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Hello! I have been reading all of your wonderful...


I have been reading all of your wonderful reviews for the past several months, and decided to start my own since all of yours were so helpful for me!

I am 29 years old and have always hated my large Italian nose. It hasn't been until the past two years that I have REALLY considered rhinoplasty. After much research, I scheduled a consult with Dr. Grigoryants in March of this year, and went in for my pre-op yesterday. My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd.

I was super nervous when I went in for my consult. I decided just to ask him what his opinion on my nose was before I told him what bothered me. The consult was pretty quick, but I didn't feel rushed at all. He is short and to the point, but very nice. I appreciated his honesty and straightforwardness. While I was there, Dr. G also suggested I might consider chin lipo and a chin implant as well. My double chin has always bothered me - even when I lose weight, I still have it. I decided to go with the lipo but no on the implant.

I was super nervous going in for my pre-op yesterday. I had booked my surgery so far out to accommodate for work/think about it further, and honestly I didn't know if I would go through with it. I feel very confident though after researching everything and meeting w. Dr. G and his staff yesterday. The front desk girls were super nice and I felt really comfortable asking them questions. I had printed out photos of noses I like, as well as pictures of my own nose that I hated (just so I could explain again exactly what I didn't like). When Dr. G came in I showed him the photos, but also said I want him to do what HE thinks would look best for my face. I just said the one thing I really hate is the flat triangle on the bridge of my nose. We went over what he would generally do, and he also said he would fix my deviated septum (I have a 90% blockage in my right nostril). I have really bad allergies and expressed that to him as well, and he said I should stop taking my allergy medicine a few days before so he can see how stuffed up I get. He brought up the chin implant again, but did not pressure me in any way. I said I was not ready for that yet, and he said if I changed my mind after surgery he could always try fillers. I appreciated his honesty.

I filled out all of my paperwork/consent forms and paid for the surgery! The office already had my medicine waiting, which I had paid for over the phone the day before. I asked for Tylenol with Codeine instead of Norco. I've never taken Norco before and didn't want to risk having a reaction on surgery day. Right after I left their office, I took the order form they gave me to get my blood work done. It was fast and painless.

I'm not taking arnica or anything in advance - I figure I'm going to bruise regardless. I'm just going to try to eat healthy and avoid everything they told me. I did buy arnica gel, which I will try after surgery.

I'm not expecting one specific result and just trying to be calm and confident about the procedure. After reading all of your reviews I am really trying to prepare myself for how I will look after surgery (swollen, Miss Piggy-look, avatar-look, etc), and just remember that it will take awhile for the swelling to go down. Overall I'm nervous but very excited!

Please feel free to ask me any questions! All of your reviews have been so helpful to me.

Surgery Day

Surgery day was yesterday. I had to be at the hospital in Glendale (the hospital where Dr. G's office is) by 6am. I filled out some paperwork, was directed to outpatient surgery, and was told to change into my gown. From there I sat in bed and my nurse Linda did the usual - took my blood pressure, temperature, asked me health questions, etc. It took quite awhile. Another nurse named Julia came by and set up my IV in my hand. This area is pretty small and not very private, so I could hear the other patients around me and I'm sure they could hear me as well.

Finally around 7:15am I was moved to the pre-op room where I met my operating room nurse, Maria, and the anesthesiologist. Both of them were SUPER nice and knowledgeable. After answering more questions about my health, etc, we just had to wait for Dr. G to arrive. Once he got there he came in and said a quick hello to me and drew on my neck where he would do the lipo. Every time I have seen Dr. G it feels like it's the first time - I know he is super busy and sees so many patients, but that freaked me out a bit when he asked again what we were doing to my nose. Ultimately after he spoke to me I felt better, and I really do trust him. I love all of his results and just had to remind myself of that. He smiled and said I was in good hands and said "see you in there!"

