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Hi everyone, just wanted to share my story which...

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my story which is similar with pst of yours. I was born with a big bulbous, long nose with a bump (thanks to my mom and dad). I have struggled with it since I was a child. I used to see myself in the mirror and be happy with how I looked until family members started to make comments about my nose. That is when insecurity and self-esteem issues began. Now, I'm 24 yrs old, mother of a beautiful daughter, which I always remind her how pretty inside and out she is ( I do not want her to have the same self image issues I grew up with) and finally decided to boost my self-esteem.

before pics

before pic

Consultation with Dr. Grigoryants

So on my quest to look for the perfect surgeon I first thought about Dr. Petrosky here in GA with whom I had a procedure before. But I noticed he didnt have many before or after pictures and his work is very conservative. If Im going to spend some thousands of dollars, at least I want something that people can tell. So I looked into Dr. Rizk in NY. I did like his pictures in his website but he is way too pricey!!!! I called his office and for a skype consultation first I had to pay $200. I also found some reviews of unhappy patients discussing bad results and his personality so that disappointed me. So I came across some Dr. Grigoryants patients and I fell in love with his work.
Later I called his office and the lady told me to email him with my pictures and what procedure I wanted. I sent the email and within 2 days he replied with I guess the same standard email he usually sends...." you have a beautiful face. I will remove the bump, reduce the nostrils, raise the tip and open airways if needed". I was quoted $9,500. Months later when I saved up most of the money, I called and scheduled a surgery date. I was told I had to pay the deposit to save the date so I called later that week to pay the deposit. When I did, the girl who took my payment mistakenly ran my card twice and I ended up in negative....so the next day I called the office and another lady was nice to help me with it and the 2nd transaction was cancelled. Now I have to wait until June next year.

Finally done

I havent been able to update but finally i had it done on june 1. I flew to california on may 30 and arriv3d at my airbnb. The following day i had my pre op appointment. His office lobby very tiny and his assistants very nice and polite. They went over the things i had to have for the surgery the next morning. Then i met him. And like other realselfers have said, his consults are very quick and to the point. I was so nervous to meet him. He sat down shook my hand and gave me a mirror. Then he told me what he would do then asked if i had questions and i was so nervous that i asked him a couple of things but not everything i wanted to. I told him i wanted my bump removed so i could have a straight bridge, maybe get a supratip break, not a slope bridge, reduced my nostrils, reduced my boulbous tip and to raise the tip. I told him i didnt want to look very piggish or like michael jackson. He swid he would put spreader grafts and that he always use them when removes the bump because it prevents the v deformity on the bridge. I showed him some pictures of celebrities and some realself patients of him that i have loved their results. Then he took my pictures and sent me on my way. The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes. Then on my way back to my airbnb i was mad that i wasnt able to ask more questions and wasnt dure if he got the picture of what i wanted.

Surgery day

I arrived at 8 am. I was the second patient for that day. I was extremely hungry but thanks to my bf i was laughing most of the time i kinda forgot the hunger. The nice nurses got me ready and then Dr. G showed up only for like 1 minute he just stopped by just to revise what was going to be done. I told him the brige the tip the nostrils and the septum and turbinates...he grabbed my head and started to touch the nose and the bones and then walked out...i wanted to keep on talking to him but it was very quickly and he left. Then the anesthesiologist fave me something than rather make me happy ..it made me feel super drunk lol and next thing i know i was waking up and getting dressed by my nurse. Then slept unti my ride came. When i got home ..i threw up the whole day. Black vomit...mostly whatever soup i had just eaten and blood that i swallowed from surgery. The next couple of days were ok. Just very congested nose and sinus pressure and clogged ears. I wanted to blow my nose so bad. I did get swillen pretty good but very minor bruising. Actually my lips got plumped by the swelling and i kinda liked that since i have thin lips lol. My bf kept on making me laugh so hard it actually hurt while and after laughing which got me scared and i called dr g. Who told me it wouldnt messed up my results.

Cast off

I went back to dr. G office to get my cast off. I waited around 40 mins to see him and when he walked in...i really wanted to see a barbie nose but i told myself anything better than what i had was enough and not to be discouraged since what id see...would be alot of swelling. He reclined me on the chair....took my cast off...cut ome stiches and took somethings out of my nostrils which i dnt know what they were....cleaned me and popped some painful pimples around my nostrils and bridge i developed due to the tape. He said i had a cute node and since i had a really thick skin id see 100% results in 3 years!!!!!! He taped my nose and fter he left i looked into the mirror and i did like my results even tho it was swollen.

3 weeks

After cast removal all i can say is that this whole recovery process can be very an emotional trauma. Everyday i look in the mirror and question wether it was the right choice....wether i chose the wrong doctor or he messed up or some days i love how i look. After 3 weeks i can rub my lips together when i applied lipstick and i have my comeptlete smile back. Maybe its because i smile and laugh too much...the roof of my mouth still numb which is fading away slowly...also.i have noticed one side has developed a bump while the other is smooth....one side of my nose is bigger than the other as well as the nostrils but i do want to think is just swelling and not him messing up even tho if he did....he is human and can do mistakes but id be very sad because i spent alot of money on this. I also had an assymetry on one nostril that i thought he would have fixed but still there and it bothers me. Also i see that a week after my cast removal my tip dropped alot..more than what id wanted and im afraid it will drop even more. My right side i just love the angle but i dnt like my left.

More pics

Almost 5 months post op

Hello ladies......
So it has been almost 5 months since I had my primary with Dr. G and I have to say that I no longer worry about people seeing me from the side or think that people stare at my nose. I no longer worry about any hair cut or hat or make up that would accentuate my nose. But i am not 100% happy with my results which makes me sad to have spent money on it and maybe spend more to have it the way I want it. The tip still the same shape i had it before even though it does not droop like before but it is not upturned like i wanted to and when i smile it looks like it droops like befire because the columella was not turned higher. One of my nostril its bigger than the other and my nose leans to the left making it look like an L. I have seenother patients if his and their tips are upturned and cute so I dont understand why he did not do mine like that. I will wait to the 3 year mark and then hopefully have more money to spend on a revision. I will think to either go back to Dr. G since he knows what he did to it and can improve it or maybe go to somebody else who especializes in revisions.
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