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Is anyone having there rhinoplasty surgery the...

Is anyone having there rhinoplasty surgery the week of may 17- 25. Im soo nervous and scared could use a buddy or even some encouragement from some of the post op grigoryants girlies out there!! Im only 2 days away from surgery on 18th of may..im nauseous.. i have butterflies..im scared!! Im excited..im worried!! Ughh.. i live in NY and i will be going alone. Leaving my 2 yr old with my fiance.. im so scared. Even though its only a week that i will be gone..i feel as if im going to go crazy being away from my family. I know i need to do this! Lol i already paid for apartment flight nursing medication and everything. I just feel like i want to bail out ..stay home and cuddle with my daughter. But it would suck to wonder what a positive change i could have had. I guess i am most nervous about DR. G. He is such a talented surgeon..and i have researched for 7 years now diffrent surgeons. I came down to 2 surgeons in NY ..dr slupchynskj and Dr. sam rizk. No matter how conviently close they were to me. I just fell inlove with DR. G ..But with my luck im always the one to get the short end of the stick.. i am very critical about myself. I pick my self apart. Im just praying that Dr G. Does magic on my nose. FUNNY THING IS my nose isnt hideous! Its just a bit wide and bulbous. I will be sure to keep everyone posted!! Maybe some pictures also or video blogs. Ill try and do a day by day journey blog for you all just to help anyone who feels nervous or just curious.

Surgery done!!

Its done i did it! I went to pre op! Dr G was soo down to earth sweet and genuine. Girls et me tel you i criticize my ethnic nose daily. I am picky very picky. But when i met him i was so confident that waiting 6 yrs and traveling to cali from Ny was the right thing... he really has an artistic eye .. i kept seeing so many beautiful nose that he did. Other girls were coming back for follow ups and i begane to get sad thinking no matter what he wouldnt be able to do the same for me!!! Many of the girls i had seen had angelistic noses. He took his time with me and even though i became nervous and started talking slow he waited for me to ask my question and never did i feel rushed..

Pre op day1

I went to hospital for surgery and met surgical nurse ..anestiologist and dr G again. I was super nervous so they gave me a valium. Dr G went over quick what he was doing and they wheeled me in. Cant remember falling asleep. I woke up in pain about an 8 with bad anxiety and i couldnt open my eyes..i was so out of it..i stayed for about an hour in out patient recovery room. They gave me crackers water and more pain meds. I relaxed a bit..which wasnt easy i must admit. And my nurse picked me up!! He escorted me home and so on.. i walked in my room looked in the mirror and i could see by the width of cast an tip of nose ..side profil also that he really mad my nose thin..and beautiful..i started to cry..with an ethnic wide bulbous nose you can see immediately through your cast the diffrence..i cant stop thinking about how its gonna be when cast is removed.. this isnt your regular plastic surgeon.. he has a golden hand. Guys im so happy!!! I just miss my bby girl.. welp.. off to sleep now im really tired..have any questions pleasee ask.

almost a Year update!!!!