After that, Maria came back and gave me something in my IV for nausea, as well as something to calm me. She said it would feel like I had a few cocktails, and it certainly did. I was wheeled to the OR and had to move to scooch over to the operating bed. After that I remember NOTHING! I don't even remember fully getting into that new bed, haha. The next thing I remember is waking up in another room with a nurse named Mitch - he was super sweet and gave me ice chips. I just felt a dull pain but nothing major. He gave me some crackers and I was moved back to the outpatient area where I saw the nurse Julia again. She gave me something for the pain and helped me change. Honestly I felt a bit rushed (the anesthesiologist said they would not let me leave until my stomach was settled), but they were super busy so I guess that is why they were moving quickly. They called my boyfriend to bring the car around and I was wheeled out. I felt really out of it and uncomfortable, but not in much pain.

Yesterday was tougher for me than I anticipated - I did so much research and thought I would know how I would feel, but I think I just underestimated the experience. The nausea yesterday was awful and I stopped myself from throwing up a few times. I was worried if I threw up it would come out my nose (SORRY I know that's tmi) so I just took the anti-nausea pills and tried to wait it out. I really didn't have much pain at all. Everyone is right when they say the DISCOMFORT is just the worst, not really the pain. I think my drip pad makes me a little nauseous, too. I set my alarm to take my antibiotics every 6 hours, and when I finally got out of bed this morning every muscle in my body ached. My throat is killing me from sleeping with my mouth open, but that is to be expected. I guess I just thought I would be up and about more, haha.

I have been eating crackers and yogurt with my meds, but that's it. I'm trying to make myself drink cranberry juice and water. I am feeling a little better this morning, so I'll wait to update on POD1 later today so it's more accurate. Dr. G's office said I didn't need to ice besides surgery day, but I feel like I should today anyways - I feel like it will help with my eyes. What did you guys do?

One other thing - I really do look horrendous, hahah. I sent photos to my sisters and they said I look terrifying. My boyfriend hasn't said anything but I know he won't :) I think it will be better once I get this chinstrap off from from the lipo. My eyelids are starting to get tight, so I imagine I will continue to swell throughout the day. I can see how upturned my nose is, and it's really startling to see that on your own face. I just have to trust the process and get through this week! The cast is coming off 9:30am this Saturday!

POD 1/2/3

This day sucked, but not because of my nose - I could NOT move because every muscle in my body was in soooo much pain. Dr. G said it was normal, so I looked it up. I guess it's a side affect from the anesthesia, common in young females. It was AWFUL - it felt like I did a hardcore workout, times 100000. When I tried to get up my back would spasm, and I had to physically use my arms to move my legs because they hurt so bad. It finally wore off by yesterday morning, but it was a good 24 hours of dealing with that. I had to hobble when I walked and my boyfriend said I needed a walker!

Yesterday was fine. The nausea has subsided which is great, and I'm eating small meals like english muffins, yogurt, and rice. I feel so much better after I eat. I tried to get the sharpie marker off of my neck from the lipo, but my neck hurt too bad to scrub - does anybody have any suggestions on the best way to get it off? I took a longer look at my face today (honestly I was trying to avoid it), and I freaked out a little because my nose looks totally crooked. I really hope it's just swelling, but I keep having this fear the cast is on crooked and it's going to heal incorrectly. I emailed Dr. G. and he said it's normal, but I'm really anxious to get in there Saturday and have him look at this.

It's still early today, but I pretty much look the same. I didn't have much bruising, but I'm pretty swollen. My eyes still feel tight. I have been sleeping sitting up for the most part (I have a boyfriend pillow in my bed and prop myself up with that), but the congestion isn't bothering me too much. I have had terrible allergies my whole life, so this doesn't even touch the congestion I've felt in the past. At least so far!

I really want to take off this ace bandage around my head - it's driving me crazy and so itchy underneath. I want to try to take a shower today, too. I don't know how you guys all look so good in your cast removal photos! I look hideous and don't think I can even touch my face to put makeup on, haha. I'm just trying to stay calm until tomorrow morning and not freak out about my nose looking crooked.

