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Hi new real self friends! I am having a primary...

Hi new real self friends! I am having a primary rhinoplasty soon and was hoping that I'd be able to go on this journey with other people (not alone haha) so I'm now making my first post! I have hated my nose for quite sometime now. It's long and droopy in the front, which you can see when I turn my head. My front view isn't so terrible, but the profile looks like a witch nose to me. It drives me crazy!!

My mother and husband are both really supportive, but I've decided not to tell anyone else that I know so SHHH!! Its a secret! Has anyone else kept their surgery a secret? I'm nervous that the result will be obvious and that I might get some flack for "being vain" and all that nonsense. If only people knew how much my nose affects my confidence.

I am having my rhinoplasty operation on January 4 (only 22 more days!!) and can't believe it's actually happening. I had my preop apt with Dr. Grigoryants a few days ago and it was great! I am out of town, and I flew in the morning of my preop. I arrived a couple hours early and they fit me right in! The appointment was short, but efficient. The staff were lovely. I got my post-op medications ($75) and my blood work QUEST medical paper. Dr. G was friendly and you can tell he knows his stuff. I told him I wanted a cute little button nose (I called it a princess nose) and he told me that that was achievable! He gave me a mirror and showed me that he'd be removing my dorsal hump, sloping the bridge, raising the tip, and getting rid of extra cartilage. He is also going to deproject it, since its droopy and hangs down more when I smile. My septum is deviated, so my airways will be cleared. He said my nostrils are small enough that he won't have to make them smaller. I told him that I wanted the smallest nose possible that would still look good with my other facial features, so I'm hoping it turns out as cute as a button :)

I'm really nervous about a few things. I start a new job in February where I have to smile A LOT. I will only have 4 weeks between my surgery and the new job, so I'm hoping my smile is normal by then and my nose doesn't look super noticeably swollen! I'll also be moving to a humid place, so that may make the swelling worse! Anyone have tips for this?

I figured I should make a post and show some before pictures. I hope my journey is helpful to a few people who are contemplating the surgery! If you'd like me to post throughout my journey, please let me know! I'd love to find some support from other realselfers :)

Talk to you all again soon!

Only 10 more days!!

Alright guys, it's Christmas and I can't stop thinking about my upcoming surgery! Only 10 more days!! I thought I'd post a few close ups of my pre-op nose.

So as for supplies, does anyone have any "must haves" that they bought/will buy for rhinoplasty recovery? Please help me create a shopping list!

My supplies - only 3 more days!

Thanks to everyone who gave me tips on what to buy for recovery! I ran to Walmart and the Vitamin Shop today and picked up everything I need. Cost came to about $140, but it could have been cheaper, I was just in a hurry to grab everything! That's what I get for procrastinating haha. I figured I'd make a list for those who are still searching for "must have supplies." I can't believe this is happening, only three days left. My emotions are all over the place! Well, hope this list is helpful!

1. Petroleum Jelly/ Vaseline - for cleaning out the nose
2. Hydrogen Peroxide - for cleaning out the nose
3. Dial soap - we are required to wash with an anti-bacterial soap the night before surgery
4. Laxatives - in case constipation is a problem after taking Norco (the pain killer)
5. Cold compress - I bought a few of these because they are more comfy than frozen peas
6. Extra Strength Acetaminophen (Tylenol) - for pain
7. Arnica Gel & tablets - for swelling/bruising
8. Bromelain - for swelling/bruising
9. Mederma Scar Gel - for the scars near my nostrils
10. Melatonin - to help me sleep the first week (sleeping upright is going to be killer!)
11. Neosporin - Antibiotic
12. Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse - for dry mouth
13. Biotene Moisturizing mouth spray - that dang dry mouth!!
14. ACT dry mouth lozenges - do you think I went over with the dry mouth goodies? :) haha
15. Sugar Rose lip treatment - for dry lips, super moisturizing - got previously from Sephora
16. Yes to Carrots Face wipes - to clean my body before I can shower
17. Ricola throat lozenges - can never have too many cough drops
18. Halls Defense - to get some Vitamin C
19. Cotton Swabs (Qtips) - to clean inside the nose
20. Bendy Straws - to drink since I wont be able to open my mouth very wide
21. Saline Nasal Spray - moisturize the nose
22. NeilMed Sinus Rinse - to clean out the nose!!
23. TISSUE!! Lots of Disney Princess tissue, because why not? :)
24. Water with electrolytes - to have by my bed
25. Apples Sauce and crackers - light food for the ride home post surgery
26. Neck pillow - for sleeping
27. GIANT TEDDY BEAR!! - A Youtuber (Meghan Rienks) who vlogged about her rhinoplasty recovery used a big teddy to prop herself up while sleeping and I thought it was brilliant, so I got one on sale!

