Primary Rhinoplasty with Dr. Grigoryants This Week! - Glendale, CA

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Going to try to remember most of my experience...

Going to try to remember most of my experience thus far to see if it will help anyone else! I'm going to have surgery this Friday, so I can definitely use additional advice/ recommendations from other patients of Dr. G or anyone else for that matter :)

I did an initial email consultation by sending him different angles of my nose, and once he gave the slightly common response given to most other patients, mentioning for my case to "
deprojecting the nose, removing the bump, improving the width of the bones, and raising/ refining the tip. I may need to reduce the size of the nostrils. I will open your airways at the same time if necessary.”
I was able to schedule my preop & surgery, being at least 6 months in advance, and I should add Dr. G is awesome at responding to emails, each time I have emailed him, I've received a same day response.

During pre op, I had a good experience, definitely in and out less than an hour. Also if you haven’t tried Porto’s Bakery & Cafe you should, it’s ten minutes away from his office & has over 5,000 reviews on yelp & was pretty good in my opinion :) It was a short wait following all the papers that needed to be signed & then I got to meet him. Prior to meeting with him I met one of his assistants. She went over the paperwork with me and the do’s and don’ts prior to surgery & what I would be expecting on the date of surgery, emphasizing on no alcohol, smoking, garlic, advil, or eating or drinking 8 hours prior to surgery, etc. (you will get information and papers to take home in greater detail in case you forget)
He’s really nice & informative, he told me what he can do and will visually show you what he’s going to be able to do to your nose. I took pictures on my phone from different angles so I could get a better idea & to look at it later. He also took pictures from different angles of my nose on his camera
Also I did have pictures I wanted to show him, but ultimately I realized at the end of the day he knows what would be best for my facial features, and he definitely knows what he is talking about)

Since I didn’t get the prescription from the pharmacy that his office works with ($80 total for the prescriptions) he gave me a prescription to get it filled from my own pharmacy that was covered by my insurance. Also payment was due that day in full, the girls in the front are friendly and patient (I had issues with my card due to it being a large transaction, so I had to contact my bank, they made me not feel rushed at all)

Supplies I bought pre surgery:
Please let me know if I am missing anything! Would definitely help me a lot- also foods/drinks recommendations that were eaten post surgery would help :)
-Vicks filtered cool moisture humidifier
-johnsons hand and face wipes
-neosporin maximum strength-
-swiss therapy intensive eye masks (
-blistex lip medex
-sore throat lozenges- for dry throat
-biotene mouth spray
-nexcare sensitive skin tape
-pineapple juice
-cotton swabs /q-tips

I bought a lot of the items from CVS - they usually always send coupons in my email on Thursdays with deals such as 30%, 25%, 20% off or 5 off $20. This was really beneficial to me since I had just paid for the surgery & am more limited in how much I can spend for now.

the vitamins I took before surgery ( the only ones that Dr. G said I would be allowed to take prior):
-vitamin c (vitamins came in 250 mg, pharmacist said I can take up too 500 mg daily)

medications he will give you to be filled usually around pre op: (the first name is the generic prescription with the brand name next to it)
-hydrocodone acetymetaphine /norco - pain killer
-cephalexin 500 mg/ keflex 500 mg - mandatory after surgery (antibiotic to treat infections/bacteria)
-ondansetron odt 4mg / mylan- for nausea/headaches after surgery / caused from norco

Also, I don’t know if this may matter to anyone, but for me personally, I smoke marijuana & it should be noted that the guidelines to smoking cigarettes are different than smoking weed. I tried to look online to see how long I could smoke, but I saw different answers. Smoking cigarettes should be cut off at least a month ahead, but Dr. G told me I should stop smoking weed 4 days prior to surgery. After wards should be fine- even mentioned it would help me combat my nausea after surgery, which would be no surprise since it’s the only thing I find to cure my hangovers after a night out drinking! Thought I should mention it in case others are looking for a better answer from a doctor & not randomly found on the internet.

But yeah, I'm really excited & would appreciate any output I can get! Planning to use benedryl to sleep for the days I won't be blazing prior to surgery, since Dr. G said benedryl was okay for me to take, also helps with my allergies so that's a plus. (I'm not a huge fan of melatonin)

Day 2 Post Surgery

Feeling pretty good surprisingly, I have the same amount of energy, but I found purchasing a bunch of pineapple has been useless to me thus far (since I had a swollen uvula afterwards from the tube used in anesthesia, so I guess it's extra swollen and scratched up) My lips aren't cracked at all, and almost thought I wouldn't need to use the biotene spray until late last night when I had an extremely dry throat, which went away when I woke up.
I also noticed purchasing the 50$ eyemask from makemeheal has been not recommended from my nurses & dr. g so I cut it up and used it extremely sparingly, making me think that now I should've just saved my money, and just invested in smaller ice packs instead. Also I know Dr. G told me not to touch my nose, but I lightly scratched it yesterday (automatic reflex) lol.. I hope it doesn't affect anything since it was a light tap. Can anyone confirm with me that it won't reflect my outcome & that I am just paranoid & exaggerating?? Haha thank you in advance for the support I've gotten from real self community thus far! I've literally told less than 5 people about getting rhinoplasty, so it's nice to be able to talk more openly about my experience.

Also I didn't mention this before, but I am of Asian ethnicity (Vietnamese) since I haven't found many real self post from Dr. G mentioning they were of Asian ethnicity. Thought it would be a little informative to mention that.
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