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I'm currently a senior in college who commutes to...

I'm currently a senior in college who commutes to campus with a part time job Monday through Friday. I have been reading reviews for months and seeing before and after pictures. Dr. G's have been the best by far especially because they show all angles. Ever since I was young I've always disliked my nose. I've pushed it to the back of my mind and have tried to accept myself for years. Several comments about it have always stuck and made me insecure though. It's always the same comment about how big, round, and large the tip is. I love makeup but find that even contouring my nose doesn't make me happy. I remember at age 12 I would always tell my mother "I'm going to get a nose job when I'm older." I don't care if I have to take out another loan as a college student because I'm ready to bring up my self esteem. 

My part time job pays extremely well too so I just have to manage my money for the next few months (which shouldn't be an issue for me). I emailed Dr. G pictures from the front, side and bottom angles of my nose. I also attached one smiling as I really dislike that it gets larger (I smile and laugh a lot!) I know we all have different shapes and sizes that fit our face, but I have always wanted a smaller nose with a feminine tip. It is also slightly skewed to the right. Luckily, I have no hump! Many of you have seen the typical email Dr. G sends so I'll skip to what he recommended which is "...refining the tip. I may also reduce the size of the nostrils. I will open your airways at the same time if necessary." The cost will be $9,500 and I already made my deposit about a month and a half ago. I know it may be a little risky since I am coming from out of town (Massachusetts) and I haven't spoken with him in person, but I just have such a good feeling about this doctor. I really want January to get here already! I know once it does though I'll start to freak out and worry. I'm nervous about telling my family and friends most though. I've only told my mom and two cousins because one of them is accompanying me. Any and all advice/comments are welcome! I'll be posting pictures of my nose later on.

Some different angles of my nose

Round and not feminine. It's all about the angle for sure because some aren't as bad as others. I don't want to worry about that anymore though. I wanna be happy with every angle and not immediately look to see how my nose turned out in a picture after it's taken. I was really hesitant in uploading pictures since I wanted to keep my nose job on the down low. I'm doing so in hopes that posting my journey will help anyone else who is seriously thinking about going through with it. The goal is to feel happy and confident!

Pretty noses

Minka Kelly, Salma Hayek, Olivia Culpo and Jessica Alba just to name a few, are noses that are absolutely gorgeous. I know their noses may not necessarily fit my face but I really want one that's pretty, feminine, and petite. Dr. G didn't say anything about making the bridge of my nose smaller but it's something I would like to ask him during my consultation January 7th, which is the day before surgery.

Other pictures to keep as a reference


As I've said before I'm really confident in Dr. Grigoryants and his work but usually the perfect noses I fall in love with don't have such a bulbous tip as mine. I know he'll say I have thick skin too. Could anyone link me or show me pictures of more noses he's done that revolve mostly on the tip and nostrils? Or looks similar to mine? Ever since I posted my review I check RealSelf religiously! I downloaded this app so I can alter my nose. Not totally satisfied with it, but hopefully he gets the gist of what it is that I'm looking for. I just pray that all the money, time and effort I'm putting into this at a young age is worth it.

Wish I'd done it over the summer...

I'm starting my senior year in college in a few weeks and I really wish I was doing so with my new nose. After surgery I'll only have two weeks of recovery before I start the second half and I'm really scared that it won't be enough time and people will look at me weird. I've said it before: this decision is purely for myself, but I can't shake what others will think. I haven't even told my best friend I'm getting rhinoplasty and she knows how insecure I am about my nose. I even wanna put off dating because I feel like any guy I would get involved with would be turned off by it. Anyone get negative reactions towards their new nose? Did people even notice? Also here are some pics of Kimmy K's beautiful nose that I love :)

100 days until surgery!

I've read a few reviews saying that Dr. G is rushed during his consultations and I really hope this isn't the case because my pre op consultation is a day before my surgery. I trust that he'll know what he's doing but I also want us to be on the same page. I already have a word document with my questions, wish noses, and my favorite Dr. G results. Hopefully that will help both of us and I won't feel like I'm going into surgery with no idea of what my outcome will be.

75 days!

