22 Year Old, Hoping to Get Rid of my Acne. Fort Smith, AR

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I've struggled with acne ever since the beginning...

I've struggled with acne ever since the beginning of time! But really it's the worst thing ever! Which I'm sure if you are reading this you know exactly what I'm talking about and Makeup only goes so far! ???? I've tried pretty much everything, when I was 16 I went to the derm to try and fix it but she was super anti-accutane, so she put me on 3 different creams and 2 different pills! I can't remember what it was but it didn't work! So she tried some weird laser thing? Also did not work and I wasn't a fan of it! My skin kind of cleared up about two years ago, and by kind of I mean, I could deal with it! Still pretty sucky, but I didn't want to cry every time I saw my face with no makeup! Then the past 4 months my skin has BLOWN UP! I don't even know what is going on! My chest and back started breaking out!it was so bad I thought it was a rash!! And started trying to think of things I could be allergic to? Anyways it won't go away and I have finally decided to start the ole accutane journey! I of course have read a billion reviews and got myself all nervous about the side effects but i am ready to get rid of it! I go back to the derm on Monday and I will start then! I've been on birth control for the first month and had the neg preg test and all that jazz!

Dry lips advice????

Okay so I'm on day 5, I haven't noticed any bad side effects. I randomly lost 5 pounds and I'm not sure if it's related to the medicine or not? I'm taking 40mg of zenatane. My lips are dry and my nose is peeling it's kinda like if I were to get sunburnt and its just barely peeling. Any suggestions on what to use for the dry lips???

Day 14

Okay so it's day 14 on accutane! My skin hasn't really changed much other than being dry! I don't even know what lips are anymore!!! And my body itches from being dry!!

Start of month 2

Well I officially survived one month of accutane! My skin is smoother, but I wouldn't say their has been any drastic changes, I was pretty sure I was going to wake up one morning and have this whole new face but that didn't happen obviously!! The side effects are pretty much what I've read, everything's just dried out! I had my first cold sore and that was not fun! My scalp is itchy and dry! I keep getting dry rashy spots all over my arms, theirs pretty much a new one every day! But y'all the dry lips are NEXT LEVELLL!! I don't even want them anymore, just take them away! ???????????????? other than that it hasn't been a terrible experience! But we are going to the beach in a couple of weeks and I'm a little nervous about being miserable! I guess we will see!
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