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Hello everyone! I'll chime in with my thoughts and...

Hello everyone! I'll chime in with my thoughts and experience now. It seems people grow self-conscious of their noses at around 12-13, and it's the same with myself. Until a few years ago, I didn't give it much thought aside from pinching it in mirrors just to see how it would appear altered because I thought I'd learn to live with it and/or grow in it. Neither of those have happened, and I'm 23 now. Instead, I feel my youth is passing me by while I plague my mind with the issue. There's a vibrant girl under the low self-esteem itching to shine, but being conscious of conventional beauty standards won't let me do it. Everything is about pictures these days. 1 in 50 will appear good to me, so I stay away from them. The one that does turn out good I feel I am misguiding others about my appearance, and I then I end up feeling bad regardless. Lately, I've been contouring my nose with bronzer, but I don't feel good lying that much about my appearance. Plus, it's disheartening once it comes off again to know it's not what you really look like. I don't want to become a glamour-puss excessively taking pictures of myself or anything, but I do want to have pleasant memories of my life documented to look back on when I'm older. Not just in pictures, but about life, in general. Having someone look at me from the side is another story. I just want it to end and move on with my life.

I started "researching" online about 2-3 years ago, and thoroughly read through a couple forums because landing on realself. I am 95% going to go with Dr. Grigoryants. The alterations I desire are unique to my ethnicity because I have thick skin, a bulbuous/droopy tip, a overprojected nose with a bump on it...going to my nearest PS would be a bigger gamble than undergoing this procedure already is. It seemed like a lot of plastic surgeons couldn't adequately handle ethnic noses looking at before/afters...a lot of noses looked "done" to me. There's a million more now, but when I first looked, there were still a lot of photos on Dr. G's site, and a lot of them were similar to mine before. I'd say 4 out 5 of his pictures up there look amazing to me, and I shed tears of joy when I first found him (corny, I know...but it was a struggle finding a PS who works with a lot of similar cases). Initially, I sent him pictures from all angles, and he returned an insightful e-mail with improvement ideas.

I flew to California for a consultation in December. It was a Saturday, and his lobby was packed (with people with similar noses as myself! Lol I got really excited.) He answered all of my concerns + more I wasn't aware of (breathing issue through one nostril). We basically talked about lifting and refining the tip, creating an ever-so-slight slope, and doing an alar base reduction. Although, he wasn't too keen on de-projecting my nose. Idk. I think it sticks out too far. Ideally, what I would loooooovveee is one that doesn't stick out far from a profile view AND with a tiny bump in it still. This way, my nose will still look like a slope but not super smooth (which I think can give it away). Not to mention, a completely smooth slope will make my face most of its character. Funny I mentioning my face having character when I'm seeking rhinoplasty, but I just don't want THAT much character on it. :D What do you think? Is this request even possible?

It will be a while before I go through with it because I'm a student and scraping up every penny of disposable income into savings for this, which is taking a long time. Until recently, my mother wasn't supportive and thought it's frivolous spending. I broke out crying a few weeks ago because I told her how much I refrain from enjoying life like others because of this, and she saw how unhappy her daughter is. Now, she is supportive and is willing to help pay for some of it. She has a cute nose and a pretty smile and everything, so I can understand why it would be hard for someone like that to relate with someone like me (esp. if it's a mother, who sees beauty in her children irrespective of their appearances). Anyway, that's a sigh of relief! I'll be able to get have it finished much faster now.

As you can also tell, I am optimistic about this. With a 81% satisfactory rate and 19% left for unsatisfied or undecided, however, I am aware the dangers residing and precautions necessary. It would be stupid not to be after the amount of "research" I've done in 2-3 years. Like with many others, however, this means too much for me not to try. The best way to avoid mishaps would be to avoid asking for too much and going with a PS well-versed in what I want.

So I had to use some of my saved rhino money for...

So I had to use some of my saved rhino money for emergency school costs. :( It put a bit of a dent in the funds, and it's discouraging. Borderline depressing, but I won't say that because I don't want anyone to tell me I exhibit signs of BDD. :D

Do any of you play around with your nose is the mirror? I always do and took a pic this time. How I wish the bridge were really that smooth (check out the new pic)! Couldn't get the tip in because I'm pinching it, but if it really came together like that how great it would look! My entire face looks so harmonious minus my hand in the way.

