why can't I have beautiful boobs?

So far I'm communicating with Dr.Revis via email...

So far I'm communicating with Dr.Revis via email and I like the fact that he emails back very fast and answers all the questions. Due to bottoming out/double bubble on one side, and high implant on the other side, I need to get a revision and this time I want to make sure I pick a doctor, who knows what he is doing. I dream of beautiful boobs but unfortunately I had to get my surgery at CG cosmetics with Dr. Freiman who messed me up. So far I'm pleased with Dr.Revis's response, the price is high, but I want to get it fixed with the best!

Not sureeee

hmm seen some bad reviews and I really don't want to get messed up again. Looking at Krau now. Are there Revision Revis and Krau girls out there? Need advice!

Revis it is

already paid my down payment and 3 weeks before surgery. He is nice via email and I like his website, Krau has bad reviews too plus I don't need a lift. I will stay positive and how Revis will give me my dream boobs!

First day after revision

Feeling way better than expected, a lot of pain where he put stitches though. So far so good. Tomorrow is post op. Nurses and Revis were nice :)

Pain and swelling

this is my 5th day out of surgery and swelling is really bad! I feel pulling around the stitches and it's all swollen there too. In the morning it's the worst. Also I have slushy sounds in my left breast, which is weird because I didn't have it with silicone, but I guess it's air and some fluid around the implant. I just can't wait for all the swelling and pain to go away.

My size

I got mod plus saline overfilled to 850 ccs, under muscle, I didn't get hp because I didn't want two round balls, so Revis chose mod plus. Honestly these look too big, hopefully they will look a little bit smaller once swelling goes away ;)

One week post op

my right nipple is driving me crazy!!!!! Sharp burning pain!!!! Also my right boob is very very swollen!!!!! It was smaller in the beginning so I guess I went too large!!!! I'm so stressed, always laying in bed, and eating eating and eating!!!! I want this pain to go away. I don't get how some people have easy recovery, my recovery is very tough!

Flu? Virus?

Woke up with inflamed throat! Freaked out and cried bc thought it was infection. Went to emergency room they took a swab of my throat and came back and said its probably a virus, was negative on infection. I was releaved, but I'm weak and have a slight headache. How did I even get a virus? I'm home 24/7. Pugh I feel like this boob jerney turns away from me. I just hope everything will be fine!

2 weeks

iys bit a little over 2 weeks, I keep massaging my right breast a little bit each day because it's higher and firmer from the beginning. All the spasms and pain went away, I'm on my feet all day and always in motion at work, so it's pretty good for 2 week post op. Towards the end of the day I feel heaviness and a little spasms in my right nipple. But I must say, the recovery was fast!!!!!!! Dr Revis is always available morning day night if I have a question. So far so good, just waiting patiently until they drop!


trying to stay hopeful girls. Took my tapes off and my left nipple is visibly bigger that my right, well my left boob is bigger itself, bc right boob is significantly higher than left, as you see on the picture, and trying to stay positive and believe that it will drop. I had a problem with my right breast being high before, and Revis said it was easy to fix, so hoping hoping hoping it will eventually drop, so far it's not making any progress. I'm also so tired of being away from the gym, gaining so much weight. :( well, 3 more weeks, and at least I will be able to work out!


4 weeks

Feeling good so far. My right boobie is still a little high and not as round as lefty but hoping it will drop, Dr Revis told me to massage it a lot! Sure hope it drops in place. Took some pictures at Victoria secret. And for those who dislike Revis and his work, and if you had bad experience with him, please stop commenting on my review, I already had the surgery and I don't need negativity during my recovery! Thank you!

6 weeks ladies!!!

I thought I should post some pictures to let you girls see the changes! My righty is still slightly smaller and higher, but they are changing little by little, hoping for a good result in the end, but so far they look wayyyy better than what i had before revision! Check it out.

Feeling sad

I was trying to be optimistic but I looked in the mirror today and my right boob is way higher than left, there's also pulling down to the back on my right side, I don't know where he put stitches but it's hurting, so far I'm not happy at all, not worth all this money. My boobs r different like they were before, and if he won't revise, im gonna be really mad.

Revis revised my right breast today and I'm very happy

3 months later he revised my right breast without any problems. He didn't charge a surgeons fee but I had to pay for hospital and etc. I'm getting married in the summer and wanted to look and feel great. I'm a 36 D and he did a great revision, my double bubble is gone and I love the size.

I was depressed for 6 months after I got my first...

I was depressed for 6 months after I got my first surgery at CG Cosmetic center. It was cheap and I should have known not to go there but I guess you live and learn. I was looking for a surgeon who could give me the look I want and who could fix my boobies. I searched and searched, and chose Dr. Revis. He was very responsive from the beginning, very welcoming, and professional. He recommended mod plus saline implants because I wanted big natural looking breasts instead of huge balls. I got my revision with him in February and It was a great experience, everyone was nice at the hospital and I didn't feel much pain because Revis numbs all the area after the surgery. Unfortunately I had to come back in may because the muscle on my right breast was very tight and Dr. Revis had to release it, but he was very understanding and took me back without any problems. My experience with him was great and I think he is a good surgeon. If you are looking for a Doctor, who cares about his patients, then Revis is your choice. He fixed me up and gave me my confidence back!!!

Well it's been 6 months since original revision and almost 3 months since lowering my righty

Well ladies, I start to realize that there's no such thing as perfect boob job! Especially if your first surgery was messed up! No Thanks to Dr.Freiman. Revis fixed me up and made my boobies look a lot better but I still have concerns, my nipple position for example, but I guess I can live with that, as long as it doesn't get worse. I still get pain and some areas are still numb. I feel like for all the money I've spent I should be happy but time will show! Good luck to all of you and choose your Doc wisely!

6 months

Sexy in a bikini

Not happy

Not happy, I'm really upset. Left is getting lower n right still looks weird

Nipple is connected to the muscle

Now my righty is even weirder than before, my nipple is connected to the muscle which make it look deformed, plus nipple is way higher than in the left, ladies I'm very upset, I feel bad for going for surgery in the first place I should have just removed them, all that money and for what? Deformed nipple now? He says I need statice now in order to separate muscle and nipple tissue but why do I need it? My nipple was fine, ugh why these doctors promise us our wish boobs when we get a mess up job? So not fair!!!!!!

Revis is ignoring me and I'm getting worse

Muscle is pulling harder, I'm scared to go for a surgery again, I was hoping Revis would fix me but he is just ignoring me now and I have to live with this :,(

Sad face


Revis is not getting back to me, I keep emailing. Can I sue?

So my right breast is getting higher and hard on the appear pole, I also get muscle twitching and spasms, my nipple scar is hardening and feels word lumpy. This is all just getting worse and he is not responding!!! Can I sue? I mean after all this money it's his responsibility to check on my well being???? I don't wanna have lifetime complications!!!! Girls, I'm so upset and I hope he gets what he deserves for acting so mean :(
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

unfortunately I have issues on my right side, my nipple is connected to the muscle n causes a deformed look. I'm 36D between 800-900 cc saline. We had to do a revision on my right breast after 3 months. Right now my left is too low and my right is deformed. I'm still upset I paid all that money n still need fixing, I just wanna take them out, it's like a never ending story! All he wants is your money, he doesn't care! He messed up my right breast and I don't even know who can fix it! I am currently in pain and miserable at work. Avoid him and his internal bra method!!! Now its causing me a lot of pain on the right side. He is ignorant and won't respond to any of my emails. Just Avoid him!

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