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I've hated my nose ever since I was 14. I played a...

I've hated my nose ever since I was 14. I played a lot of sports and have been hit in the face by every type of ball imaginable. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with how my nose turned out or not but what I do know is that I hate it! Large noses run in my family and while a couple of my siblings have dodged the genetic bullet I, unfortunately, did not. My parents kept telling me to be happy with what God gave me and that it could be a lot worse. For some reason that's not very encouraging. I started to get used to my nose and even stopped being self conscious about it while I was in my early to mid 20s. My face did seem to grow into it but these past few years my nose seems to appear more crooked and droopy than ever. I don't want a small nose just a straight one that doesn't droop down when I smile. I hate pictures of myself and avoid getting them when at all possible. I expressed my feelings with my husband about how much I hate my nose and while he doesn't think I should get plastic surgery he is supportive of my decision.

So, the research began. First, I started looking at plastic surgeons nearby (Boston, New York) but wasn't too impressed with what I found. Then, I started looking at places that were popular for plastic surgery like Florida and California. I was contemplating going to Dr Salzhauer in the Miami area because he is well known for noses and his prices are very reasonable but after looking into his practice more I just didn't feel confident about his skills. While price is somewhat important to me getting my nose done right is even more important to me. After all this is my face we're talking about here and I only want this done once. I also want to feel like I received the best possible outcome that could come with what I have to work with. I Googled "rhinoplasty cost" and stumbled across RealSelf. I saw a woman who's nose came out so beautifully I had to know who did it. It so happened that it was Dr. Grigoryants in Glendale, CA. So I visited his website and was extremely impressed with all the before and after photos and that he performs "closed rhinoplasty". So I looked him up on RealSelf and was impressed with all the outcomes of the people who were generous enough to share their stories and pictures. I normally don't like sharing photos and personal information on the internet but RealSelf has helped me tremendously in my search for a reliable surgeon that I feel like I should return the favor.

Since I was so impressed with his reviews and results I decided to contact his office. His office told me that he answers e-mails frequently and to send pictures of my face (front, left, right, and nostrils) so I sent him an e-mail. He responded the next day with basically the same message as everyone else on here seems to get "You have a beautiful face and I agree reshaping the nose will improve facial balance. I would reduce the small bump, deproject the nose , narrow the bones, refine the tip and possibly nostrils, I will open your airways at the same time if necessary." I don't mind that he copies and pastes messages because he is extremely busy and I find e-mails far more convenient than skype or any other form of online consulting so I was quite pleased with that message. After receiving his timely response and looking over his impressive results I decided he was the one for me. I wanted to just book my surgery date right then but my husband strongly urged me to make an in person consultation with him just to be sure. So I reluctantly agreed since my husband has been so supportive. I just really don't want to make a 14 hour flight (I live on the East Coast) for a 15 minute consultation but if it makes my hubby happy I'll do it. I booked my consultation with him for November 11, 2015. I can't do the surgery until April of next year because I have to save up. I'd do it tomorrow if I had the funds and if my husband had the time off.

Since I have three small children I have to go to the consultation by myself and I have to do the surgery all by myself as well. This is very disappointing to me but my husband has to stay home and take care of the children. I would take a family member or close friend but they would totally freak out if they knew I was getting a nose job. I'm not going to tell them and I'm hoping they won't even notice but if they do then it's too late for them to do anything or say anything about it. I'm not expecting to come out of this surgery a new and beautiful person I just want a symmetrical nose that fits my face and that doesn't detract from my other features. When I look at pictures the first thing I notice is my long, crooked, droopy nose and it just bothers me so much. I think it's finally time for a change.

Tilted back view

I forgot to add my lovely and flattering "nostrils" view. All the pictures I have on here so far are the ones I sent Dr. G in an e-mail for evaluation.

Can't Wait for New Nose

I know I shouldn't be wishing my life away but I just want it to be April 2016 so I can get my new nose!! I really want to do it this year but I have to save up. I just went to a wedding last weekend and I have another wedding that I'm going to in August. I just keep thinking to myself wouldn't it be nice if I had my new nose so I won't cringe when the pictures come out? I know it will come soon enough and I should focus on other things.

