. This time it was on Nov 21st. Thus time he made me feel comfortable and more at ease i took pics of what I wanted and how subtle I wanted him to lift the tip like mm sizes lol and he said ok. I scheduled my surgery for Dec 23 as I have 2 weeks off work then and plan to take another 2 weeks after. I am hoping one month is enough for me to look normilish? Lol sorry this was long. I'll post as the day gets closer. 13 days to go...yikes!!!

Before pics

Here are some before pics. There not great pics but thought I show you what I meant about my nose. :)

More before

Ok so I think on these u can notice the bump more with causes it to look crooked

And a better front view

Surgery day!

Omg guys it's today. In 2 and a half hours it will begin. Wish me luck and pray for me that all turns out well. I'll update as soon as I can


Hi guys..so i survived. I wasn't nervous when I got there. Probably because I was reading all your stories and it helped me alot. My surgery didn't start till like 1230. My IV hurt alot :(. Idk what anesthesiologist some of you had but mine was pretty straight to the point so didn't have much comfort in that. When I woke up my eyes were soooooooooo bruised and swollen. Had minor bleeding or so the nurse said lol. Yesterday was the worst day for me. Since I couldnt wat anything prior to surgery I was really weak. My bf had to walk me to the bathroom and I had to take many nausea pills that's the worst part aside from my dry mouth (biotene works for like 5 min lol) today I woke up with more energy no more nausea but still brusing and swelling in eyes only. Nose stings a little but it's bareable.

Questions: how do I clean the dried blood off the stitches?

Any suggestions for dry mouth it's horrible..I can't sleep much. I tried biotene and humidifier.

I get my cast removed on the 28th. I'll post pics then.

POD 2 :(

Still not getting any better for me :( my eyes are at bruised and swollen I can see blood on the corners guess cuz all the pressure the swelling is making :(. The mouth dryness is terrible. I wake myself to almost not being able to breath. I have tried everything on it. Guess I jus have to not sleep until this cast comes off :(. The cast feels as if my nose is going to break through it. So much pressure at the bridge guess that's where he broke it. And it stings a little at the nostril stitches. Overall not good. And I heard the first 3 days are the worst :( when are the good days suppose to come? I've applied arnica gel in my eyes and have been eating alot of pineapple and been sleeping elevated my back and neck hurt so bad...:(


Hi guys. So I thought my cast removal was today but it's actually tomorrow :( one more day of dry mouth waking up every 2 hours to drink water :'(. My bruising is yellowed..swelling is only at the bottom of my cheeks..look like chipmunk today lol. Cast doesn't feel tight anymore probably cuz alot of the intial swelling went down. I hate that my throat is scratchy cuz it makes me cough and it feels like my stitches are gonna pop open.
Um emotionally I feel ok..my nose looks alot smaller through the cast and I see its upturned not as much but from what it was..but it was to be expected. Dr g said I need to be patient as initially it will look that way but he assured me he didn't loft so much..and as far as I've seen in the reviews the tip does drop :).
I have also noticed a change in my body I feel I lost a couple pounds...but that's cuz it's difficult to eat. Every time I would swallow I could feel the congestion in my nose increasing...super annoying :(.

Looking forward to breathing through my nose and a good night sleep tomorrow. ..hopefully xx

Cast is off

Hi guys sorry didn't update yesterday. Had alot going on. I am posting profile views today. It hurt like a mother when he took off the cast..I think he needs to be a little more gentle. I felt he was going to yank it off :(. But when I saw it I wasn't depressed it was smaller and very straight. It's not very pigish (so glad he listened) he said it will still drop. And my bridge will get alot less swollen. The profile view is great. Overall I am happy and I well the front I know will get better as soon as the swelling goes down. The only thing that really bothers me is where the stitches where in the nostrils..he took them off and that part of the skin is super irritated and it bothers me :( he told me to apply neosporin I hope that helps that's what has me more disappointed. I FINALLY was able to sleep last night I can breath through my nose. And showering with warm water felt so nice. I clean inside the nose as he instructed I can still feel and see a few stitches inside the nose and they make my nose feel tight inside but I jus lurinate it with vaseline as he instructed. My boyfriend says it looks 100% better and that he really likes it. I'm jus waiting patiently for swelling to go down in the front. I will post front view in 3 days as he instructed to put the neosporin. Do not want to gross you out. Lol thank you all for your support

Funny story

So I was afraid to go out in public because I am swollen and didn't want people staring. But I had to take my 1hr old to the doctor she had bad allergies. And while we were waiting I would see a few people look and it made me a Lil uncomfortable...but I said to myself Oh well this is not the final result. When the doc called us in he told me everything was fine with my the baby..what a relief..then he turned to me and said what happened to you? And in my head I was like oh great what I dreaded so much is happening :( he's really nice so he was concerned..I said I had rhinoplasty and he's like but why do u have bruises? And my bf was with me and he looked at him and said to me if there is anything else going on I will report it lol. He thought my bf had beat me up lol...I laughed and said Oh gosh no ..and he's like oh ok I was just concerned lol..he's a really nice doctor lol.