Guys, I'm so nervous and excited you have no idea! I wish I could have my consultation already just so I could get all the questions out of my head. Also I can't wait to see how Dr. G will envision my new nose! I've been laying kind of low when it comes to going out in hopes that people will kind of forget my face (I'm crazy I know! Haha) so that when I come back from Cali they'll just think I lost weight or "did something to my hair". Here's another morph. I love doing these even though they're not perfect just because I love picturing myself with a petite and feminine nose. It's gonna be a confidence booster for sure!

Time flies! 30 days until surgery

I can't believe I made my deposit back in June and I'm exactly one month away from surgery! It hasn't hit me yet and it probably won't until the day of my consultation. For anyone wondering my Hotel + Flight Package came out to be $1,220.60. I purchased it months ago through Travelocity so that's been taken care of. As far as supplies for after surgery the only thing I've purchased is the neck pillow. I plan on going maybe this weekend so I'm not running around last minute. Does anyone know of a good list that includes the most essential things? I'll be sure to post about my consultation with Dr. G in as much detail as possible! As far as pictures go I'll probably only update every week or so just so the progress is more noticeable and I won't go crazy. From what I've heard there really is no way to prepare for the emotional roller coaster that comes with it. I'm not known to be the most patient person either. This community has been so helpful though! I really hope that my results will be just as helpful to anyone, whether they have a nose like mine or not, that is considering Dr. Grigoryants.


I feel so weird for not being worried? I keep saying it will hit me the day of, but I just have such a good feeling that everything will turn out even better than I expected. I like to think I'm a realistic optimist too, so we'll see. Today I received a call from Sona, who has been super sweet and helpful throughout the whole process, to confirm my pre-op appointment on Thursday. I've been debating getting lip fillers... Definitely nothing crazy, but I would like a little bit in my upper lip to even it out with my bottom. We'll see what Dr. G thinks. I also finished buying all of my supplies and got the list of items from both Lenosestory's and Lilbuttonnose's reviews. I have my questions, pictures, etc. ready to go, just gotta stop procrastinating on packing. Please wish me the best of luck, prayers, good vibes, etc. guys! xo

Pre-Op Appointment. Kinda bummed!

So I walk in and fill in all the paper work. It felt like I was signing my life away! It wasn’t until Jackie took me into the room to explain everything about the procedure and what not to do that it hit me, just like I predicted it would. I told her I was nervous, but like many of you, she said I was in good hands.

When Dr. G came in I felt like I was meeting a celebrity I was so excited! He looked me up in his emails, told me he received all my blood work, and said “Is this what you want?” and showed me one of the pictures I had sent to him. I told him I was on RealSelf and that if I was being honest I knew that my thick skin would hinder the results. He said “Oh so you’re already one of the smarter ones?” I laughed and he asked me to look straight at him and he began to feel my nose. He said I was one of, if not the main patient he’s had this year with such thick skin! He could not stop mentioning it. I already knew that, but it just reassured me that sadly my results won’t be exactly what I’d hoped. I have to be really realistic about this and Dr. G was extremely honest which I appreciate! I don’t like false hope. He said it would take a lot more than a year to see my results, maybe even three! Wow… Apparently I have a slightly deviated septum too. Since it doesn’t really bother my breathing he said he’ll just open my airways. I asked about narrowing my bridge and he said that it would make my tip look bigger, so he won't do that.

Basically what he said in his email still stands: nostril and tip work. He told me he would be really aggressive with removing cartilage from the tip of my nose because of my thick skin and the nostrils would only be shortened by about a millimeter. He will also inject steroids to try to make it smaller and if I wanted to I could come back and he would inject more. If I can’t make it to Cali he could give the information to my dermatologist and have him do it. I already have a slope and a raised tip, so he won't be messing with that. I also asked him about lip fillers and he said “No, you don’t need them you’re pretty.” Awww!

