Unhappy with Revision Rhino by Dr. G - Glendale, CA

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I've decided to write this review because Real...

I've decided to write this review because Real Self helped me pick my doctor and I hope my review helps someone make their decision wisely.
First off I broke my nose in the fourth grade. Big noses tend to run in the family but now big and crooked I felt miserable looking at myself everyday. So finally my mom let me get my nose done when I was exactly 15 and a half years old. My doctor did take down my hump and straighten my nose but I still had breathing problems and my nose was still very long. Now 23 years old and researching for over two years I picked Dr. Grigoryants to do my revision. Dr. G has many awesome reviews on Real Self and he tends to do the cute button noses that I love so much. I first emailed Dr. G and he told me he would "refine the tip of my nose and raise it, lower my dorsum and open my airways". Which I assumed he told most people. I then went into the office to have a in person consult. I wanted to make very clear what I wanted. I showed Dr. G pictures of noses I liked and even a photo of his own work. Some of the pictures I showed him he thought looked "piggish" but the raised tip look was something I longed for so badly. The tip of my nose is something I hated the most and has always looked witchy and huge. I was scared Dr. G wouldn't raise my tip enough so I kept telling him I knew what I wanted and I wanted the tip to be a higher. I told Dr. G that I wanted to be able to see my nostrils when you look at me straight on.
This week marks three months since my surgery and I'm still unsure about my nose. Like my fear my tip to me still seems pointy, big and my nose long. I see Dr. G October 29 and I will address my issues to him I know my tip is still swollen and could shrink but a lot of it is scar tissue and I don't feel like my nose where be what I wanted. My breathing is amazing and yes my nose is a big improvement from before but I'm not in love. After paying almost 13K plus hotel/ traveling fees I wanted to be in love with my nose. Yet when my friends or my ask me about it I feel "meh". I understand completely there's only so much you can do to change and work with a nose but I can't help but feel disappointed. I don't feel a lot of Dr. G reviews on Real Self have that feeling after most seem really happy.

After seeing Dr. G for my check up Oct.29

I saw Dr. G and addressed my worries of my nose being long in length and the tip hanging down when I smile. He tried to tell me that the tip hangs down far because when I smile the muscles in my face pull up my nostrils but I told Dr. G even when I don't smile the tip hangs farther down then I wanted. This is why I stressed to him before surgery that I wanted my tip higher than he would normally do I wanted to see a lot of my nostrils. Next I showed him pictures I had taken the previous day at Disneyland and my nose looked awful. It looked huge. For someone who paid over $12k my nose shouldn't look this way. Then he told me that it's my iPhone, it has a fish eye lens so it makes all nose look bigger. He took my into his office and took picture and did a comparison. He saw I still wasn't happy and told me to have patience and wanted me to come back in 3 months. Yet I'm not sure why he wants me to come back so soon when he said that swelling and the results I want won't be noticeable till after a year or longer. Coming back in 3 months I will still won't be happy. After this visit I had professional grad pictures taken and my nose till looks long. I'm still disappointed and don't think it's just the fish eyed lens of the iPhone giving me my perception that my nose looks the same as my old one yet a being a tiny bit shorter. The tip of my nose still hangs over. I'm trying to have patience but it's difficult. The pictures that I showed Dr. G for my nose inspiration and my nose don't even come close.

More grad photos

4 months post op and took these pictures Nov. 19. These were taken on a professional camera and Im showing the close up version of these pictures. I'm still unhappy with the length and how my tip still drops. My nose is no where near looking like the photos I showed Dr. G. And I do not think much will change between now and at 12 months post op.
I've decided not to go in for my 6 month apt but I might go in at month 8 or 9 and discuss tip plasty and if he can do anything to the to make it look the way I wanted it to.

Grad picture taken dec. 18

A professional picture taken at graduation. I will definitely show this picture and all the other pictures to Dr. G. Not sure how he will talk his way out of this one trying to blame my iPhone when these professional pictures show my nose flaws. My nose still droops a lot with the columella coming down way too far making my nose look like a V. I hate it. It's now January so this month would be my 6month check up but I'm not planning on driving 7 hours for him to tell me that I have to wait. Still comtemplaying going in at my 8month check up and asking him if he will do anything to fix the tip. If anyone has gone through a similar situation where they went back to their doctor to fix their nose after having surgery with them please let me no if you had to pay said doctor again. I keep reading reviews from Dr. G other patients all of them feel like they have a pig nose or love their nose while mine over here is still long and droopy tip. Dr. G is known for giving everyone the same cute girl nose yet I didn't get it... what the hell lol

Realselfers help!

So I was waiting to bring up my concern with my nose in person with Dr. G but I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to email him. I will post pictures of my emails with Dr.G. I feel he is not understanding where I am coming from or he is completely dismissive that my nose still has a problem and he is my last surgery. I sent my graduation pictures of my nose which look awful/ droopy tip. He didn't say anything about that but when I send him pictures of me not smiling he thinks my nose looks great. I am still not happy with my tip and he tells me all the reasons that he can't lift it anymore and I just don't believe him. I need some insight of what I should say back. I can't be that kind my nose still has a problem I just can't believe he doesn't see it.

Last update for awhile.. buyer beware!

So after continuous emails with Dr. G I also decided to post a Realself question about my nose and asked other doctors if my nose would in fact look piggish if it was shortened anymore (like Dr.G claims). All five rhinoplasty doctors that commented said my nose wouldn't look piggish and one even made an edit of my nose now and how it could be, the edited picture was exactly what I wanted Dr. G to do originally and what he said he could do. Obviously I did not get that result. I emailed Dr. G the picture expressing that was what I wanted and asked when I should see him next for a check up... all he said was he can't do anything for my nose for two years....
Ladies wanting to go to Dr. G he is a nice guy but is not the surgeon for everyone. I paid $13k, did not receive the result at all or even came close to what I was told I would get and when I expressed my concerns/ disappointment Dr. G ignored it, blamed my camera, and said my nose was perfect (obviously he would say that,he worked on it).
Girls do you research, find a doctor was has the aesthetic you want/ love and good luck to you all. Not sure what my future holds for my nose and I. Pretty cash poor now lol no 2nd revision in my near future as of now. Also don't see myself driving 8 hours to see Dr. G for any checks. If you can any questions feel free to ask.
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