Hello. so sorry i havent updated, as for i did not know if anyone would be interested in my journey! it will be a year in a week since surgery with DR. G. and i will completely be honest and not filter anything! i will tell the bad and the good so those of you interested can help decide whether to go threw with rhinoplasty. Lets remember that i have always been insecure and hid from pictures because of my nose. I wanted this so soo very bad and i have been researching having rhinoplasty since about the age of 16!! im 24 now and had the surgery at 23. i waited a long time to save up. i remember always sitting on the internet looking at rhinoplasty successes and wishing it was me. i would play with my nose in the mirror and imagine what i would look like with a slimmer nose. My first option was sam rizk in NY but he quoted me 15,000 in 2012. He gave automated answers and just didnt feel like he was "the one". i was distraught when i got his quote of 15,000. because i knew i couldnt afford him and i watcheed him for almost 5 years. thats 5 years!!!! i considered dr. slupchnsky also who gave me a ridicoulous price of 13,000. but i did not give up! i kept seeing dr. g's name every where and hearing so many people rave about him! so yes! i stalked his work for about a year and then i decided to email him! he emailed me back with 12 hours!!!!! i was shocked at the amount of effort he put into his email. he went on to describe my particular nose and what he would do for me and then he quoted me 9800. here is a man that doesnt know if i am even going to decide to have surgery with him, but he noted down any and everything that he saw wrong with my nose based on pics. i had to have him as my surgeon.I told him that i am struggling saving up for this and i saw he had quoted someone recently for 9k. and asked him if he could negotiate to this price..He emailed me within 24 hours approving the 9K...YES!!! i was soo happy guys! i booked my date and paid over the phone. the girl that helped me was so sweet! I know that i was annoying asking a million question and calling everyday. but she was soo incredibly nice. infact when i met her in person she had shared her story of her rhinoplasty with dr. G. Her nose was very natural and fit her face. And she felt like a friend more than a receptionist! i remember jumping up and down after the consultation with DR. G and she came into the hall way to share my excitement and express how she was excited for me! But getting to california was not an easy process i flew to CA from NY and took a bus to HERTZ rental cars. i rented a car and went to an apartment in hollywood that i had rented with air bnb. the apartment i rented was decent inside for 575 for the week i was staying.it looked beautiful online b4 i got there.. but that night as i was laying down i realized roaches crawling and making a sqeaking noise ! they were all over the house. also then men next door kept peaking in my window and hollering at me. Be careful of certain parts of hollywood there is a bad and good part..and i never knew that. i felt a bit scared because there was an older man that kept watching my apartment and anytime i came out he would come out his apartment and stare me down in a lusty perverted manner. Best part is that i had bought 200 worth of food and comfort supplies!! and i lost most of it due to roaches and fear of transporting them with me into the car. i am fearful of bugs. i was raised in surburbs. so i called air bnb and got out of there. i drove around in my rental at 2 in the morning so tired and starving, had not eaten since i left NY( about a whole 15 hours)..looking for a hotel and nothing i called within 20 mile radius had openings. i was completely distraught! because i had to be at the hospital for surgery at 6am(in 4 hours) and now i had no place to go after surgery. i drove closer to glendale about 15 mintues away from the hospital and found a motel for 100 a night! A motel!!!! so expensive! and there was 1bed and a bathroom and no cooking appliances. i cried thinking where am i supposed to keep all my groceries and how am i going to cook anything. all the stuff i bought had to be put in a freezer and cooked or warmed up. I missed my family . at this point i wanted to go home. but i pushed on. I slept for about an 2 hours. woke up drained and hungry because no food allowed within a certain time period b4 surgery. i called an uber whom took me to the hospital for 30 bucks. an older man whom didnt speak much english so i got to use some of my spanish skills! he was okay. i was a bit nervous being in a car alone with a man. i got dropped off at 5am and started paper work with a sweet older asian woman whom kept me good company. then a nurse called me back and started putting IV in and taking down history report. Two nurses helped me and they were sooo kind and funny making me laugh because i was nervous. my mother is a nurse also and i did mention this to them! i noticed how they treated me like a daughter babying me. i felt fine. Anestiologist, a tall older man came in! he looked at me and did the wierd goofy face! making me laugh. he talked to me the whole way to the room where i would be re examined b4 surgery. he kept making me laugh and making wierd faces. He could see i was nervous still and gave me some anti anxiety meds. dr G came in and looked wide awake and ready to go. I remember saying to him "someone had an extra shot of expresso this morning!" and he laughed and started to joke around. they felt like family. i felt safe away from home. the anestiologist came back with a cute little asian nurse who resembled my aunt. and she started hugging me and telling me that i am beautiful and would