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I'm already 2 and a half weeks post op but wanted...

I'm already 2 and a half weeks post op but wanted to share my journey to help others decide on a doctor and if they really want to get this procedure done. email me or reply and ill be glad to answer any questions. I'm still in the very beginning stages of healing . I'm going to start off with my old nose and the day of the surgery to post op photos with my cast on to how i look now 2.5 weeks post op and then ill continue from there . Hope this helps.

The following 4 days post op rhinoplasty

The 4 days following my rhinoplasty wasn't as bad as I expected. As you can see from my photos I hardly bruised . Dr G has a light hand . I had little to no pain just discomfort like a bad sinus cold. Only could breath through my mouth .. No packing was inserted just the splints .. I rested but still had energy to walk around the house. I was very careful not to bend down or have my kids or dog bang my nose. Besides from a slight headache I got from time to time it wasn't all that bad . Not like I thought it would be .

The day I got my cast taken off

These photos are from the day I got my cast removed. I will never forget that feeling of finally seeing my new nose. It was such a weird experience to see me but a better version of me even with all the swelling.

The first 2 weeks post op

I am now 2.5 weeks post op I will be 3 weeks post op Monday. I'll post my progression weekly so you can see how the swelling goes up and down . I'm learning to be patient ! Some days my nose looks better then others but that's the name of the game. I'm trying to be patient. I'm loving my results so far can't wait to see the final result in a year !

Questions and concerns

Dr G is amazing at getting back to you ASAP! I had two questions one regarding my nostrils looking asymmetric and another about my incision looking red and I kid you not he responded within the same day! Talk about on his game. He reassured me that the nostrils tend to heal that way and my nose looks beautiful and to give it a year for final results and all the swelling to go away. With my incision appearing red and aggravated he told me to apply Neosporin once a day for 3 days Snd it'll go away. I'll insert photos :)

New pics 4 weeks post op

Sorry I been so busy with school stuff for my kids I haven't responded to some . I wanted to update with a photo since that's easy . Didn't want to leave you guys hanging .

A couple of side by sides before and after

Some of you guys requested side by sides so here you go! Thank you all for your comments. Dr V was basically my first choice and knew from his afters that he would know exactly the " Barbie" nose I was going for .

4 weeks post op

I made it to the month mark! Yay. My nose looks better with each day. My nostril seems the same as before . I have myb6 week with dr g soon so I'll talk about it with him then. Other then that love it !

Week 6

I had my 6 week check up and all is great. Believe it or no the said my nose will actually go down more it's stil slightly swollen and and said my tip will soften and refine more . Can wait to see the final result because I love it as it is now

2 months post op

2 months have past and I feel great. I started taking arnica again and I noticed my nose getting thinner and smaller. Just goes to show there is still swelling . Can't wait to hit that 1 year mark ! :)

4 months post op

Hey everyone it's been a while since I checked in. Here are some recent photos

11 months post op

Here's an 11 month update! Almost at the year mark

The photo I showed Dr G

Hey ladies I found the photo I showed Dr G .. In case you ladies are interested . Hope this is helpful :)

Finally one year!!

I finally made the 1 year mark April 27!! Here are some recent pics . :)

Update 1 year 6 months later

Trick or treat

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr G was very polite and professional but also had some small talk and laughs with my husband and I in the consultation room. He is also very TALL with a warm welcoming smile. I immediately felt comfortable and knew this was the doc for me by his incredible before and after photos. His after photos are exactly the noses i was envisioning when thinking of having this procedure done. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my nose for many years . that's why i never had it done but always wanted it. Then i found Dr G and fell in LOVE and didn't think twice about contacting him. I already made my decision in my mind from his website and his before and afters before i even consulted with him . hes very busy so make sure you have questions written down and ready to go.

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