Silly pic, I know, but looking at it will keep me motivated to continue saving.

I'm open to suggestions about what to improve. A...

I'm open to suggestions about what to improve. A new pic has been added (yikes!).

I am pretty sure it may happen this summer. Can...

I am pretty sure it may happen this summer. Can someone give me a detailed breakdown of the downtime I'll need afterward? How long before venturing out in public sans tape/discoloring/stitches, breathing through the nose again, for MOST of the swelling to go away, etc.?

The latest picture of me with the tip of my nose...

The latest picture of me with the tip of my nose contoured on the tip. How it makes a difference psychologically and physically for me! I can only image what a rhinoplasty would do.

That last pic is THE only side of my face I'm okay...

That last pic is THE only side of my face I'm okay having a picture taken. Also, I think a longer nose like Irina Shayk's nose will suit me the best. I love her button tip and feel we have similar face structure.

Just got off the phone from booking a date...

...and I don't know what I want changed anymore. It's all blurred now. I've been so confident in what I would want and didn't want this whole time, but the moment I hang up my phone I started thinking about how to make it even more precise to my doctor what I do and don't want. I'm going to make a collage of do's and don't's in the next couple of months to take with me to my pre-surgery (the day before since I'll be flying in).

I mean, what else is there to do now? Anyone?

Suggestions on improvements and how to more adequately communicate what I want with my PS are very welcome.

Realistic morph?

I'm in love in Angelina Jolie's nose but know it probably won't be feasible for me (I wish, though). So in my morph, I made it as close to her nose as possible without making myself look like an alien.

It's crunch time now with the date booked. My bump looks increasingly atrocious these days.

Compiling a list of materials for post-op

Hey ladies and gentlemen! The day is inching closer, and it all seems surreal. Here is what I've conjured up as a list of must-haves below. Feel free to add more you've found useful for your own recovery. :)

-U shaped pillow
-petroleum jelly
-biotene for a dry throat
-arnica gel/pills
-absolutely NO foods high in sodium (haha)
-face wipes
-what other foods are convenient?

I don't have any idea how I will bruise and am thinking about getting Dermablend foundation from Macy's because I'll need to be out and about right after I fly back home.

Also, should I just go to my regular doctor to get my blood report done?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my grocery list!! 8-)

It has been pretty helpful!

I'm a month and a half away from surgery and am just waiting. Playing with morphs is fun so I did another one. I tried to bring the radix down and maintain some level of bumpiness on my nose to make it look natural. I also "retouched" the nose wall (the shiny part in the "before" picture) so that it appears like it is taken in like my PS said he would do. The tip is hard to get just the way I want, but this will have to do until the surgery. You can tell I altered the tip immensely as it will help in improving my appearance the most. Excuse my face in this picture. It looks like I'm about to cry in it, but it's a clear pic.

Supra tip makes it look natural

Super smooth profiles are suspicious (to me, at least) so I was thinking about emphasizing having one. What about a straight front view?

Also, I'm going in for blood tests and making the payment soon. It's less than a month away!

Straight front view

I completed and turned in my blood work report last week

I'm pretty nervous, to say the least. 1.5 weeks left, and my face will be changed. What if this is a horrible mistake, and it looks awful? F*ck.

About to get up and shower for my flight

This is going to change my life either for the better or for the worst. So much planning and money is going into this, and it's making me nervous. I just have bad visions inside my head for some reason. I trust my surgeon, but I know I'll be devastated if things don't go accordingly especially after all the persuasion for my mom and costs.

Loving all the support on here!

Thank you to everyone who has posted and wished me well for tomorrow. I feel better after having had my pre-op with Dr. G. I'm going to give myself a pedicure right now and then head to bed. Surgery is at 9:30 a.m. and will be two hours long. Wowee! Update soon and good night! :)

My surgery was at 9:30, but things were running a little behind so....

everything wasn't finished until about 2 p.m. I had a rush of emotions I was trying to conceal the entire morning. Once admitted, it was hard for my nurse to find a vein to stick the intravenous in my arm/hand. She ended up missing, and I burst out balling because 1) it hurt and 2) the emotions. Another nurse came over and found a good on on my right wrist.

