Primary Rhinoplasty with Dr. G - Not as good as originally thought - Glendale, CA

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I just had my surgery on 2/23 and am writing this...

I just had my surgery on 2/23 and am writing this review because I was stalking this website for the past 3 months and all of your reviews really helped me. I had always wanted a different nose, it was long, with a boulbous tip, weird triangular bone on the bridge and a hump. I have requested some estimates from some doctors in the past (maybe 10 years ago) but never went with it because never felt comfortable enough. When I finally came across Dr. G I new right away that if I ever did it it would be him. I looked at every one of his pictures on the website and every one of the pictures on real self and every outcome to me was an improvement. Basically there was not a single nose that looked same or worse which was promising. Soon after I was pretty obsessed with his reviews on here and shortly after I decided to email him and get an estimate. Since I was out of town I emailed him my pictures and got a standard (I think response). I didn't really care that the response was the same because I love his before and after photos and realize that there is only so many areas a nose can be improved... narrow bridge, make nostrils smaller, shave the hump, raise the tip... What I really wanted is my nose but much more refined and this is exactly what I got. I'm now 18 days post op and couldn't be happier. Nobody knows I had a nose job done but everybody tells me I look gorgeous because I looks the same just with a perfect nose. My only request to dr. G was to not make it too upturned and he listened. At my pre-op appointment I didn't tell him anything... it was he who told me what he is going to do and I trusted him because again his after photos are so nice and I was afraid that if I start confusing him he might screw up and try to please me and not do what he usually does with his noses. Basically I trust that he knows more than me what is needed to make my nose perfect. So all in all my pre op appointment took 5 minutes. Again he just said what he is going to do and I just said to not make it too upturned and that was it. On day 5 after cast removal me and my friend hiked to the nearby Eaton Falls and I took a million seflies and my new nose was gorgeous in all of them. It was such a difference for me as I woudl always shy away from pictures and now my nose looked cute in all of them. I did have bruises under the eyes and what really helped is mixing some pink/ red lipstick with concealer into a very light pink color and then putting that on bruises. This color seems to really counteract well with purple and is really helpful to know since I did bruise up quite a bit. The recovery for the first 1-4 days was hard but if you have questions please ask, but I would do it again in a heartbeat to get the results I got. I couldn't ask for better nose. It is absolutely perfect. Dr. G is an artist at what he does. I don't know anything about revisions but if you need a primary I would recommend him very highly.


I would hate for soneone to recognize me here since I only told 3 people so had to crop the photos but it gives you somewhat of an idea.


This is the bruising of the inside of my eye on day #2 just to let you know that recovery is no joke and to let those who are going through this now know that it definitely gets worse before it gets better. I took 3-4 Arnica pills every 4 hours and applied topical Arnica on the bruises every 4 hours as well. I also would put ice cubes in a cup of water let it get really cold, soak cotton pads in it and go over my face as often as i could because it felt very soothing. My bruising was fully gone by day 8.

5 weeks post

still loving my results. I tape every night and will continue to do so for 6 months. Also the nose is still tender but getting better every day. Breathing is about 90-100% back, sometimes i feel congested and have a runny nose but they are minimal and not severy. I am thankful every day that I went through with this and that I found such a talented surgeon.

7 weeks later, loving my results

I am loving my results. Here are a few things that I noticed, my left side of the bridge is a tad bit straighter than the right. It doesn't bother me at all because it looks extremely natural and not done up. Just thought I would bring it up for those looking for perfection. I personally would not change a thing. It is such an improvement for me that I don't care about this tiny imperfection and probably prefer it since it helps me fool other people about not getting anything done to my face. Second thing is my breathing... my nose is still slightly clogged up on one side but only about 20% clogged up and the weird thing is that it alternates between nostrils. So it's never both nostrils clogged up but only one of them and only 20% clogged so I can still breath through it and not all the time. Not sure if it's swelling related or if i have something that's still stuck up there and haven't found it's way down yet but since it's alternating I have high hopes in it resolving. Ultimately, though if I had to live with this for the rest of my life I'd still do it and I'd still choose the same doctor. I cannot believe how much my old nose affected me until now because my self confidence went up a lot, I wear much less makeup and still feel pretty. Worth it a thousand times.

3 months post op- would do it again in a heartbeat

15 months later - definitely there is room for improvement

So I have been off this site forever but thought it might be time to come back and address some issues for people that are potentially considering a surgery with Dr. G. I was absolutely thrilled with the results originally. I asked him to be very conservative which he did but perhaps a little too much. I loved the results at the very beginning even with the swelling. Unfortunately, around 5-6 month mark my tip started dropping and my nose is too long for my liking at this point. I guess this probably gives some hope for people who think their nose is too short. The tip can continue dropping for the entire year so if you are unhappy originally because it is too short give it some time as you may really enjoy it a year later. At this point I wish he would have shortened it a little more so that I could have ended up where I was after the cast removal. The bridge definitely has developed a few minor dents here and there as well which were not visible originally probably due to swelling. Also I can tell that my tip is crooked just a tad bit to one side which probably is causing my most important and annoying issue - poor breathing on the left side. I have never in my life had breathing issues and sadly now I feel like my left nostril allows only maybe 50% of the air in or out. It is very annoying and frustrating as I keep on tugging and pulling on it to open it up throughout the day so I could breath easier. This is probably my biggest complaint and I would love to get it fixed at some point but am very scared to ruin it. So to sum it up, I am disappointed and there is definitely room for improvement. To answer the final question on whether it is worth it I would still say yes but perhaps would recommend doing a better research on the surgeon and be prepared for the possible issues. Even with all of the issues that I described the aesthetic change is so drastic for me that I still like the new nose much better than my old nose. Perhaps I am shallow but being insecure about my nose all my life and the amount of confidence that this change gave me was very significant and if I had to choose I would do it again. Hope this update helps some of you considering this surgery.

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