POD 4 - Cast Removal

I got the cast removed this morning and I feel SO much better. I was in and out. Dr. G. said my nose looked great, but my whole face is still SUPER swollen as you can see in the photos. My eyes, cheeks, forehead - all swollen. My eyes look so small! I look like an avatar chipmunk, but I'm ok with it because I know the swelling will eventually go down. He said I have super wide nostril bones and he had to really push to get them in, so I might need to push on my right side for 10 seconds. He told me to tape every night (day if I want, but don't need to), and to use saline to clean it everyday. He also said I should put vaseline or antibiotic ointment on daily as well. He told me no blowing my nose for a week, and no glasses or sunglasses for a month. He said my nostrils are a little asymmetrical right now, but they will even out as the swelling goes down.

He was also very happy with how my neck and chin looked after lipo. Of course I'm still super swollen and bruised there as well. He said I just have to be patient and wait for all the swelling to go down.

As for the cast removal, he was very gentle and very aware of how I was feeling - he told me not to sit up until my lips stopped going purple (I was dizzy after he removed the stitches).

It was a quick trip and I made my follow-up appointment for 6 weeks from today. It's weird to feel air in my nose!

POD 12

I'm almost to the two week mark! Lots of notes:

Pretty much POD 5 - POD 8 were the same. Still super congested, light bruising, super swollen face. Major chipmunk cheeks. I really started feeling and looking more like myself around POD 9. I even really got my appetite back and was able to taste things pretty well. I had one pretty bad day where my nose was SO stuffed and congested, I had so much sinus pain. It was awful. At that point I decided I needed to stop being scared of cleaning out my nose and really get in there, as gross as that sounds. It hurt too much inside and I didn't want to poke around, but when I sprayed the saline up my nose it barely made it up there. I sucked it up and gently cleaned out a lot of the blood and other things to where I could actually see the stitches in my nose. Felt SO much better. Now I use the saline a few times a day, followed by many q-tips with Aquaphor.

POD 9 to today have been much better, except one of my eyes will NOT stop watering. It's driving me nuts. I'm honestly wondering if it's some side effect of the surgery. I plan on emailing Dr. G about it, because it's constant and all day! It's to the point where my eye hurts now because of the amount I am dabbing it. I thought it was pink eye, but my eye looks completely normal and doesn't hurt, just waters! I am still super congested and breathing through my mouth. The only time I can really breathe through my nose is when I'm in the shower.

I am taping 24/7 for the most part. I work from home, so I don't have to see anyone (besides my boyfriend), so I just keep the tape on for 1-2 days and then change it. I changed it a few times this weekend and switched over to the blue sensitive skin tape since the 3m micropore tape is doing a number on my skin. My skin is AWFUL right now. Blackheads, super dry - it's just awful. I've read a lot of reviews where people mentioned the same thing, so I'm really hoping switching to this tape helps. It doesn't feel as tight though as the tape Dr. G gave me, so now of course I'm worried about that.

As for the liposuction, the underside of my chin is still super numb. The right side of my neck started looking rippled/lumpy around POD 9 which really freaked me out. I emailed Dr. G and he said it's swelling and told me to massage the area with my fingers, applying pressure. It really hurts to do that, but it does make a difference. I posted a pic of what it looked like - not good. It's definitely improving though. My neck and jawline are still sore though, and it feels weird to turn my head. I can't even put my head back all the way because my skin feels so tight. I think I'm just going to have to be patient with this one.

I don't know how you guys put make-up on before two weeks! I put concealer on POD 9 or 10 because I had to go to the store, and again yesterday because I had a friend come over. My skin is so dry and it still hurts to touch my face. I normally wear a lot of make-up, so I'm still so curious to see what I look like with my full face on. I can't even imagine putting a full face on yet, though. And the thought of taking it off!