Make sure you tell your nurse if you're on your period. It's just my luck I happened to be on mine right now. The paperwork did ask, but no one told me I couldn't be wearing a tampon. I assumed there might be a higher risk of TSS in case one forgets after coming off of the anesthesia that day, and I was right. Right before I went under, I mentioned it to the operating room nurse, and she gave me a maxi pad to use, instead.

The time elapsing from being admitted to when I was administered the anesthesia seemed like eternity. Dr. G came in and reiterated what he was about to do and then left. My anesthesiologist and operating room nurse were sweet ladies and made me feel comfortable. Right before I was wheeled into the OP room, the anesthesiologist slipped in the drug. It hit me before we even entered the room, which was less than 100 feet away.

The next thing I remember is going in and out of sleep in recovery. I was fed jello at some point with the nurse and my brother on my side. My eyes weren't open for most of this time. The next thing I remember was being wheeled in our car outside with the assistance of another, young man. I slept during the car ride (30 minutes) and only remember walking into the room.

By the time I woke up, it was 5 p.m. I took my meds (an antibiotic and Vicodin), drank water, ate some more jello, and crashed again. I can breathe through my nose, but I'm trying not to do it so I'm not disturbing the blood clots trying to form in there. It was 7 p.m. before I woke up again. This time after eating some strawberry applesauce and drinking water, I vomited blood. It didn't hurt my nose at all. The bruising was significantly more under my right eye, but it has now spread to the left side. So far, swelling in only prevalent around my eye sockets. I try not to make sudden movements (like getting up or walking to fast) because it makes me feel nauseous. I ended up passing out again, took another round of meds at around 12 a.m. and 1 a.m., and now I'm on here at 4 a.m.

Bleeding a lot on to the drip gauze.

The California heat probably has to do with it. I look the same as I did yesterday. The swelling has not increased, and the bruising is the same. I hope it stays this way. I've been icing 20 mins on and off often, and I had put some Arnica gel on my face. Idk if that helped, but it didn't hurt to try. Also, I avoided foods high in sodium for a few days prior to surgery (and now, too) to help minimize swelling. My throat didn't and doesn't feel sore at all. However, my lips are dry from breathing through my mouth.

I've been taking the Vicodin this entire time. I don't like "feeling" my nose, if you know what I mean. My drip gauze has been changed about 5 or 6 times already, but I hope I don't have to use it tomorrow. The toughest part is remembering to breathe through my mouth. Sometimes, I use my nose and I'm sure it slows down the blood clotting process, which means I'll need to have this drip gauze on longer.

I've been sleeping in 2-3 hour increments and consuming jello, applesauce, water, and juice. I'm ready for something warm, like oatmeal, today.

Oh, and Dr. G called last night to check up on how I'm doing and to also tell me he found and fixed a deviated septum while he was in there.

This sucks

The inside of my nose is all taken up by crusty blood and guck, and I can only breathe through my mouth now. Is this how it's supposed to be?! I feel really uncomfortable. Am I supposed to go to cast-off with my nose full of that stuff on Monday?! The swelling isn't major. There was some around the eyes earlier, but now it has gone done/moved a little downward.

I'm looking like a chipmunk with the inflated cheeks today

I probably won't upload any pictures until after my cast removal because I feel ugly.

Yesterday was the worst day. The combination of Vicodin and swelling caused me to tear up and revolt against eating. I was also regretting my decision. Really, it was the meds. My brother's flight back was for later in the evening, and he felt bad leaving me like that so I tried my best to improve myself before he left because he was such a doll the entire time. He took really good care of me. I couldn't even give him a big, bear hug before he left because I felt so weak, but I will do that when I get back! I switched to Tylenol for the pain, and it has helped a lot!

He brought me a pizza from CFK the night before, and I ate it all yesterday night. Yummy. Now I'm back to eating jello and applesauce because I can't breathe through my nose at all, and eating solids requires airway passage through it.

I'm still having to change my drip pad every hour or so. I emailed Dr. G yesterday, and he told me not to touch it. However, I feel like I shouldn't have to wear the drip pad on Day 3, right?!

Finally gave myself a bubble bath today. The shower head in the place I'm staying spurts everywhere, and I'm not sure how I'll wash my hair. There's a lot of danger of it going on to my face. The shower head in my home lets out water very cleanly and even detaches. Has anyone washed their hair in the kitchen or bathroom sinks? If so, how was it for your nose for you head to be held in that position?

