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I honestly can't believe I am going to do this. I...

I honestly can't believe I am going to do this. I really hope everything goes smoothly. I was never teased, about my nose (I can't believe some people can be so cruel), considered myself attractive and don't have major issues with my nose. I actually like the front fine, it's the profile that is a challenge and luckily I don't see that everyday in the mirror. All this said, I am at the stage in my life where it is time to take care of what I don't love about myself. I am not working right now so it is the perfect time to do this. My husband and family think my nose is beautiful and this is unnecessary but frankly all of you have given me the courage to move forward and finally take care of my nose. It has so much room for improvement. I just hope it is indeed an improvement and not a "what the hell was I thinking" experience. Thank you to all that have had the courage to post here with pictures. It has been so helpful to me so I will return the favor (without the annoying eyes blacked out). Hoping Dr. G is having a great day Wed and on his "A" game.

Here we go...praying for a beautiful outcome.

Thanks everyone for your super sweet comments. I met Dr. G for the first time this afternoon. He is a very busy man and his waiting room was standing room only. I saw two woman that were seriously the most beautiful creatures that I have ever seen in my life. Far more beautiful than any model or movie star I have ever seen waiting to go in for their appointment while I was there. I was dying to ask what Dr. G helped them improve. If he had anything to do with their faces or bodies I am in excellent hands! My consult was a bit quick and my nose is far more of a mess than I thought. I now know I need this to breath. I have a deviated septum and he asked how I have breathing all these years. Essentially I never tried to close one nostril and breath from it. He closed one and honestly there was no air coming in at all. Wish I had spent a bit more time with consults etc than to learn this the evening before my surgery but I guess I know now that I need this regardless. He measured how far my nose extends from face and we recorded it so we can compare before and after. He also noticed things I honestly never knew were a problem aesthetically, however if he feels he can improve my face, more power to him. Dr. G must be some sort of super hero because he works very long hours and does three surgeries a day (from what I can tell). I am the second and I go in at 9 am tomorrow. Wish me luck! My only concern is that we did not have a lot of time during our meeting today. I only hope when we get in there he can refine the areas that need help and can make me more gorgeous. I am thankful for all that I have in life. I don't think I could have done this when I was in my 20's. I was not the woman I am today.

On the other side (day of surgery)

Hospital is great and so is the staff. Met with Dr. G for about 2 min before going in to review the "plan." He asked if this was a revision, which is frankly kind of frightening since NO this is not a revision but honestly the man has a million patients so who can blame him for getting us confused.
Anesthesiologist was wonderful. She gave me something for nausea and honestly I was out before I could even take a look around the surgery room. I had no vomiting afterwards either. I asked her to ask Dr. G to take a pic after he was done but not sure if this happened yet. I have not spoken to Dr. G since the surgery either. The recovery room was fine until my mom said something that upset me and I lost it. All the drugs and dealing with her making it all about her threw me into a tail spin. Then we had to drive 7 hours home and she was a nightmare the whole time. I am self caring, pumped the gas on the way home, etc. I should have stayed in Glendale longer. The trip home was just a bit too long for me. I am dreading having to get back there. Strangely enough my nose felt lighter when I was waking up. It felt like it weighed less....maybe it does now that is hopefully smaller!!! Pain is manageable, lots of drip pads. My biggest mistake is I was icing like mad in the car and using my sweater as a wrap for the ziplock bags and burned the heck out of my cheeks! Warning for all you out there. I compounded my face issues. Also I got a facial earlier this week. Big mistake. I think that is what made my skin so sensitive and left scars on my forehead. My cell phone is dead and I am too tired to get charger out of the car so can't share a picture but I look almost exactly the same as Sarah who had her surgery Monday. Same exact areas of bruises (around the eyes- same color and everything). I guess it's the Dr. G special! I need to get some rest....