I know there are other things that I could have picked up (ie. humidifier) but I feel that this list should suffice! Surgery is FAST approaching, so please keep me in your prayers. Hope all if well with you guys!


Tomorrow is the day - Doubts?

Oh my gosh, tomorrow is my surgery day...

I woke up with a bundle of fears/doubts/worries. I am a BIG BALL OF ANXIETY right now! I sure hope this is normal because I didn't have any concerns until today and now I'm filled with a bazillion questions. Pre-surgery jitters?

Did anyone else feel this way the day before? I'm just trying to remember that I have an amazing surgeon and that everything will work out. GAH.

I will update you all soon. Gosh, tomorrow is the day.

PO day 1 - Worst day of my life.

So I got to the medical facility at 6:30am, I was his first patient of the day. Filled out some paperwork and got dressed in a robe. Then I laid in bed and met the staff at the hospital. Dr. G met with me for about 5 minutes and reviewed what we had talked about and the next thing you know I was waking up! Pre-surgery was fairly straightforward.. But then came post-surgery.

From the other reviews I'd read, I assumed today would be fairly easy. Lots of congestion, but little pain. I WAS SO WRONG!

Surgery went fine, doc said he gave me a cute princess nose, so that's great! But I am in the worst pain of my life. I was prescribed pain killers but every time I take one I throw it back up because I have an empty stomach. I can't get even water or crackers down in so nauseated. I was prescribed pulls for nausea too, but same thing - can't keep it down.

So I drove home after the surgery (only a five hour drive) but that was the biggest mistake of all. Bumpy roads. Throwing up. Nauseous and in a serious amount of pain. And all that on top of the congestion.

I'm praying that tomorrow is easier and that I can get some food down I order to take my meds. Please send prayer my way or positive thoughts.

So for those of you who are awaiting surgery, just know that's it's not a piece of cake for everyone. I feel absolutely terrible, my lowest low. So be prepared for that as a possibility.

I'll update as much as I can, but for now here is a cute picture of my shiners and chipmunk cheeks :) night realselfers. I hope I can sleep tonight.

Post op days 2-4. Cast off tomorrow!

Thank you SO SO SO much to everyone who commented on my update. I had the hardest three days of my entire life and your comments gave me some hope when I was feeling miserable.

I'd just like to reiterate that this procedure is HARD. I didn't eat, drink, or sleep for three days. I was in excruciating pain and was very nauseous. Couldn't keep my meds down. Time moved at a snails pace. I just wish I had realistic expectations going into it. I should of realized that it would be hard since I was voluntarily breaking my face! Haha

Well I woke up yesterday and my eyes were swollen shut, but by the end of the night I actually got some applesauce/smoothie down so things started to look up! Today (po day 4) was a piece of cake in comparison. I'm eating/drinking/sleeping normally now and even had the energy to watch the Big Bang Theory! My hubby and I have nearly finished the first two seasons. So for those dealing with the initial first few days, know that there is hope! Day 4 will come :)

And tomorrow is cast removal day! I drive back to Cali in the afternoon and will update you all with photos as soon as I can. I've been lightly cleaning my nose with saline and Vaseline. Does anyone know if Dr. G cleans out your nose on cast removal day? Id love to be able to breath again. I honestly don't even know what's up there!