As for the nose, it looks shorter. The tip looks smaller, and the bump is gone. I just want to clean the guck in my nose sooooooo bad!!!!! :(

Turning point

I had a friend over yesterday and decided to get ready, which restored confidence in myself because I had been living in sweats and pajamas the whole time after surgery. I cleaned my place up, WASHED MY HAIR, and did my makeup. Even with the cast on, I wasn't self-conscious about looking to the side. I hope to God the result underneath measures up to my aspiration so I can grab life by the horns and give it a whirl. The only thing that stopped me last night from doing so was the cast. :)

Here it is

I had a late appointment, and then decided to go shopping in Beverly Hills before shops closed so I didn't get a chance to take many pictures today. I also have a full day tomorrow with my last day in southern California and flying back the next day so I'll try my best to upload more pics a-sap. I took this one in the bathroom waiting for my taxi after cast removal. Full details to come! Unless, of course, you don't care for them and just want to see the pics. ;)

It's obviously swollen (especially between the eyebrows), and the tip will drop. I won't say it's a dream come true quite yet in fear of jinxing it.

Sorry, everyone! I've had an extremely hectic couple days back!

I'm okay, and thank you for the concerns. :)

This is how the post-op went: I took half a Vicodin beforehand to prepare myself for the discomfort. I arrived, and it began. Oh man! Pulling those dried up, bloody and boogery crusties off of a sensitive area made me tear up and wince like a big baby. When he pulled the splints off and out, it felt liberating. I went from not being able to breathe through my nose to being able to do it completely save a few crusties still being lodged up there. Dr. G said not to pick at them, and to either them run their natural course of use olive oil to soften them. I've been doing that the last couple of nights. That one nostril of mine that wasn't performing well before was up and running great now, too. I propped up and looked at myself in the mirror. WOWZERS!!!! It was me, but a prettier version! My nose looked so teeny tiny and cute albeit some swelling.

As you can see in the immediate post-op pic, my nose was taped up before I headed out, and I was advised to do so every night to minimize the swelling. So far, my nose looks pretty slender in the mornings and inflates throughout the day. It doesn't help that I'm in warm environments all day and run around a lot for school/work, either. Oh well. I'm so thrilled with he profile view that I don't even care about the swelling. It does mimic my old nose from the front when it's swollen, but I keep in mind how much smaller and cuter it looks with the tape on and in the mornings, and that keeps my concern at bay.

I went shopping in Beverly Center right after the cast removal. The tape was on my nose, of course, and a lady stopped me in the rest room and asked if I had had a nose job. She told me her daughter had it done, and that mine came out really pretty. I was smiling ear-to-ear the entire time. That evening, I ate real food for the first time in a week. Interestingly enough, I started to get that funky smell in my nose, which made me lose my appetite. However, sitting in that restaurant without a care in the world about how my profile looks was a spirit elevating experience. I lost 7 lbs during recovery because I ate only jello and applesauce the entire time.

I've also bumped it a few times. It hurt a lot once. This is most likely why there is a lot of swelling in the tip.

I forgot to mention...

that there is still a little bit of bruising underneath my right eye and on my right eye lid. Also, after Dr. G had me look in the mirror in side view, my jaw dropped in awe. I couldn't believe my eyes. I gave him a big hug. :)

I bought Afrin for the plane ride home in case of nose bleeds with changing elevations, but I didn't need it. My nose was dripping blood and clear stuff consistently up until Day 8. It sucked, but I just kept a packet of gauze with me and wiped as needed.

A front view with tape on

I'm getting ready for bed and took a pic. There are tiny bruises under my right eye and on the right eyelid. The fluctuation in tip swelling is amazing. I've had the tape on for a couple hours now so my nose looks relatively slim, but boy does it fatten up without it! I'm still ecstatic. Tomorrow, I will post more pics from various angles. Sorry about the no makeup in this pic.

An update

With a frontal pic. I tried to take a pic when the tip was at its thinnest (early in the day). I still tape my nose every night and whenever I'm home for long periods of time. It helps! I was anticipating not retrieving sensitivity in my tip for a long time, but it's pretty much back to normal. It kind of hurts a little when I push up from under, though. That will be gone soon enough, I hope Since the side walls were taken in, they were extremely tender for a while but aren't so much anymore.