Dr. G got the shot

Hi Everyone, I mentioned earlier that I was not sure if Dr. G was able to take a photo during surgery but here it is! He said a bit more projected and upturned due to swelling already taking place. I thought it looks really short (compared to before) and wholly upturn. I was not expected that but I imagine it will settle down. Who knows how this will translate in the front. Time will tell. I am just focused on healing right now.

3 Days post

I am feeling OK. I am managing pain with meds. I was hoping I would not need them so much but they are there for a reason. The previous reviews are so helpful on what to expect. My mouth and teeth were/are very sore after surgery. That dry mouth feeling is no joke. I just keep ice water on bedside table at all times. I believe I had the tubes to ensure no blood went to the stomach during surgery. Luckily no vomiting and everything is going relatively smoothly. I've been watching movies and just dosing off here and there. I have not slept through the night but dose off as needed and it's not that bad. Apple sauce has been my friend, so has peanut butter sandwiches.

Day 5 and feeling pretty good!

Hi everyone:
I feel like I am coming out the other side now. I am anxious to heal properly and get back to my life.
My family is doing OK but I can tell they are missing their CEO. Personally, I was not ready to do this earlier in my life. At 44 I am finally ready to take chances with my face. I probably could have done it somewhere between 30-44 however my career was in high gear and there was no way I would have taken two weeks off for plastic surgery. I am so happy I have this time in my life where I can finally take care of my nose that was not functioning correctly and at the same time correct some minor issues I had aesthetically. I am so grateful to have an amazing husband and supportive family. Even though their initial reaction was "you are crazy", they have come around and are helping me heal. I know if I had done this in my 20s I would have never been happy with the result. I was/am too much of a perfectionist and my looks were very important to me when I was younger. Each passing year brings wrinkles, but also perspective even for the most neurotic of woman. I am happy that I no longer obsess about being a size 2 (although sometimes I wish cared a little bit more so now I would work out). Today, I obsess about other things, like making sure my son gets the very best education possible. In all honesty, I think the secret to happiness is remove the focus from ourselves and put it on others. I know it sounds so incredibly trite but honestly I would never want to be in my 20s again and I don't miss my 30s either. To all the ladies of RealSelf that happen to be in different stages of their lives, I applaud you for having the courage to make a positive change in your life. I also applaud you when you move on and focus on more interesting things that life has to offer once you have taken care of business. I see Dr. G on Tuesday for the first time since surgery and will let you know how it goes.

Dr. Grigoryants is a true gem! Extraordinarily talented, hardworking, and level-headed.

Splint came off today! I immediately liked what I saw. It's basically my old nose, just smaller and without the bump. Exactly what we discussed prior to surgery. I am of course viewing this knowing things look a bit distorted and "Avatar" like but the over all concept was there and I could tell that it will be a much better nose than before. I also can breathe through both nostrils which is a bit surreal! The removal of splint is not painful, just a little uncomfortable. He removed the splint and some of the gross elements in my nose. We discussed what he was able to accomplish during surgery and he even got out the tape measure so we could see how much it changed. He was able to take off 1/2 mm (it went from 4mm to 3.5mm long) and that is a lot. I have read up on over-projected noses and from what I understand they can be complicated however Dr. G makes it all looks so easy. My concern was he would perfect the profile and then I would not like the front. It is still very early and I am swollen however I have enough of a sense that even if this is my final result (which clearly it's not), I am super happy! I had the opportunity to spend more time with Dr. Grigoryants during this appointment and got to know him a bit more. Honestly, I wish he was a family member, our children attended the same school, or a neighbor. I love it when people are spectacular at what they do and normal at the same time. I was ready to start a new project with him as soon as we finished reviewing the nose. What's next? I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. G to anyone! I drove six hours from Silicon Valley for this follow-up appointment. The lovely staff moved my appointment to the last appt of the day (6:30) and when I arrived 30 min early, slid me right in. I was done by 6:30! They are not only nice but super efficient. At any rate, I am so exhausted. I planned to stay in Glendale however apparently there was some sort of city-wide in town because everything was sold out so I ended up driving home after eating dinner and it's after 3:30 am!
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