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My current implants are 14 years old. I have...

My current implants are 14 years old. I have saline under the muscle and lots of bottoming out. They are the typical mom boobs. I had my first surgery when my daughter was 2 1/2. My natural breasts were a small B, athletic look. My largest when pregnant and nursing was a DD. So I was left with lots of extra skin. I was fine with it but my husband at the time was a "boob guy" and was researching implants for me "I know right?" A dr in town did them and they looked great for a few years after. At the same time, I did a lot of body pump classes & weight training. I think that pushed them down as well as aging. Lately they have been bothering me. I'm 44 almost 45. My skin is showing my age the worst. I'm loosing the elasticity. I've been divorced almost 8 years and being single and dating, I would like my body to look like I feel. There are so many options for surgery now. Most of the photos I've seen for revisions have the lollipop scars. I am not a big fan of scars. In fact my first augmentation was done through the areola and no scaring. Dr. Don Revis will be doing my breast revision surgery in December. So excited! This app really helped me be informed on what type of options are available. The photos and discussions helped tremendously. I feel like going to Dr. Revis is the right decision. A local PS wanted to replace my implants with no internal work. From what I have read on here , this happens a lot which leads to more surgeries down the road. If there are more surgeries down the road they're going to be in new areas!

I did it 550 mentor moderate plus overfilled to 750

I am pretty happy with the results so far. I am wondering about the sutures around my areolas. It looks like maybe they slipped, or pulled loose or something. I am using medaderm for scarring and hopefully they will fade. I do wish the size of my nipples were the same as before the surgery. They are bigger now. I didn't want a lollipop incision due to the scarring or under the breast but now I am reconsidering my original thinking. In all, very great look and happy.

3 months post Op Dr. Revis

I'm happy with my breast augmentation revision. Dr. Revis performed a very complex lift with internal bra procedure with excellent results. It was worth every penny!

Three months post op

I'm getting use to my clothes fitting differently. The breasts do make the rest of me appear slimmer, which I like a lot. They aren't very soft, especially the right one but my PS put me on 3 months of Singulair to help soften the implants. Considering the complexity of the procedures and high risk of complications, I would recommend Dr. Revis to women wanting a very specific look which is difficult to achieve. My first introduction to cosmetic surgery was in 1990. I have had several complications with revision surgeries. I've had a total of 9 procedures to date. I traveled to Florida for my breast revision and am going to Indianapolis next month for a lip advancement. My opinion is to be diligent in finding the best PS for you the procedure you want. Plastic surgeons are not all highly skilled in all areas. They aren't Gods. There will be complications and risks you will need to be prepared for. Am I addicted to PS? Probably. Does it make me happy? Yes.
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December 9, 2016

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