Well thanks again for all the love and support! I wish I could have replied to all of your comments. Thank goodness for more energy now. Also, I added some photos so you can see swelling/bruising progression.

Please send prayers for the unveiling tomorrow :) I don't know how I'd do this alone, you guys rock!

Cast off!! Hello cute button nose :)

Alright guys, I just had cast removal and am driving back home to Las Vegas! Overall I think I'm going to love the result once the swelling goes down and my bruises go away :) also, my smile is still partially there which is nice.

LOOK LOOK LOOK! It's as cute as a button :) I'm feeling pretty sick, so sorry this is short.. I tried to get as many angles as possible. The cast removal process was a little painful, but over quickly. He taped me up and said to start saline spray so I can breathe again.

Slightly avatar and a hit of miss piggy, but I'm already quite pleased with my princess nose! Let me know if you have any questions.

7 days and feeling good!

So it's 7 days post op (including surgery day) and I'm feeling loads better. I can almost completely breathe out of my right nostril and my smile is starting to come back!

The avatar look is going strong and I'm taping around the clock to reduce swelling. Bruises are going away quickly and my chipmunk cheeks are dying down! I just wish I could fast forward a few more weeks. Looking forward to the future with my new Schnoz :)

I also look forward to feeling normal again. I miss simple things like wearing makeup and going grocery shopping haha. Things are getting better each day!

Here are a few quick photos!

2 weeks post op!

Hey guys! It's been two weeks since my surgery so I thought I'd post an update.

Things seem to be going great. I can breathe out of both nostrils, which is awesome! I also have about 95% of my smile back.

Swelling is a little bad in these photos cause I ate loads of salt yesterday. But overall, I'm still pleased!

Let me know if you have any questions :)

A few before and afters!

For those asking, here are a few side by side of before and after! 2 weeks post op.

People noticing?

So it's post op day 16 I think, and I hung out with some friends for the first time! My nose is still swollen of course, but I feel like it looks fairy normal. Plus all my bruising is finally gone and my smile has fully returned, so I felt comfortable seeing people I know. Not a single person noticed!! Which is exactly what I was hoping for :)

Also, I have been worried about posting photos to social media and I did for the first time today.. Same thing! I just got compliments on the photos (I am showing them here for reference) and nobody seems to notice anything. Dr. G is an artist and I love how he gave me more confidence without making it unnatural looking or super obvious! Even my mother and husband said its not a huge change. It's just enough to make me feel good about myself!

Hope everyone else is doing well. I'll talk to you all again soon :)

3 weeks post op!

So today is 3 weeks post op! I am loving my new nose. I'm still having to sleep upright, because if I sleep regularly I wake up with a REALLY swollen nose. I'm only taping at night now which is nice. There haven't been too many changes recently that I can notice, but I'm sure the changes start slowing down as time goes on. I'm happy happy happy! I'll probably post another update at 4 weeks then do one a month. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!

Took down photos

Alright guys! So as my review has mentioned, I only told my husband and mom about my nose and no one has seemed to notice. But a friend of mine stumbled upon this review and brought it to my attention! I didn't realize this could be so easily found, so I just took down all my photos. In my next update I'll post photos with my features blacked out. I can't express how much I LOVE my new nose. Its perfect for my face and I would 100 percent recommend Dr. G!! He is a magic maker and if youre worried just TRUST HIM! He is an artist. I can't explain how worth it this procedure was and I'm only about 7 weeks post op :)

I'll post a two month update soon! Hope all is doing well!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Grigoryants is a genius and an artist. You really can't go wrong with him! I'm only a week post op and already LOVE my result! I can't wait to see how it continues to get better as swelling goes down. Dr. G is very helpful and I he listened to exactly what I wanted. He was also realistic and kind. I highly recommend him!

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