Dr. G was very straightforward about what he could do and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. He also said some patients with thick skin would go to other surgeons for a revision and come out worse because the new surgeon would add more cartilage (Why would they do that?). His thick skinned patients are his unhappiest according to him. Dr. G said what he would do is the best any surgeon could do and to not let them convince me that it could be better. This left me a little uneasy, but hey it’s the truth. I asked if he thought I would be happy he said “Better nose, yes. Happy depends on how you see it. All I ask is that you give me your patience.” Does he know he’s talking to one of the most impatient people ever? Anyway, I’m not upset with who I decided. He seems like an honest man and he promised to do his best which is all I truly ask. My surgery is at 8 AM tomorrow. I’m praying for some sort of miracle! I really do not want to be left disappointed. I've invested sooo much money into this and I would hate to regret it.

I did it!

Okay, I wanted to keep this short but I feel like I couldn’t because I love giving details and my recovery wasn’t really how it was for most. I get to the hospital, fill out more paper work, and meet my nurse. My nurse’s name is Erry and she was literally made for this job! I could not have asked for anyone better. She made me feel totally at ease and we actually became friends and exchanged numbers to get lunch before I leave Cali!

I was scheduled for 8 AM but didn’t go into surgery until about 10:15 AM. Dr. G came in very briefly and told my cousin we look like sisters. He told her he’d take good care of me and felt my nose a bit more/morphed it with his fingers one last time. Everyone told me to not worry because he’s a perfectionist. My anesthesiologist was super easy going and gave me something to calm me down before the surgery. They wheel me in, give me another blanket, and ask if I’m ready. I could not believe how quickly anesthesia works! Before I knocked out I remember telling the nurses and anesthesiologist “I’m gonna fight it and stay awake” (It was meant to be a joke I think I was a little too calm with what they gave me hahaha) They laughed and the next thing I know I’m waking up asking for my cousin and two best friends. For some reason I began to cry and they all felt so bad and asked me to be careful not to cry too much because of my cast. I overheard someone say “She’s 22 it’s probably hormones” #EMBARRASSING! Dr. G asked if I knew who was speaking I said his name and he said “Yes, it turned out a lot better than I expected.” YES YOU GUYS! Prayers were definitely heard! I was still in a daze but I managed to say “Yay” and “Thank you”.

I didn’t leave the hospital until about 2:30 PM. I’ve been icing on and off every 15 minutes and taking my meds at the appropriate time. My nurses said I’m one of the best patients they’ve seen post op. No bruising and no real pain, most likely because he didn’t work on my bridge. The slight pain/throbbing went away as soon as they gave me the meds too though. His office called to check up on me and they want to see me at 11:30 AM on Thursday. I cannot wait to see my results! Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks so much for all your beautiful comments and support! Words can’t express how much it means to me. They made me smile!

Moment of truth

It was so painless guys! Please please please use tons of Vaseline on the stitches and slightly in the nostrils when they tell you to start applying. Be generous with it how I was. He said most patients don't really listen and that's why they experience pain. I took two extra strength Tylenol pills before going and I didn't even need it at all. He also prescribed me some acne cream which I adore him for! It's always been a struggle for me.

Honestly I couldn't be more blessed that God let me find Dr. G he truly listens to his patients concerns and, in my case, went above and beyond! He taped me up and told me to email him with pictures in maybe 3-4 months. He usually likes seeing out of town patients a year later so I can schedule that whenever. Thick skin girls, there is hope! It even looks smaller from the profile, which wasn't even a big concern for me but now that I see that too I love it! I have a long road to go but I'm glad I can see a preview of what's to come. I love makeup but I'll have to give it up for a few more weeks because my skin really needs to recover. Also, I wanna stay away from mirrors so I don't pick apart my nose and go crazy over swelling! Please feel free to message me or leave comments I'll be glad to help any way I can! I can't believe I made it out with no bruising or real pain. I'm just truly blessed and hope I never have a change of heart like I've seen some patients do a few months in.

The pics attached are fresh from the best shower ever! Ugh it sucked having to be careful in the shower and washing my face around the cast. I'm all taped up again and ready to go to dinner in a bit. Happy girl :)

18 days

I can't believe it's been almost three weeks! The time it took to get to surgery and the time after both flew by! So far so good! I just started wearing makeup a few days ago. The tip is very hard but everything else is fine. I've been using Mederma for the small pink marks near my nostrils (where the stitches were) but I stopped because it would get SO itchy! I couldn't help but scratch it. Anyone know of any alternatives to use for scars? Other than that I really can't complain.

