Going to Grigoryants ..surgery Soom - Glendale, CA

Is anyone having there rhinoplasty surgery the...

Is anyone having there rhinoplasty surgery the week of may 17- 25. Im soo nervous and scared could use a buddy or even some encouragement from some of the post op grigoryants girlies out there!! Im only 2 days away from surgery on 18th of may..im nauseous.. i have butterflies..im scared!! Im excited..im worried!! Ughh.. i live in NY and i will be going alone. Leaving my 2 yr old with my fiance.. im so scared. Even though its only a week that i will be gone..i feel as if im going to go crazy being away from my family. I know i need to do this! Lol i already paid for apartment flight nursing medication and everything. I just feel like i want to bail out ..stay home and cuddle with my daughter. But it would suck to wonder what a positive change i could have had. I guess i am most nervous about DR. G. He is such a talented surgeon..and i have researched for 7 years now diffrent surgeons. I came down to 2 surgeons in NY ..dr slupchynskj and Dr. sam rizk. No matter how conviently close they were to me. I just fell inlove with DR. G ..But with my luck im always the one to get the short end of the stick.. i am very critical about myself. I pick my self apart. Im just praying that Dr G. Does magic on my nose. FUNNY THING IS my nose isnt hideous! Its just a bit wide and bulbous. I will be sure to keep everyone posted!! Maybe some pictures also or video blogs. Ill try and do a day by day journey blog for you all just to help anyone who feels nervous or just curious.

Surgery done!!

Its done i did it! I went to pre op! Dr G was soo down to earth sweet and genuine. Girls et me tel you i criticize my ethnic nose daily. I am picky very picky. But when i met him i was so confident that waiting 6 yrs and traveling to cali from Ny was the right thing... he really has an artistic eye .. i kept seeing so many beautiful nose that he did. Other girls were coming back for follow ups and i begane to get sad thinking no matter what he wouldnt be able to do the same for me!!! Many of the girls i had seen had angelistic noses. He took his time with me and even though i became nervous and started talking slow he waited for me to ask my question and never did i feel rushed..

Pre op day1

I went to hospital for surgery and met surgical nurse ..anestiologist and dr G again. I was super nervous so they gave me a valium. Dr G went over quick what he was doing and they wheeled me in. Cant remember falling asleep. I woke up in pain about an 8 with bad anxiety and i couldnt open my eyes..i was so out of it..i stayed for about an hour in out patient recovery room. They gave me crackers water and more pain meds. I relaxed a bit..which wasnt easy i must admit. And my nurse picked me up!! He escorted me home and so on.. i walked in my room looked in the mirror and i could see by the width of cast an tip of nose ..side profil also that he really mad my nose thin..and beautiful..i started to cry..with an ethnic wide bulbous nose you can see immediately through your cast the diffrence..i cant stop thinking about how its gonna be when cast is removed.. this isnt your regular plastic surgeon.. he has a golden hand. Guys im so happy!!! I just miss my bby girl.. welp.. off to sleep now im really tired..have any questions pleasee ask.

Going to pre op. May 17th ill let you guys know.

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