Yesterday my friend asked to come over. I haven't told anyone aside from my sisters, mom, and boyfriend. I told her I have been sick and wasn't wearing any makeup. Within 20 minutes she said "Your nose looks different.... smaller. When did you do it?" My nose is still very upturned at the tip for my taste, but I know it will go down. However, that makes it look VERY different from my old nose. I suspect other people will notice, too. To avoid any awkwardness I ended up telling two of my other close friends here.

Overall I'm just trying to be patient on swelling and congestion (I hate mouth breathing!) and am anxious to put make-up on! Also - I am going to try out taping my glasses to my forehead this week, haha. I need them to drive, so I will have to make it work! I am also still sleeping on my back with my head elevated, but I am becoming a little less strict on that and often wake up on my side (but still elevated).

A Little Over Two Weeks Post-Op

I am trying to be relatively consistent on photos/updates, hopefully it's helpful. I know I have went back searching other reviews for specific questions I might have had at different points in this process, so I'm trying to repay the favor!

Today was the first day in about 5 days where I've had the tape off all day. I feel a lot of pressure in the bridge, even when I'm not touching it. I put a little makeup on today, but still not my full face. Just a little foundation, concealer, blush, and eyebrows. My face feels so weird, still. I can't really make expressions and I definitely still can't smile - I look ridiculous! I also taped my sunglasses to my forehead so I could drive - I looked so silly, but I'm not doing anything to mess up my nose!

My tip is definitely dropping a little bit, but still has a ways to go. One side/profile view looks more upturned than the other. My nostrils are still a little asymmetrical, but I can see them getting better as time goes on. I'm still congested and can't fully breathe out of my nose, but it's getting better. My nose also runs a lot, but that is nothing new for me.

I canceled my eyebrow waxing appointment because I read you are supposed to wait six weeks after rhinoplasty. I emailed Dr. G to be sure, and he said there was no reason to wait. Too late because I already did them myself this morning with tweezers! Haha now I know. I also asked him if I can use Flonase and Nasalcrom sprays for allergies (I am going to my boyfriend's parents house for Thanksgiving next week, and I always have terrible allergies there). He said it's fine to use both.

The underside of my chin is still numb and my neck is still hard to move, but getting more flexible everyday. I have this fear my double chin is going to come back!

Today I went to my allergy doctor (I go every month for shots), and the girl said "wow, you look so different. Did you dye your hair?" I wasn't up for talking about it, so I just said "yes!" even though I dyed my hair light about three months ago, haha. I think people I know will definitely notice. I think I look so much better and I feel so much more confident. It's just a weird feeling hearing other people's opinions. I asked my boyfriend today what he thought overall, and he said he was still getting used to my new face. For me I almost can't remember how I looked before! I'm nervous for next week where I will see all of my boyfriend's friends - people that have known me for 8 years, but that I am not SUPER close with and not necessarily feeling like sharing this with yet. I am sure it will come up, so I just need to think about how I want to handle it.

Oh also - I went to my general practice doctor today (two Dr. appointments in one day!) to get a refill on prescriptions, and I asked her about my watery eye. She flipped my eyelid and said there was a red bump and it just looked irritated, and prescribed me allergy drops. I don't think this had to do with the surgery, but in case it does, I figured I would still do an update on it :)

More Before Photos

A few more before photos - projected, bulbous tip, but the thing I hated the most was the flat triangle on the bridge.

Three Weeks Post Op

Not much change, except I CAN BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE!! I cleaned it out really well the other day because I was so frustrated with breathing through my mouth, feels so good. I just use saline and aquaphor, and a little hydrogen peroxide. I have decided I will only tape at night now - I emailed Dr. G and asked if that makes a difference in terms of the tip dropping. I look forward to his response.

