Internal Bra, Implant Exchange and Donut Lift. Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I had 500 cc saline implants with bottoming out...

I had 500 cc saline implants with bottoming out and lots of wrinkling. The pockets were also too large for the implant. I scheduled a revision with Dr.Revis on 04/13. He switched out my 500 cc saline implants to 750 cc silicone. He also gave me a donut lift and an internal bra using my existing scar tissue.

5 days post op

5 days post op and I feel minimal pain. The swelling is coming down and already the implants are settling into their new pockets. I'm extremely happy! Also Dr. Revis gave me his cell number so he's been answering my questions almost instantly :) yay! I'm finally a Revis Girl

The only thing that has been difficult for me is the water weight! I've retained so much water from this surgery my pants are all tight and my abs are now flab. It's only been a few days since surgery so I know it's not actual weight gain but I'm still bummed about it. Will update the progress of the water weight too!


My recovery has been effortless and painless and my breasts look better and better everyday which I did not think was possible! Here's some recent pictures

Tape is off!

Dr Revis said I could take my
tape off and begin using scar guard. I asked him why my right nipple is mishaped and he said it will go back to normal in a few weeks. If it doesn't worst case scenario I go get some permanent makeup to even out the shape. No biggie. I'm happy! I think I went as big as I could go without looking like a cartoon.

Internal bra suctures

Healing with Red Light Therapy and Scarguard MD

So as you can see here I am two weeks post op and I'm already looking semi normal. No bruises, Breasts have fallen into place and scars are beginning to flatten. Well I'm not super human I just use a medical device called Celluma that heals wounds 200% faster then normal. It's a painless LED red light that penetrates deeply below the skin to stimulate collagen growth. It's expensive at $1700 but more then worth it.
It has wonderful anti ageing benefits as well for dark spots and wrinkles it's also great for acne and chronic pain. Fixed the texture of my skin in one use! Also I just started using Scarguard MD and this stuff is genius. It holds the scar tissues tightly like skin and it's a disinfectant as well to keep those incisons clean. Oh and I also do cryotherapy sessions about 4-6 a week which is why I have zero inflammation. Pro tips girls take notes and heal faster and better! This pic I'm posting is with the scar guard on after my morning red light therapy session. It looks white and flakey after it's been on for several hours. But already my nipples look noticeably better then they did yesterday!

Celluma red light therapy device

Here's my savior! Takes away pain and heals you 200% faster and it's FDA approved. This technology was developed by NASA. I use it for anti aging and acne on my face, the scars on my breasts, bruises, new tattoos and chronic back pain and joint inflammation. Can't live with out it!

New pics, almost 3 weeks PO

Things are moving along. My right side is healing slower but that's also my dominant arm so I expected that. Still no pain, occasional discomfort if I strain myself. Tried on some new bras, looks like I'm a 32F yay!

1 month post op

Time flies! I'm still so exhausted from the surgery though. I'm at about 50% as far as my energy levels go but I'm OK with that. My are healing great. I hope my mishaped nipple evens itself out. Full results in another 8 weeks

6 weeks PO

6 weeks in and 6 weeks left until I can workout again. Still tender around the internal bra sutchers. But my nipple shapes are evening out which I'm very pleased with. Love my boobs yay! The size is changing though. Initially I was 32F and now those are too small, so I have to get resized again. I will update with their final size.


Love them!

Pain on right side

I'm still having pain on my right side under the armpit. It's better with heat and massage but I'd like to know what happened during surgery that I'm still in pain

Finally 7 months later found my bra size

US size 32G and UK size 32H. The search is over thank goodness lol!
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Super friendly and 'present' in the consult. He truly loves his job and after seeing so many of his satisfied patients, I decided to travel from Los Angeles to have surgery with him. His bedside manor was the best I've ever seen and he made me so comfortable though the entire process. The receptionists are also very lovely to speak with as well

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