Planning on Getting a Rhino and Breast Augmentation with Dr. Grigoryants

My primary concern is my nose and I'm definitely going to get that done but I'm also wanting to get breast augmentation (BA) while I'm there. Dr. Grigoryants quoted me $10,500 for my nose and only $4,500 for the BA if I do it at the same time as my nose. I would like to do it because I have a pear shaped body and I really think getting a BA will balance it out (plus I'm sure the hubby wouldn't mind either). I'm 31 years old, wear a 36B bra, 5'2" tall, and weigh 140 lbs (I am planning on losing 10 by the end of the year). I also had three kids and breast fed all of them. My boobs don't really bother me but they are small and a little saggy. If anyone has ever had BA with Dr. G your input would be most helpful.

In Person Consultation in Two Days

Well the time has finally come for my in person consultation with Dr. Grigoryants. I had an e-mail consultation with him several months ago. My consultation is this Wednesday (Nov 11). Is there anything I should ask or bring with me to my consultation? I plan on bringing a few wish pics of noses that he has done with me to the consultation. I will need a taxi from the Burbank airport as well. Anyone know of any good taxi services? Any advice would be helpful. I'm flying from the East coast so I want to make this trip worth the time and effort.

Consultation a Success!

Last night at 6:00pm I had my in-person consultation with Dr. Grigoryants. I had just gotten off of two airplanes (total 8 hours of flying time) and arrived at his office 30 minutes early. I was expecting a room full of people and a short consultation but much to my surprise there were only 2 other people in there. I was delighted because then I knew I'd get in right away and get a lengthy consult which is a nice bonus after flying for 8 hours. After I filled out some first time patient paperwork I got right in. I did bring some pictures with me and a sheet of questions to ask. I didn't get a chance to show him until the end of the consult. Right when he walked in he asked what I was there for and immediately started assessing my face and chest (I am getting a BA as well). He said that my nose wasn't too bad and asked me what I didn't like about it. I told him I hate how crooked it is, that it leans to one side of my face, how droopy it is when I smile, and how far it projets from my face. He said I did have a C shape deformity and that it is indeed crooked. He said that it leans to one side and he handed me a mirror and drew two dots on my face. One between my eyes (top of nose) and one between my lips and nose. He had me look in the mirror to show me how it curves between those two dots and what he would do to fix it. He said he can not straighten it completely but he could improve it. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted a perfectly straight nose. He says there's really nothing you can do to completely fix facial asymmetry.

Now on to the boobs. He had me lift up my shirt and bra while he pulled out several different sized implants and held them up to my chest. He'd ask if I liked this one or that one. Originally I wanted high profile but he talked me out of that. He said I'd do much better with the moderate plus. The moderate plus silicone implants are wider and will close the gap between my breasts better. They also appear more natural. He recommended 415cc which I agreed to but now I am thinking I'll have him scale back to 375cc.

A couple side notes that I found interesting. I live in New Hampshire and Dr. G went to Dartmouth which is a well renowned college in Hanover, NH. So we talked about New Hampshire a little bit. Another interesting tidbit is after he gave me the quote he asked me if I had e-mail consulted him. I said yes about 8 months or so ago. He looked me up and found my emails almost instantly so he does file those even if you don't commit to surgery. He looked at my e-mailed pictures and then back at me and said that I looked different. I said I always look worse in photos and that I wasn't smiling in those photos I sent him. My nose changes horribly when I smile. In his office when he told me my nose wasn't too bad I said yeah but when I smile it's worse. I smiled for him and that's when he noticed all the assymetry, droopiness, and C shape deformity. He looked up my nose too and confirmed it was definitely crooked. He also closely examined my face when I wasn't smiling and confirmed all my concerns.

When the consult ended he offered me three close surgery date openings. One in December which I would love to take but can't because my husband has no time off left this year and then two in January. The earlier one in January I can't take because my in-laws will be visiting and the later one in January I'm thinking about booking. I asked if I could get back to them tomorrow. I know they can't hold dates forever but I have to make sure all my ducks are in a row before I commit. Pretty exciting stuff!

P.s. he quoted me the same in the in-person consult as he did in the e-mails ($10,500 for nose and $4500 for BA). He said my nose is a more complicated case and will take longer to operate on. So he's very consistent with his quotes.

Surgery Date Booked!

