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Hello everyone, id like to start off by saying...

Hello everyone, id like to start off by saying that this is the hardest decision ive ever had to make. Im 20 years old and have disliked my profile ever since I was 13. A few months ago I decided I wanted the procedure done(before my 21st in november). im honestly tired of feeling insecure, im tired of hiding my profile from my boyfriend of 5 years, I dont even let him take pictures of me(yes this is how much I hate it). Anyway im hoping itll all change this upcoming month, there was an opening in dr. Grigoryants schedule and I decided I didnt want to wait until march of next year. So here I am, reading up on peoples experiences and thinking about life after surgery :)
I decided to go with dr. Grigoryants because ive heard great things about him. I previously had a consultation with dr. Ghavami of beverly hills but I was not convinced for various reasons. Regardless, dr. Grigoryants gave me a brief summary of what he thought would suit me and his visual was just like dr. ghavamis so it was nice to hear that we were all on the same page. My mom went with me to the consultation and I told him I liked her nose. He told me my mom had a great nose but mine would be much better. I know that was a bit cheesy but I liked his confidence haha
Im very happy, yet scared. Anyway hope to hear from you guys :)

surgery this friday

my surgery is two days away and I'm still excited and STILL scared..
since my last review I've told a couple of coworkers and everyone asked me why? this bewilders me because I feel like its so very obvious. this also makes me nervous because I know I can't turn back now, I'm worried my new nose won't fit my face, I'm worried it'll look "done".
my dad told me not to tell people I'm getting a nose job. I think this will be an issue because it's going to be noticeable for sure I need to think about what I'm going to say when someone asks.
to be completely honest I feel like its impossible not to sound vain when Im paying for plastic surgery and I should be saving for college/ other things..blah!
I also talked to my boyfriend about it and finally told him my insecurities are the reason I never let him snap any pics (unless I take them because I know my angles), and why I always walk on his left side ( I feel like the right side of my nose is the better angle lol), same goes when were at the movies..etc. I basically stay on his left side at all times haha this has been going on for years and he was completely shocked, told me all he saw was beauty. which made me feel better but we all know boyfriends will say things just to make us happy lol anyway..
I'm off tomorrow so I will go get my Meds. I also noticed people recommend taking vitamin c for the swelling and bruising but my doctor said no vitamins or supplements soo I'm wondering if Its safe..


Ive been hesitant about posting pictures but I feel like I should. so here are a few, Dr. grigoryants said he's removing the hump reducing nostril size and taking off a bit from the tip. I honestly don't mind my nose from the front I just hate my profile, I hope it ends up looking okay.

its really happening

I'm laying down waiting to go into surgery at the moment. I'm a nervous wreck, I don't wanna have to deal with the nausea!!, and to make things worse I think my internet was out this morning so who knows if I'll be able to watch Netflix when I get home lol. I really hope everything turns out okay.

day 1

I woke up from surgery with minimal pain, it fluctuated between a 4 and a 6, nothing unbearable. I also haven't felt nauseous at all, a little bit when I tried drinking a strawberry banana smoothie, so I didn't finish it. I've been drinking water but no food since Thursday night.
I also didn't get too bruised, my bridge is swollen from what I can see but it doesn't hurt or anything, I've been sleeping a lot, most likely cause of the pain meds. but yeah, so far so good. ..I cant really see my nose through the cast thingy so it's probably smaller in size. I do have the piggy look, but grigoryants told me this would happen and would eventually drop before he even performed the surgery so I'm not worried. here are some pics: )


so I got the splint taken off today... didn't hurt, I was already saying ouch as grigoryants put his tweezers inside my nostrils, he then told me "I haven't done anything" so I giggled a little and said " I know but I heard this hurts" I felt so dumb lol anyway.
that was cool, then it felt as if he cut the nostril stitches in half then pulled the remaining pieces off, that didn't hurt either but I felt the pulling motion.
I went out with my boyfriend a few hours ago and obviously kept staring at my nose inside the store mirrors, i saw a little something (what i thought was a scab) and pulled on it but it didnt come off! I realized I had a piece of stitch that he had left behind... has this happened to anyone? can I just pull it off myself?

then something worse happened, I tried on a shirt and accidentally bumped my nose:( that hurt a bit but not enough no make my eyes water or anything. should I call my doctor? so paranoid now..ugh feels odd when you look at yourself for the first time. I feel like my nose is reeeeally symmetrical, I don't know how to feel about it yet, I like it....but my face is still swollen. I was also told that my tip would drop at some point, but I kinda like scooped noses lol so....yeah...
oh and I can't smile properly either so that's a pain in the butt.
here are some pics


I decided to remove my pictures but feel free to msg me about it and I can send you some through e mail or something :)

everything's pretty much back to normal, I'm still getting used to my new nose. the swelling is going down and it's looking better every day. the left side is still the more swollen side, but then again it's only been 11 days. I also noticed that the tip looks slightly more upturned on the left profile, but I don't really mind.
when I don't wear the tape people haven't really said anything so I'm guessing you cant tell. or maybe they noticed my swollen face and decided not to comment about it lol
the people that do know, have been really supportive. coworkers even told me it's somewhat inspiring, they ended up wanting some work done too.

I'm happy, and I definitely think it's worth it:)

Dr. Grigoryants was a bit quiet but I could tell he was confident in his abilities which put me at ease.

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