I accidentally bumped my nose today and it hurt SO BAD. I also saw a friend who didn't know about my surgery, and she was SHOCKED when she saw me. She said I looked beautiful, but was so surprised by how different I looked. She finally guessed - nose job? I was a little upset by her shock, but I guess I need to get used to that. Today was the first day I had a little breakdown and cried, realizing how different I look. I do not regret my decision at all, but I HATE having attention on myself, so having to explain myself is really hard for me. I knew that would be part of this journey, but it's still difficult. Ultimately I made this decision for me and put a lot of thought into it, and I feel much more confident.

I added a smiling photo, even though it's RIDICULOUS. I still can't smile, my top lip won't move up.

Happy One Month to My Schnoz

It's been one month today! My nose changes daily, I swear. Here is what I have noticed this past week:

-My tip is FINALLY starting to come down, which I am so happy about. I would still like it to come down more of course, but I'm happy to see it's actually happening. I really noticed it this past weekend. PATIENCE!
-This past weekend I was around a lot of smoke and cold weather, so my nose was super irritated and swollen, but no where NEAR how bad I thought it would be. I was pleasantly surprised. My nostrils were VERY uneven after one night of cold and being around smoke. They were super red and my one nostril even seemed LOWER than the other side. It's scary how much your nose can change by just the hour.
-I still have asymmetric nostrils, but they honestly change daily so I know it's swelling.
-My tip is still very swollen, so I look forward to a little more refinement. It looks best in the morning. I think the roundness of my tip is what is making me look so young.
-I am still breathing very well, except my nose still gets stuffed up. This is nothing new to me due to cold weather and allergies. My nose also runs like crazy when I'm cold, which has always been the case for me. It's just annoying because I still don't feel like I can really wipe it well when in public (sorry that's gross) because I try to be super gentle.
-The numbness in both my nose and chin has definitely went down, but still present.
-I still use saline and aquaphor 2-3 times a day. I have also been using Flonase for my allergies.
-I think I have a bump or something swollen in my left nostril, and I think that is making the tip of my nose look bigger than it is. It looks like swelling, hopefully that is the case.

So even though I am happy thus far, there is still one problem that hopefully will resolve itself. I have mentioned my watery eye before, but it's really driving me nuts. I went to the eye doctor last week and he said it's definitely a blocked duct, likely from swelling from the surgery. He didn't feel comfortable giving me steroid eye drops and told me to ask Dr. G if he suggested anything. I asked Dr. G and he said yes, it very well might be from the surgery, but it should gradually get better and I should wait it out. It DOES get better everyday, but it's still really annoying. I really hope it does stop completely. The eye doctor said to give it a month, and if not, to come back in and see the tear duct specialist. I am hoping it won't come to that.

Emotionally, this was a weird weekend. I saw a lot of people who have known me for 8 years, but only see me a few times a year (my boyfriend's friends and family, they live 6 hours away). His parents didn't say anything to me, honestly I'm not sure they noticed. His friends however... many people came up to me at the party we were at and said "wow, you look so different! you look so pretty, is your makeup different? You look so much younger!" One person asked me if I had braces before and got them off, haha. They couldn't pinpoint what it was. I had a long conversation with one girl about how natural and pretty she thought my make up was, haha. I definitely feel more confident wearing less makeup now. After I left the party, a few of my boyfriend's good friends came up to him and said I looked really good... two of them guessed nose job. I guess I am glad they didn't say anything to me, but I made my boyfriend tell me word for word what each of them said.

Overall I am pretty happy. I had a bad time last week because I felt like my nose was so upturned and would never go down. I emailed Dr. G because I was freaking out, and he told me not to worry, that it was still so early. First of all he said "oh my goodness, you look so much younger!" He also told me that my upper lip still looks extremely swollen and will take about two months to come down, and that will make a difference. I definitely have noticed that about my lip - the space between my nose and lips still feels swollen, even to the touch. In the email Dr. G told me I no longer needed to tape, but I am still taping the bridge at night, it just makes me feel better. I feel like I had a "good nose day" this past weekend, and I really felt god about my decision. I just have to remember there will be good and bad days, and that this journey won't be over for probably two years. I came across a really helpful blog about a girl who had her nose done by Dr. G, and how even at 6 months her nose had changed again. It's really different for everyone and requires so much patience! Looking at old pictures of my nose also makes me so happy I decided to go through with this.