I feel so much more confident! Not only because of my nose, but because of the peel Dr. G prescribed for my skin. When I had to go to classes without makeup I didn't feel so crappy. I wouldn't turn my head if someone was talking to me from a certain angle or try to hide anything on my face. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I took a few selfies that I don't feel totally comfortable posting on social media yet, but I will here since I know how curious many of you might be! Next update I'll be sure to post without makeup. I was having a happy nose day in these pictures :)

I've only been taping at night. Not sure if it really helps because before my surgery my nose would always wake up swollen anyway. It doesn't take long for it to go away though. Again feel free to ask any questions! I'll be updating in another month or whenever I notice any other differences.

Before & After

It might not be totally noticeable to people (no one outside of my family has said anything) but it is to me and that's all that matters. This before and after puts it into perspective. I had such a round tip. You can see how the tip is more refined and my nostrils aren't as big either. I'll be sure to keep you all posted and upload more before and afters as the swelling continues to go down!

Month and a half

Hi everyone! I had my cousin take pictures with her camera of me today and honestly loved every picture. I'm not meaning to sound conceited or cocky, only amazed and happy with my results. I've always wanted to have this great self esteem! Lol. My family says they notice the difference. My mom claims to see it every day! She says she can't believe that the swelling will continue to go down too considering it hasn't even been two months yet. We're both very very happy with my results so I can only imagine how much more happier I'll be in several more months. I always think of how Dr. G mentioned that some of his patients come back for more steroid injections on the tip. Some have gone back about 8 or 9 times. I'm hoping I won't need that and I'll continue to enjoy being on cloud nine. Easily one of my greatest decisions in life. Not much else to update on. As always feel free to ask any questions/private message me! Wishing everyone a happy recovery!

Before & After

Sorry guys! I wasn't aware how helpful my pictures were until I received all these messages and comments after taking them down. I got a bit nervous that someone would find me and ask me about it. It happened to a fellow Dr. G patient on RealSelf. Another one also had her pictures taken too and that leaves me a little uneasy! Nothing has changed though I am still very happy with my results and recommend Dr. Grigoryants for rhinoplasty! I have uploaded this before and after for those who still need it. Not sure if I'll actually keep it up. Hoping you all understand xx

One year!

I cannot believe it has been over a year since I made one of the biggest decisions in my adult life! I am so incredibly happy and confident! I do not think I could have chosen a better doctor! I was told to call in whenever for my follow up appointment, but because it has been a bit hectic with the holidays / I recently accepted a full-time job I think it would be best to go in two years. Besides, Dr. G said my nose would still have some swelling even after the one year mark. I'm totally satisfied with where I'm at now though. It's still my nose, just modified and a LOT more aesthetically pleasing, at least in my eyes! Not gonna lie I'm still thinking about the lip fillers... I just think he is such an amazing doctor with a great eye. I saw another review of a girl who went for her post op check up and got very natural fillers while she was there and she just looks amazing! If not, then at least get rid of my harsh smile lines. Super annoying when my makeup settles in them UGH! I don't think I'd ever get surgery on my body for now only because I'm 23, really enjoying the gym, seeing progress, and feeling good. Also I don't really want to get "addicted" to surgery if that's really a thing. Anyway, I'm rambling now I just wanted to update you all and let you know I'm still VERY happy! Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable sharing pictures anymore, but the comments on my previous posts can help vouch for the great job he did! Mind you I was still swollen! Hope those of you considering find this helpful. :)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants! A true artist! He is a very honest man and will tell you exactly what he can and cannot do. Regardless, he gives his patients his 100% attention and effort. He answered all of my questions during my first consultation, which was the day before surgery, and I left the office completely comfortable and confident that his work would make me happy. Since I am an out of town patient I have to schedule a follow-up in a year. I haven't had to email him with any issues, only a progress picture at the 3 month mark. He spent as much time as he needed to with me and even prescribed me a peel to help with my skin issues. The wait time for surgery will be months, but absolutely worth it! Especially for anyone who still needs to save up a bit more for the procedure/supplies. Extremely friendly staff! If you have the chance to at least schedule a consultation I highly recommend it! You'll understand the hype. His work is amazing!

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