I just called Dr. Grigoryants office and booked my rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgery. It's set for May 11, 2016. It's not as soon as I would have liked for it to be but at least I have finally booked it. I'll replace my old pre-op pics with new ones a few days before my surgery so they are more recent.

Preparing for Surgery in 6 months

Hi all, I'm in the process of purchasing plane tickets and looking for a place to stay. I will be traveling to Glendale alone so I was hoping to find a place to stay on airbnb that is super close to the hospital and has a hostess that is willing to drive me to the store and to the hospital. I was wondering if anyone on here had a place they could recommend. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surgery Date Bumped Up!

My surgery date has been moved up to Dec 29th! I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time. Now I need to get my blood work done, my plane tickets bought, and find a place to stay. If anyone has any suggestions what place I should stay that would be great. I plan on using airbnb. It would also be super helpful for a list of must have supplies.

Day before Procedure

Well it's the day before the big procedure. I haven't felt nervous at all until today. This has been the craziest morning and now I feel a little unsure. My pre-op is tonight at 5:00pm so I was scheduled to fly out from Boston this morning. I got a call at 2:00am that my flight was cancelled. So I had to scramble to get another flight. I did manage to get another flight but now I was going to miss my bus if I didn't hurry. Well I got my luggage in the car and then my car wouldn't start! My poor husband had to wake up at 2:30am and drive me to the bus stop. I made it just in time. The bus driver wasn't too happy with me lol. So I make it to my gate in the Boston airport and there's this young woman whose nose is gushing blood. It's all over her hands and neck. She's sitting reclined with a big rag over her nose waiting for the paramedics. They come and I hear her say to them that she had rhinoplasty/septoplasty 10 days ago. Now I'm really worried. First my flight is cancelled, then my car won't start, then I almost miss my bus, and now this woman who's just had rhinoplasty is gushing blood at the same gate I'm waiting at. I'm just worried now that these are all bad signs warning me not to do it. If my surgery wasn't tomorrow I think I'd cancel it. I don't want to lose 50% of my money plus cost of airfare and airbnb stay. Feeling scared :-(

Updated Before Photos

So tomorrow at 10:00am is my procedure. I'm in my Airbnb residence and took some updated "before" pictures. I removed the other ones I had up since they are out of date. Sorry about the quality. I took them with my phone and it's kind of dark in my residence. I am also not wearing any makeup whatsoever.

Out of surgery

Well I'm pretty tired so I'll go over the details hopefully tomorrow. Here are some cast pics.

Update on Recovery & BA info

Well its been 3 days since my surgery and I'm feeling much much better. My breasts don't hurt all that much anymore and my dry mouth is getting better. I'm resting alot so that's probably helping. I'm quite pleased with my boobs at this point even though I didn't do everything Dr. G recommended. I ended up going with 375cc vs the 405cc he suggested. He repeated to me several times that I should go bigger but I stuck with the 375cc anyway. He also said that I need a breast lift which I also declined for a few reasons. One is the surgery is much longer, two, there is more incisions which means more scars, and three it costs more money. In the end I think they came out pretty good. Could I have gone bigger? Yes. Could I have used a breast lift? Yes. But my breasts look a million times better than they were before so I'm happy.

One issue that I do have is that one breast is slightly larger than the other. He had told me this pre-surgery but he did not offer a solution in balancing them out. I wished he had suggested ordering a larger size implant for the smaller breast so that they would even out. But even with that minor set back they look very nice and I sent the hubby a picture and he loves them.

More cast pics

Cast Removal

Hi all, got my cast removed and I love the results! I sent a pic to my hubby and he was upset. I think he's just shocked and needs to get used to it before he can like it. I think he really will like it though. I'll do side-by-side comparisons when the swelling goes down and I lose these shiners.

Breathing Issues

So I know its only been 9 days since I had surgery but I was wondering how long does it take to be able to breathe again? My nose is very clean inside except for some stitches here and there. I can breathe great out of my left nostril but no air comea out of my right nostril. Just wondering if this is normal.

New Hairdo

So I decided to get my hair done in hopes of throwing every one off. However, I think people are going to notice anyway. I didn't realize just how different I would look. I love my new nose and how it makes me look younger. I also love being able to take pictures from every angle without cringing. I no longer hate getting pictures taken. I'm 11 daus post op.