5 Week Update

Everything is pretty much the same, so I'll try to keep this short since I have my six week update with Dr. G next week and will likely have better updates. The only noticeable change this week is that my upper lip is not nearly as stiff and my smile is SLOWLY coming back. Not quite there yet. Also my tip has came down a little, but still high. My tip is feeling a little "softer," but still pretty hard and uneven. My neck looks slightly lumpy from the lipo like right where my jaw meets my neck, so I'm massaging it and hoping to see what Dr. G thinks. I definitely think I would not be as happy if I didn't have the lipo as well.

I'm overall pretty happy. I also dyed my hair a little lighter, maybe that will throw people off more, ha.

6 Week Update

I'm a little over 6 weeks since surgery, and I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. G today. He said my nose is looking beautiful so far. He said it's still swollen, especially the tip, which will lose it's roundness over time as the swelling goes down. He pushed pretty hard on the tip - it's so funny because I am SO gentle with my nose and my neck, maybe I am a little too gentle with it, ha. He also told me my neck is still swollen because it feels hard. It will be healed when it feels more like the skin on the back of my hand.

I asked him about a small bump I can feel but not see on the side of my nose, and he just said that's where my nose was broken during surgery. He also confirmed that I do have thin skin, for anyone wondering. He said my septum was still thick and swollen, in case I am a little stuffed. I'm usually a little stuffed from my allergies, so I didn't even notice that.

I brought up my watery eye, and he said it's likely swelling, but to keep him posted. He told me two other patients also had watery eyes, and they went away around two months and three months. Hopefully that is the case for me, too.

He was very nice and patient with my questions. We looked at my before photos and the difference is INSANE. He said I look so much younger now and explained that I had a tension lip before surgery, and how fixing that changed my profile so much. I didn't realize how much my lip was pulled up prior to surgery. Looks so much better now.

I'm still very happy with my decision so far. I got new glasses and sunglasses (prescription), which I am still scared to wear, even though Dr. G said it was ok. It feels like so much pressure and I'm worried about them leaving a mark, haha. I also told him I'm scared of my double chin coming back and he laughed and told me not to worry.

I'm still using saline and aquaphor twice a day. I don't really tape anymore but might if I feel particularly swollen. I also got engaged last night so shamelessly included that in my update photos :)

3 months

February 3rd will be three months since surgery. I updated a lot at first, but decided not to focus so much on my nose as I think I was starting to freak out a bit. It really is true what other girls have said - there are "good" nose days (or weeks) and bad ones. So shortly after my 6 week update, I went home for Christmas and was accidentally hit in the nose. It hurt soooo bad, but I think I cried more because I thought it was ruined, haha. It was VERY swollen. I emailed Dr. G about it 10 minutes after it happened and he told me I shouldn't worry about it and don't do anything to it/touch it. The swelling went down within a day or two, and it seems totally fine.

Aside from that, I still get congested from time to time, and sometimes the bridge tingles. The bones next to it on my face (I guess in front of my sinuses?) hurt occasionally if I'm putting make-up on, but for the most part I typically treat my nose pretty normal now. I still can't blow it with satisfaction, but I try to be gentle.