So I told my bf..you know I was afraid to go out cuz people would think I was vain or something for fixing my nose. But now I see people think u beat me up...lol I don't feel bad anymore..lol just wanted to share I thought was super funny.

POD 8 comparison

Hi guys just wanted to show you a front view side by side. Still really swollen but so far happy with the saddle changes he made as I asked him. I know the swelling will go down and I'm jus anxious to see how much more slim the tip will get. Also posting profile pics..let me know what angels you would like to see. (Sorry for my scabs on the nostrils it's were the stitches were...:/ but neosporin has made a big difference so far :).

2 weeks post op

Hi guys! So yesterday marked the 2 weeks from surgery. It's been a roller coaster for me because the bruises were still there yellowed but still made me look like a crackhead :( and I have a persistent blood shot eye..now it's like the size of a small raisin. .so i see improvement. I have seen my bridge go down alot from cast removal the tip looks more defined but not as much as I hoped. And I know I have to be patient it's jus hard sometimes when I feel it looks like a fat clown nose..reminding me of how it looked before. But then I reassure myself because there are many stitches on the inside in the tip part so I know it's pretty swollen..so i look forward to it slimming down further. I haven't gone out of my house much and if I did I wore hats..but I hadn't seen any of my family till yesterday that it was my mom's bday. My mom and bf are the only ones that know I had the procedure. I saw my 3 sisters and step dad last night and no one noticed anything different only were concerned about my blood shot eye..lol..my younger sister did tell me hey your face looks smaller and ur head looks big lol but she thought it was cuz of my hair (it was freshly blow dried lol so it was puffy) lol but none pointed out my nose at all.. .so i asked my mom is its not noticeable she said no but that she sees the change and that it looks great she was very pleased. I guess maybe cuz it's swollen I look the same as before? This weekend we will be going to vegas with the family and ill see my 2 older sister from florida ..we will see if they notice..lol see uneven swelling on the nostrils but it changes so I know it's swelling. I still don't feel like myself I feel like I have a fake nose..and with the damn blood shot eye I feel I look weird :(...I hope week 3 I feel like myself...it's a daily emotional rollercoaster.
Also since cast removal doc told me only to tape at night..was anyone told diffrently?
And when did the stitches dissolve? There very irritating I can't even laugh cuz they hurt.
I'll post again in week 3, and I want to thank you for all your support I really appreciate it.

Sorry forgot other side lol

3 weeks post op

Hey guys so yesterday marked the 3 weeks post op..not alot had changed from week 2 to now..only a little swelling had gone down and final starting to feel like myself. .it hasnt been easy. I saw my family and no one noticed. My sister thought I had done my lips lol. I guess it's a good thing. Sometimes I have days were I feel it wasn't worth the pain or money cuz I feel it looks the same or fatter but I tell myself there is alot of swelling. I also have one side that is more swollen then the other (my right side) so it discourages me and I hope.it's just swelling and it evens out. I go back to wrk on Monday and I'm scared. I hope people don't notice. Here are a few pics. I am showing before and 2 weeks op side by side and 2 week op and 3 weeks op side by side for your comparison. Thank you for the support. If you have any questions please feel free to ask..I may forget since I am running after my 2 year old most of the day lol


HI guys RS wasn't advising me when u had a new comment so sorry if I had not responded. I am 7 weeks post op and healing well. I went to my 6 week check up last sat and doc said he was happy that my nose was swollen because that means it will not collapse because t has alot of shrinking to do from bridge and tip. I don't have breathing problems I stopped taping at night because I swelled up anyway. My nose gets smaller by end of day wish it was backwards..lol but it's not so bad cuz people don't notice any Changes they say hey your face looks slim did u lose weight or did u dye ur hair darker..lol overall I'm content with it but can't wait for 3 month mark supposedly alot of swelling goes down by then. I will post pics then for now nose looks the same. Happy healing everyone

3 months post op

Hey guys so just wanted to post a quick update so far I am ok with my results ..I wish my front view was slimmer and I hope it does change. Haven't seen much diff from month 2 to 3..just a waiting game I guess. I still clean with saline morning and night have had some bleeding on one side when I clean with qtip but dr g said it's due to dryness..it's gotten better. It gets really stiff and swollen while I sleep which sucks..I hope that goes away soon. I'm posting some pics and one of front view . I will post another review after my 6 month check up and hoping my tip is more refined by then. Happy healing everyone. If you have any questions please feel free to ask I might miss some things lol


Left profile

Before jus for comparison to profile now

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