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I had a Revision Rhinoplasty on the 8th Feb 2013....

I had a Revision Rhinoplasty on the 8th Feb 2013. It was with done in the Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow. My Surgeon was Mr Taimur Shoaib.

I had visited Mr Shoaib's clinic in Glasgow (his clinic is 5min walk from George Square) around three weeks previous for a consultation. He was very nice and listened attentively as I told him all the things that I didn't like about my nose.

(My first Rhinoplasty was 1 year ago and I wasn't satisfied with the results. My first Rhinoplasty was done in the Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow; Surgeon Brian Bingham.)

My biggest problem I had with my nose was the projection - it stuck out too far from my face. I also didn't like the length - I had a slight drooping tip making my nose appear long (when measured from root to tip). Also I had a wide/fat tip with one side being fatter than the other.

To reduce projection he said he would carry out nasal spine reduction, septum reduction and bony dorsum rasping. To reduce height he would lift the tip a little by removing cartilage. To make the tip thinner he would remove cartilage. He also said that the bones of the nose would be broken and moved inwards making my nose thinner.

He explained that final results (especially in a revision rhino can take up to 1 year to show). He also said that chin injections can help make your nose appear deprojected and showed me some examples of this.

So fast forward three weeks to the Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow. After being taken to my room, the nurse came to see me and I answered some questions and signed some paperwork.

Around 1 hour before my surgery Mr Shoiab came in to see me and again explained what he was going to do. I said to him that I would like my nose deprojected a lot and he said he would deproject it as much as safely possible.

A short time later the anaesthetist came in and asked some more questions. Then I was on my way. I walked with a nurse down to the recovery room where I was put onto a bed. Then I was wheeled into another room. Here the anaesthetist and a nurse put an iv tube in a vein on the back of my hand. They told me I would start feeling drowsy and I did; started to feel really really relaxed and then I was out.

(I have had General anaesthetic a few times now so I wasn't really worried about it. If you've not had it before then dont worry. Theres nothing to it).

I woke up in the recovery room dazed, tired and with a really sore throat (they put a tube down your throat while operating). I looked up at the clock and I reckon I was out for about 90 mins. I then got wheeled back to my room and left to rest for the rest of the day/night (my operation was done around 2 in the afternoon). The nurses came in every so often and took my blood pressure and made sure I was ok.

I was in a total daze all night and my throat hurt like hell. With my nose being blocked with packs all my breathing was done through my mouth and my throat was constantly dry. I had to keep drinking water. It was a really uncomforbable night. My throat hurt and also had a headache (i think the packs were causing this).

Anyway I eventually got through the night and at around 7am i got up out of bed (I had been lying in a bed from 2 the previous afternoon) and got some clothes on and sat in the chair.

I had breakfast and then a short time later Mr Shoiab came in to see me. He asked if i felt ok and said that the operation had went well but said that he had done a lot of work and hence there would be lots of swelling over the first few months. Again he was very nice.

I had lots of bruising, much worse than what i had in my first rhino. It looked like Mike Tyson had set about me for 15 rounds. However I didn't feel much pain. The only pain I had was a headache and my throat still hurt like hell. I didn't have any pain around the nose area at all.

The nurse came and took the packs out my nose. This was sore although only for a few seconds. The packs felt as if they had been pushed so far up my nose that they were lodged deep in my brain somewhere. I think this was giving me the headache. After this I bled quite a bit and the nurse stayed with me until it stopped.

A short time later I was allowed to go home. I remained in a daze for the next day or so. Even now 6 days after surgery as i write this i still dont feel 100% compos mentis. You get like a long hangover after the anaesthetic; gradually day by day you feel better.

The worst thing so far has been the congestion. My nose is constantly blocked and running (your not allowed to blow your nose) making my throat constantly dry and sore. I think i've went through about 30 packs of throat sweets. I've had no pain whatsoever around the nose area since i've been home. The whole area is just stiff and numb.

Looking in the mirror with the cast on, I can already see that my nose has been deprojected and is also shorter. It looks as if my nose has been raised as you can now see more of my skin above my upper lip. I can't yet see my tip as it is covered with the cast. I am fairly excited that when the cast comes off I will see a good improvement.

I go tomorrow to get my cast off so hopefully it will look good.

Thanks for reading...see some of my advice below...

my advice for anyone thinking about rhinoplasty is MAKE SURE YOU PREPARE FOR THE CONSULTATION and that YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO DESCRIBE WHAT YOU DONT LIKE ABOUT YOUR NOSE. I would suggest writing out notes for it and taking them with you. You will likely be nervous going for the consultation so you may forget stuff. Take the notes with you and read them to the surgeon...that way nothing will get missed.

Part of the reason my first Rhinoplasty was a failure was becaue I dont think I described the things I hated about my nose well enough to the surgeon.


Make sure you know what "long" "projection" "wide" "hump" etc means when talking about your nose. The youtube video explains it all.

Glasgow Plastic Surgeon

I was impressed with Taimur Shoiab at the consultation stage. As I said above, he listened attentively and then spoke about what he would do to make the improvements I was looking for. The consultation lasted around 25 mins.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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