So in general, I would say YES I am still very happy with my decision. So don't take what I am going to say next as a negative or anything bad against Dr. G or my surgery. Ultimately I am very happy with the shape of my nose, despite a few flaws/bad days. A couple weeks ago I became very upset after seeing a picture taken of me with flash where my nose just looked SO SMALL! I was so used to turning my face a certain way in photos to HIDE my nose, that I was shocked when I saw it. I felt my nose was too short for my face and was really upset with how uneven my nostrils are. My boyfriend told me I was nuts, and after a week I came out of my funk. And that's what it was - just a funk. This is a very emotional process still and I know there will be times where I'm unhappy. Now for instance, I am happy with my progress and realize that I have a ways to go until the swelling goes down. My tip is still very uneven and I think it's because of my nostrils. I have one side I like better than the other, because my nostril isn't as exposed. I'm going to be patient and wait until my six month check-up with Dr. G to bring it up. I also feel like I have a small bump on my bridge, maybe from wearing my glasses? Could be swelling, but honestly it doesn't bother me either way.

I am coming to like the imperfections and trying to be patient. I still love my new nose better than my old nose, but I have come to accept there will be times where I am emotional over it. That's just how it goes. I still do not regret this at all and am happy with my decision :)

I don't clean with saline every day anymore (except this week because I've had a bad cold), but I still sort of "clean" my nose out with q-tips because I still feel weird about putting pressure on it fully when blowing it. I sleep normally and wake up on my side all the time. I feel pretty back to normal. OHH!! At the two month mark the tearing in my eye starting going away. It's almost gone completely now. Only really happens if I'm already stuffy or it's cold outside. It's MUCH better now.

5 Months

*Just a heads up I might not leave all these photos up.

Tomorrow will be 5 months since surgery. Nothing too crazy to report - I'm super happy with my decision. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

1.) I have 2 bumps on my nose - one I noticed about 1 month out but I couldn't see it, Dr. G said it was probably swelling. Now that swelling in my nose has went down, I can see it, but mainly if I press down on it. It almost feels like a bone. I tried to get a picture of it but it's really hard to photograph. When I run my finger over it it almost feels like a ridge or dent in my bridge.

2.) I have a bump on my bridge, not sure if it's related to the bone-like bump. I feel like it gets worse when I wear glasses or sunglasses, so I think it's swelling but I'm not sure. I pointed it out in one of the photos.

3.) Neither of the bumps bother me. My nose is so much better than my old nose that I honestly can't complain. Same with my nostrils. They are still uneven, but I just don't care anymore. I'm trying not to get hung up on little things since I feel much more confident with my new nose anyways. I do hope my tip continues to lose its "roundness," but I'm not hung up on it.

4.) I will note that I feel like my nose has "settled" more / my tip has dropped more between months 4 and 5. It might just be because I'm used to my nose now, but for me I notice a difference.

I have a couple unrelated question for you girls!
1.) Have any of you had botox or fillers? What has your experience been like? I'm thinking about seeing if Dr. G can do the space between my eyebrows (botox) when I go in for my next appt, but I'm not sure how much botox he does. I'm also POSSIBLY considering fillers for under my eyes. I would like to possibly get my lips filled too, but only very subtle. I haven't totally decided yet, just considering it.

2.) If you have gone, have you gone to Dr. G, or if you are in LA, where else have you gone? I'm super paranoid about these things (I know we all are) but I want to make sure I go to someone with a lot of experience.

That's about it! I'll update after 6 months and when I see Dr. G for my next check-in.

6 Months

May 2nd will be six months! I went today for my check-up with Dr. G. Nothing new to note. I felt sort of rushed but I guess there wasn't really much to discuss anyways. He said I don't have much swelling at all in my bridge, just in my tip. He said it's still hard/boxy/bulbous so it will refine out more. He also said this is the point where most people start complaining their tip is getting too low again, but that that likely won't be a problem for me since mine is still so high and will just drop to a normal place (he did mention that my columella has dropped a bit). I'm going back in six months for my year check-up.

I really like my nose as is so I really hope it doesn't change too much, although I know it likely will since I'm only 6 months out. I don't want it to get any smaller. I'm not going to worry about it though and will just see how things are in 6 months :)
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