New images

Hi all, It's been three weeks since my procedure. I'm just posting a few pictures to show you how the front and 3/4 views are shaping up. I will do side-by-side comparisons soon. I still have those stubborn bruises on my cheeks. I really have to cake on the makeup to hide them and even then they are still slightly visible.

Before and After Comparisons

Hi all here is my 3 week update. I am still having trouble breathing out of my right nostril. I am hoping that it is due to swelling. I did e-mail Dr. G about it and haven't heard back yet. As you can see from my down view my nose is still a little crooked. I don't mind it one bit because my nose came out better than I could have hoped for. He also told me in my pre-op and my consultation that he would not be able to straighten it completely. My nostrils are still a little red and they are a little bigger than I would have liked but I'd rather they be too big than too small. So, overall I am extremely satisfied. I would like to be able to breathe normally again though. The mouth breathing is super annoying.

Removed photos and added more privacy

Hi all, I have decided to give myself a little more privacy so I removed all my photos and replaced them with more private ones. I will update at the 3 month mark, 6 month mark, and one year mark. So far everything is going well. I am finally able to breathe out of my left nostril.

Comparison photos

I have attached a couple photos showing just how much my nose changed after just one month.

4 Months Post Op

Well I am now 4 months post op and am still very satisfied with my nose. It's funny how most people like their noses better once more time has passed but I liked mine better at the 2 month mark. I guess the swelling made my nose look straighter and more even. Some irregularities are starting to pop up now that the swelling is going down. They are very minor and do not concern me at this time. I am starting to get a little paranoid seeing some of Dr. G's patients whose noses are starting to take a turn for the worst. I am concerned that mine might do this as well. I really can't afford to fly out there if a problem does crop up and I really really don't want to do fillers. I paid $10,500 plus airfare and hotel stay for this nose and I expect it to look good. I'm not asking for perfection put I don't want any huge dents, airflow obstructions, or deformities of any kind (such as inverted V). I really hope everything holds up. I'm only at 4 months and still have a long way to go before I'm in the clear.

New Haircut and Good Nose Day

I'm 5 months post op and my nose is doing great! I got my hair done today so I decided to share with everyone. I will post more pictures when I'm 6 months post op.

9 Months Post-op

It's almost been nine months since my surgery. I am still very pleased with my results. I haven't had any issues so far.

Comparison Photos up to 9 months

Here are some comparison photos. As you can see my nose has dropped quite a bit so don't worry about your nose looking "piggy" in the end :-)

Comparison Photos up to 9 months

Here are some comparison photos. As you can see my nose has dropped quite a bit so don't worry about your nose looking "piggy" in the end :-)

December (1 year) photo

Hi all, I know it's been awhile since I've updated. My one year mark was December 29th. I uploaded a frontal view of me at Christmas which should give you an idea. I do plan on doing a full one year update with all angles of my nose. Currently I have a sore on my lip and I'm waiting for it to heal before I take pictures. I also need to find the time. I want my husband to take pictures with an actual camera instead of a phone camera so it'll be a more accurate representation of my nose. I want to send these to Dr. G as well. I haven't seen him since my operation so I just want to send him an update.

December 25, 2016

Christmas frontal photo (1 year mark)

One year frontal comparison

15 Months Post Op!

I have finally gotten around to updating my review with pictures. I meant to do a 1 year review but never got around to getting my pictures taken. I wanted these to be with a camera. My husband took them with both a digital camera and with my phone. These are the phone pictures because the camera left a big shadow by my face and the quality was similar so I think these are pretty accurate. I couldn't find my originals to do a side-by-side comparison.

I just want to say that my nose isn't 100% perfect but I love it anyway. I never had any problems with liking my nose once the cast came off. I haven't had any emotional regrets or anything. I think it came out great and it is certainly a far cry better than my original. I can breathe really well and the skin on my nose doesn't seem any different than it was before the surgery. I do have a small flat spot on the right side of my nose (left in photos). You can really see this spot when you look at the "downward view". This doesn't bother me and I don't think it'll get worse. I think this will be my last update for awhile. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am extremely pleased with my results and good luck to those out there who wish to go through with this surgery.
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