I'm still using gauze and Q-tips to clean out my nose every day. Regular tissue still feels rough. If I don't get those wet, stringy boogers out every morning then I'm sniffling the rest of the day. My smile is also back to normal!

I was visiting my friend yesterday, and her hyperactive dog bumped into my nose from below. It was painful, and there was (is) a little bit of swelling around one nostril. In general, my nostrils looks pretty even, which I'm happy about. It's easy for me to keep myself occupied enough to the point in which I'm not obsessing over minute, day-to-day changes...so the days are flying by quick! Overall, I'm still pretty ecstatic about the result of my surgery. Not being able to blow my nose is a bit of a downfall, but I'll manage. :)

Also, my confidence level has had an exponential hike since the surgery. I can't tell if people are smiling more toward me because I look prettier or because I'm radiating confidence and happiness. Whichever one of those it is, I'm loving it. I can't believe I did it and that it has turned out as pleasant as it has. I hope no one casts an evil eye on my happiness!!

Swelling is getting to my head

I know it hasn't even been a month, yet, but the way the tip gets round bothers me. The swelling begins at the supratip. In other words, it reminds me of my old tip. :(

Update on how my nose feels: The bridge feels pretty normal, and there isn't any swelling there anymore. The tip is another story, however. The tippy tip feels normal to sensation, but underneath (between the nostrils) still hurts when I push up on it. I'm not "aware" of my nose anymore like I was the first 2-3 weeks. I can tell the insides are still sensitive because it borderline hurts when I yawn and step into the cold, though. I'm still taping and thoroughly cleaning boogers with my gauze and Q-tips nightly, which I don't mind because it's kind of fun. I'll add pictures in a couple of days!

Had my pictures taken this weekend...

I had pictures taken this past weekend, and I didn't not like any of them like I always did before! I actually let myself be tagged in them on facebook!! I'm looking forward to not having to rely on selfies as my only source of pictures. This is the biggest relief to me. Please, oh please, let there only be improvement from here and no one cast an evil eye on my happiness. :) Yes, I know I look completely different when I smile, lol.

For some reason, the areas underneath my eyes that bruised after surgery have become darker. For this reason, I'm having to use more concealer than I'm used to. It looks obvious in the pic. I read it having happened to others and that it goes away in a few more weeks.

Nothing new.

Same pattern of swelling, and everything else is the same.

I forgot to include the picture.

Thank you everyone...

for your kind words and support! :) There are just so many of you to thank for following my review. It warms my heart!

3 Month Update

The winter cold is keeping the tip swelling down. I still tape it at nights 2-3 times a week, but it isn't so bad if I don't do it, either. Every part of it feels normal except the tip. It's so hard. I still have to e-mail my PS update pics.

I love it, though. One of the best decisions I've ever made. Sorry for the weird filter on the pic.

I feel beautiful these days.

No fabrications or lies. Gosh, I'm glad I unburdened myself of low self esteem.

If you are having doubts, I would recommend do it (given you research the surgeon well).

Decided to add a picture.

7 month update

I get a lot of compliments on my face now, and it makes me feel guilty for having "cheated" to obtain them. :( I always have that little thought inside me telling me I paid for it.

I look about the same, and I feel confident about myself. Swelling is obnoxious, though. I'm hoping it vanishes 1 year post-op. It's what happens to those with thicker skin, I guess.

1.5 Years Post-Op

Hey guys! I'm pretty content with my result. My tip dropped like the doctor said it was supposed to. However, I'm unsure of how much I like it this way. I also wish my nostrils were made more narrow, but this is the best that could be done given what I had to work with, lol. I have to remind myself that I wanted improvement and not perfection.

Another pic

I don't have any regrets, and it was the best decision I've ever made.

If you're having any doubts, don't. Do it (after doing A LOT of research, of course).

2 Years Post-Op Update

Hi Everyone,

This will probably be my last update on here. I am still pretty satisfied with the outcome of my surgery. I had the tip thinned and a small bump shaved down. I won't post any before pics, but I'll put some recent ones for a little bit. If you have any questions, you can post them here and I will try to answer them all.

If you're on the fence about getting it done, I recommend doing it (as long you do extensive research and are 110% confident with your surgeon choice) because then you will be satisfied and wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
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