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So i have pretty much hated my nose ever since my...

So i have pretty much hated my nose ever since my stepdad pointed out I had a bump when I was younger :(. Whenever I meet people I get sooo self conscious about my nose! I am ready to get a rhinoplasty but I'm so scared of the whole procedure and my worst nightmare is that it ends up worse :O. I was looking through reviews and I saw Dr. Grigoryants work and I loved his work! I reached out to him via email and sent him my pictures and he said he suggested "straightening the nose, shaving the bump, narrowing the width of the bones, and refining the tip." he might also make my nostrils smaller. ouch! lol. Now I just need to make the inital deposit but I'm so nervous! my mother and bf say I don't need it and they make me second guess my decision :(

any one else gotten their surgery with him?

before pics

pics before

its booked!!!

so excited and nervous ahh :D

Looking for hotels/airbnb properties

for you ladies that came from out of state/out of the country are there any airbnb properties or hotels that you can recommend that are affordable, private,. and comfortable in glendale or nearby? Thank you ladies :D

Feeling so anxious!!

So im starting to feel sooo nervous since the surgery is a month away. I have my days that I really second guess myself and wonder if this surgery would even make a difference. Then other days Im so sure that this is what I want to do. Anyways here more before pics

Question...did you guys stop taking birth control pills before surgery?

Im debating if I should stop taking my pills a week before surgery...

Had my rhino today

I had my surgery at 6am... I was fine all day but at night I began to feel nauseous and threw up :( Now im bleeding more and my nose is throbbing. Im nervous I
might havr hurt my nose. Anyone had anything similar happen?

Post op day 3

I feel like such a big baby but my recovery has been so hard for me. Especially the day after my surgery I felt so bad. I had constant headaches that would not go away with the medication and nausea. I vomited at night and I just generally felt horrible. Today Im feeling better but still very weak and when I swallow I feel this weird, whistly sensation on my nose. Dont know if this is normal? My cast removal is this wed and i cannot wait!

Cast removal

Today I finally had the cast removed! It was a bit painful as I had dried blood covering my nostril. I was left feeling a little woozy and the pain went away after like 20 mins. I had read about people thinking they look "piggyish" or avatar looking but it was still a shock to see me like this. I fear the tip will not drop and I will look like a whoville character forever. Im just trying to hang in there and be positive. My profile view however is great and deff an inprovement! another thing i still am bleeding a little...did you guys experience that as well?

7 day post op

The front still look piggy ish too me but im listening to everyone and just waiting for tip to drop. I think the tape made me break out, wish I could use acne products but they might be too harsh at this point. Does anyone have any tips ?

One month post-op

This has been a looooong month lol
Overall i do see the swelling improving but I still want my front to be less wide and piggy-ish. Also my nostrils are uneven, I emailed Dr. G and he said this is normal and to give it a year. Also cant smile yet womp womp.

I have been experiencing burning and stinging of eyes in the morning, along with bloodshot eyes, I went to eye dr and he told me that most likely the rhinoplasty irritated my eyes as they are VERY irritated and dry. He gave me drops and I hope this helps.

All this month I have been having a low sodium diet to prevent more swelling and ive lost like 15 pounds! lol. almost all food has a lot of salt so Ive been eating very little. I dont know how much longer Im going to do this as Im craving so many things!!!! lol

All in all it has not been as easy of a recovery as I thought going in,but still hoping its worth it in the end :)

2 months

Guys I have reached the 2 months milestone! :D
So far my profile is still great, the front is still a bit too wide for my liking.
I also am still congested which is a tad annoying lol. I am hoping that goes away.
I have still not gotten my smile back, I say its about 60% there. Looking forward to the 3 months!!!!

3 months!!

I am starting to become more used to my new nose :) i have been seeing friends who knew my with my old nose and they have not noticed anything so far! And they are really outspoken people so I know they would have said something or given me strange looks but nothing. Its really surprising to me as I feel like I look drastically different. but I am glad :)

My one concern I have and this is TMI but I get big boogers (sorry lol) especially in the mornings and I don't know if this is normal?
I am also waiting for my tip to become less round and for my smile to fully come back (I say have 70% back now).

overall though I'm remaining positive :)
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