Rhinoplasty with Grigoryants on June 13th - Glendale, CA

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Hi everyone! Feels so weird, after years of...

Hi everyone! Feels so weird, after years of reading reviews... I'm the one writing one! Im flying to LA on June 10th and my surgery is June 13th. Its three weeks away and im already so nervous. I am overthinking a ton, thinking to myself if my nose is even that bad and if I should even be doing it. I hate my nose and always have, but I am so scared after reading so many reviews on real self. I am not telling anyone other than my family. I am incredibly scared of my friends noticing and looking horribly swollen after. Can anyone help me ease my fears about recovery? Also worried about the pain and being unhappy when the cast comes off. I know i'm in good hands and Dr.Grigoryants creates a beautiful noses, but I am scared of it not fitting my face as a small nose would not look good on me.

Tomorrows the day....

I flew to LA yesterday and had my pre op appointment. Wow, waiting in that room it really hit me that it's actually happening and I freaked out. I got up and went to the bathroom twice to breathe and calm myself down. Dr. G is really nice. He just took some pictures went over what he would do and asked what I don't like about my nose. Even after meeting him I went to my car and bursted into tears. I think it's my time of the month soon because I'm being over emotional but I really am so so scared! Not of him messing up, just of recovery and swelling. I don't want a drastic
Change I am not telling anyone and I am so scared of my friends nothing when I come back home and try to return to my day to day life.

2 weeks post OP

Hi everyone! today I will be two weeks post op! its defiantly been a journey so far! Surgery day went well, i was so nervous that i needed 3x more of anesthesia! The first day I actually sleept A LOT. I remember my throat hurt so so bad. It was a super uncomfortable week, not going to lie I really hated it and was so happy for it to be over with. Its not a piece of cake but i was not in pain. I didnt even take a painkiller. I started to go a little crazy from sitting in my box airbnb so I went out rocking the cast in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica lol it was so funny. Hey i'm from Atlanta so none of these people know who I am, who cares! I had no really barely any bruising, I was pretty lucky. I was so excited for cast removal and to get that horrible thing off and the splints taken out! It didn't hurt it took like 5 minutes but Dr.G was pressing down hard on my nose which hurt. He taped me up and thats when I noticed how weird my face looked. I flew back home and started to struggle. My face was just puffy and swollen. I just looked really weird and ugly. The bruising under my eyes actually worse when the cast came off but finally fully went away at the end of week 1. I told him I don't want my nose to be too small, but as of right now, I really look the same. My mom and sister tell me It looks the same but i see small improvements from my old nose and can see the potential. Its not the same but it looks pretty similar, which kinda scares me. It looks a little bit better from the profile but as of right now im still not loving it, but my tip i can tell he made it shorter and smaller. Its funny because my nervousness was coming from people noticing and looking like a totally different person after but thats totally not what I got! I wish there was more change! Lol i'm just trying to stay positive and pray that im super swollen right now and it will look different in a few months. Right now I'm just dying to go swim and tan by the pool but i'm pretty sure I cant do that yet. I am a gym rat and its very hard for me to not go to the gym everyday. Let me know if yall have any questions, I totally know what its like before surgery so if theres anything I could help you with please let me know! <3 This website is full of so many sweet supportive people!

Have not met him yet only emailed. I got an appointment very soon and his office is super nice and very easy over the phone! I'm out of state and it was an easy process paying.

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