look amazing when i came out of surgery! she kept asking me if i was ok and smiling /rubbing my arm as they set me up in the operating room. i guess the anestiologist thought she was annoying me so he told her what are you doing to my patient, dont scare her" she looked at him with fire in her eyes and said "no" i thought i was cute that they cared so much for me! The anestiologist came closer and rubbed my arm and told me that he was going to give me more anxiety meds because i was still shivering. Then he started to sing HIs ABC's which i though was hilarious and made me feel better. he reminded me of my grandfather! He asked me to sing with him and i started to sing and thats when i drifted off. All i remember seeing is DR. G smiling at me as he stood over me. i drifted off happy! boy did that sleep feel good considering my horror story with the motel and apartment. when i woke up i woke up in the nursing office with the nurses i had checking me in. I went to get up and i felt an aching sensation in my face. i felt like if i was completely drunk and my nose was covered with gauzes. The nurse stood rubbing my back as she gave me water and cracker. as soon as i drunk the water my throat started to hurt. Rhinoplasty is not an easy recovery. i had breast augmentation and that was hard enough. But when it your face the pain is magnified! the homecare aid that i had paid for in advanced came in and picked me up. i remmeber the nurse putting on my close and the aid waiting for me outside the curtain. i whispered to the nurse"my aid is a man, no..no..i dont want a man" i remmeber being so nervous because i was beat up ..felt drunk and exposed. and my aid was a tall muscular handsome male. he helped get into the car and we started to talk. After about 30 seconds i realized that he was homosexual. i immediately felt so much better! he was still a male but it made it so much easier to talk to him and relate. Because he was cheerful and sassy. i would have been uncomfortable with a handsome male taking care of me and staying with me alone. but he was so comforting! When we got back to the motel my room key wouldnt work. so he walked to the main office for me and asked for help. the owner came out yelling that i had only paid for one night and check out was at 11am (its was around 2pm). i explained to him that i had checked in at 2am and just go out of surgery and i am a long way from home! he looked me up and down with disgust and yelled "thats not my problem, check out was 11am". my aid started yelling at him and defended me and he got the owner to let me stay but i had to pay $80. My aid really went to war for me! he had a sassy-ness in his voice too! i felt so emberassed and selfish for having surgery. The owner made me feel selfish and fake. my aid slammed the door in the owners face and said n" come on girl, lets get you some ice..go lay down", he was sooo sweet! im so lucky i had him! because if i would have had a woman she would have probably been less assertive . We talked about our relationships and became good friends. he gave me his number incase i needed anything i could call him personally and not the agency. after he left i went to bed. I slept all day until about 9pm and then i woke up and still no brusies. it was about the 3rd day that i experienced black eyes and a swollen face. Dr. G emailed me making sure i was okay and telling me if i needed anything to reach the office. The girls from the office called me twice to check up on me, which was so sweet! i went back on airbnb to find another apartment and i did. i stayed there where i was able to rest for a few days and my host was very sweet and accomdating. the 5th day i went back to DR G and he removed the cast. and pulled boogies out of my nose. we both started laughing as he pulled them out. it was more so funny than embarrasing. But he did tell me in every rhinoplasty he has to pull out boogies! i sat up and he handed me a mirror and i started to cry!!! he sat there so humble and said ''haha dont cry your nose will swell up". i held im my tears and just stared back at the new me. i wanted to hug him and throw him all the compliments but decided not to. DR. G is extremely humble. he is not cocky and full of himself and i love that about him. he told me to take my time in the mirror and left the room. when he left i posed at diffrent positions admiring my nose in the mirror! hahah.it was honestly a new found freedom and the happiest day of my life. i went back to my car and sat for about 20 minutes crying. i couldnt help but to cry and look at myself in my mirror. i remember seeing a custodian parking next to me and a doctor coming out of his car to go inside the building. he looked inside my car i guess to check to see if i wasnt dying. once he noticed that i was crying tears of joy and touching my new 9000 dollar nose he walked away. Now The swelling is about 75 percent gone and my biggest tip to you is to use the FREE brown tape given by DR. G. if your having Surgery with another DR. buy the 3M Micropore brown tape and keep it on after your cast is off. it helps so much. after about a month i lost my tape and i noticed that the swelling was controlled better with it. i just bought more tape of off ebay (3 rolls for 10) let me know if anyone needs any recommendations on supplies to buy or where to buy from. feel free to ask any questions if you need more help. i still email dr G for updates but i have pretty much moved on i want to forget that i even had a big nose and just live life with more confidence.
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Going to pre op. May 17th ill let you guys know.

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