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So, I have gotten so much help and support from...

So, I have gotten so much help and support from other people's reviews that I've decided to post one of my own. My rhinoplasty is scheduled for tomorrow a.m.., and I am nervous, yet excited! I have heard such good things from others about Dr. Grigoryants, so I am confident that he will do a good job. My preop was this afternoon.... I drove down from the Bay Area ... and I was super nervous while in the waiting room! I kept asking the receptionist girls questions about their experiences with nose jobs (both have had rhinoplasty with Dr. G), and they were warm and supportive. I feel much better after the appointment and confident in Dr. G's hands.

Okay, I'm exhausted from everything today, but I will post more, including photos, tomorrow.

Rhino with Dr. G.... Done!

My surgery was today. Yay, it's over! I was super-nervous ahead of time, but when I got to the hospital, the nurses were great. I had this crazy dream last night that I accidentally ate or drank something before the surgery (in contravention of doctor's strict instructions), so I put all water bottles far away from me so I would not be tempted!.

When I got to the hospital, the nurse gave me an IV, and then around 10:30 wheeled me into the pre-op room, where I met the anesthesiologist, who was this sweet older doctor, seemed very knowledgeable and very experienced (that was one of my biggest fears, the anesthesiology, since I haven't had any before, other than going to the dentist). Call me a bit paranoid, but there it is. She answered all my questions about the risks of anesthesiology and I felt much more comfortable.

They gave me a "calming" medicine in the IV to calm me down before the procedure, then wheeled me into the surgery room. All I remember after that is waking up, Dr. Grigoryants there, saying everything went well, that he'd call me tonight but that I wouldn't remember our conversation then (So far, I DO remember :)).

They wheeled me back to the recovery room, where some nurses brought me saltines and water to take with my meds. I felt a little pain at the bottom of my nose, but that is it. Not too bad (pain level = 3 hospital terms). I did have a bit of trouble speaking and was drowsy, which is normal. After the pain meds, I felt MUCH better, tranquil, even. No dizziness, no nausea, just calm euphoria (translation Vicaden).

The nurse from Verdugo Hills Home Care came and picked me up, took me back to my place, which I found on AirBnB. She only stayed about an hour, because apparently I was feeling so good, so functional (no dizziness, vomiting). Now I'm back at home alone, but I feel really good. I have to say it has been quite minor in pain so far.

BACKING UP..... I don't think I've told you guys about my issues with my nose or posted any pics yet. Work has been so crazy that I'm only now having time to post. My issue with my nose is that the tip is (was!) bulbous in proportion with the rest of my nose/face and hangs down. I'm going to post some pics in a day or so; HOWEVER, I am a bit of a private person, so I'm going to black out my eyes in them. HOWEVER, if you private message me, I will send you the pics without any blackout.

BTW, does anyone have tips on how to black out eyes/part of face on a MAC computer?

10 Days Post Op

I have been getting a bunch of private messages so I thought I would update my review to let you guys know how I am doing. I am about 10 days post op and feeling great. I got my cast off on Tuesday (now it is Saturday), and I have to say I absolutely love the results. As I mentioned before, all I had done was tip refinement because my tip was bulbous and drooped down, especially when I smiled. Dr. G lifted the tip subtly and removed cartilage in the tip to refine it and make it less bulbous. When the cast came off, there was not much swelling at all, so I got to see my nose a bit closer to what the final results will be. I love how it is extremely subtle, but in my opinion makes a big difference for my face. I am extremely happy that I went with Dr. G.

As for recovery, the first 5 days after surgery (i.e. before getting the cast removed) were not painful, just a little uncomfortable and boring (to sit inside so long). I stayed in an apartment I rented on AirBnB, so I was basically by myself at home the whole time. Honestly, I think the hardest thing was sleeping in an upright position, and feeling nervous about seeing my results after the cast came off. I basically just sat around the house and watched movies and read books, and drank smoothies and other soft foods. I was definitely expecting more pain, but there really wasn't much at all. I did have one slight dizzy spell -I was reading a book, and accidentally bumped the bridge of the cast with my hand. Then I got extremely nervous which I think caused me to start getting dizzy and sweat as well. I called Dr. G's office, and they said it was okay, that the small bump from my hand was fine and to just take deep breaths to calm down. I felt a little silly afterwards. :).

Since the cast was removed (Tuesday, day 6 post-op), I have been feeling very good, pretty much back to normal. I have been up and about, went to the mall, walked around Pasadena, saw a movie. I am normally a pretty active person, so I have definitely been reminding myself to just take it easy and let the recovery process take place. Yesterday, I drove back home (Bay Area), and Monday I am going back to work. The only annoying thing right now is that there is a bunch of crusted blood/snot in my nose that is allegedly slowly making its way out, but it feels a little congested in there (sorry for the graphic details).

I have decided not to post any photos (I am a very private person), but if you PM me and tell me a little bit about your story, I would be happy to share them with you privately, especially if you are a patient of Dr. G.
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