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After doing the research I needed to, I went with...

After doing the research I needed to, I went with Dr. Grygoriant. His before/after pictures, as well as the way I felt he listened to me during my consultation were contributing factors.
Initially I was scheduled for Dec.2012. However I got very nervous when my friend who had her rhinoplasty with him a month prior took over three weeks off and still felt she needed more time. At work I was only given 2 weeks and I didnt feel that was going to be enough for me. So I cancelled before the allowed deadline so I wouldnt pay a penalty.
In June of 2013 I was laid off so I called to schedule my rhinoplasty since now I would have time to heal without worrying about work.
Since Dr. G. s in such high demand the next available date was 9/23/13.
Fast forward today I was a nervous wreck! not only was I tired because I hadnt been able to sleep just worrying about it....what if I ended up worse, what if I didnt like it? What if I miss my old nose that I have disliked for so long? What if there is an earthquake while hes working on me? What if regret it?
I was crying before surgery. When he came in, I again mentioned what I wanted and what I did not want.
I did not want my tip raised, upturned, a thinner or shorter nose or to have that " had work done " look.
I did wasnt a stright bridge, the hump gone. A very subtle result.
When I woke up from surgery I felt obviously groggy, cold, and still nervous. My sister went with me and she said I had NO BRUISING
Since I did not believe her I asked for a mirror and she was right!
I feel great! It is past 9 p.m. and im sitting up writing this review. I took 300mg tylenol, no Vicodine. But I am amazed at how well I feel
Dr. G. did call about 7:30 to check on me and remind me to take my meds. I will update in a few days.

4 days post op

Today is Friday 9/27. My rhiniplasty was on monday 9/23
I spoke too soon regarding bruising & swelling. On Tuesday morning I woke up with black and blue under both eyes. Also It was very umcomfortable breathing through my mouth and my
back was hurting from sleeping sitting down. On Wednesday my right cheek was swollen. Today Friday its looking much better. I get my cast removed tomorrow morning and I cant wait to see under the cast. SO EXCITED! I will update tomorrow.


I LOVE IT!!! IT IS EXACTLY what I asked for. Straight, very natural, it just " fits" my face.
It is swollen I am aware of that. He said he reinforced the tip so it would not droop as I age. He said it will improve for the better and that I will like it even more. But to say I LOVE IT is an understatement. Fod the next 3 weeks I have to wear this tape to put pressure on it and it is suppossed to help with the swelling. I will see him again in 3 weeks. :)
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