Bye Bye 15 Year Old 500cc Silicone, Hello 800cc! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Met the most amazing Dr thanks to so many others...

Met the most amazing Dr thanks to so many others on here! Dr. Don R. Revis was very friendly but most importantly very informative and very open to actually listening to what I wanted for myself. Been very nervous about doing my revision but he helped me feel confident in making that decision. Oh yes and my husband loved him too! I've always loved my original implants but being 15 years old now it makes me nervous so I'm finally ready for some bigger and better ones! So glad I found realself and all of you wonderful ladies who share your experiences with each other! I now have what so many others have on here...the Booby Greed!

Some pics

Just a few pics, but I found out I suck @ selfies!

Boobies are officially bought and paid for!

Had my pre-op yesterday and I must say it was like everything became real to me now! I'm getting bigger and better boobs by the boobie God Dr. Revis (giggle) Got all my questions answered and I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off of me with all the stupid worrying and reservations I've been having! From here on out I'm not gonna have any negative thoughts about what I'm doing only think about how awesome my PS is and how awesome he's gonna make my boobs look! In exactly 2 weeks I'll be sporting my 800cc hp mentors! Can't wait to be able to show them off to all of my RS friends on here. Thanks to everyone who's here to encourage each other along the way, I hope I can help someone along their journey like so many of you have helped me :)

Gonna have to have all the fun we can the next 2 weeks!

Just realized I'm gonna have to buy all new lingerie.....oh no....NOT ;)

Getting close so here's another pre-op pic

Fun stuff before my revision :)

The husband and I along with a friends son are on our way to Busch Gardens for some adrenaline filled roller coaster rides! They still terrify me lol but in a good get yer heart pumping way! Thinking of everything I'll have to take a break from while I'm recovering. Have an awesome friend flying in from Boston tomorrow and gonna do the shooting range with him as I'm thinking the big kick from my husbands 450 bushmaster, Mac 10 and AK will be off limits for awhile! It's a lot of fun tho to hold those powerful things in my lil hands and have at a zombie target lol! Then a weekend of motorcycle riding cuz I know I won't be able to ride my own bikes after for a bit. Riding wouldn't be the problem it'd be pulling them upright off of the kickstand that worries me, there pretty heavy. I ride a 2011 XR HARLEY and a 2007 KAWASAKI Z1000. Nothing like riding man it's like therapy hitting the road! I should be able to ride on back tho as long as I don't bump the girls on my hubby's back. Then last but certainly not least we are going to see a totally awesome concert....NIN INCH NAILS AND SOUNDGARDEN on Sunday night :) one last night of celebration before the big boob reveal! Gonna keep it to 2 glasses of wine just to be able to enjoy some great music and my paperwork says no alcohol the night before so that's not an issue. Then I'll have 2 sleepless nights before my revision surgery and I know it'll be a busy couple days of last min meal preparations and laundry and housework. So glad I've got all of my realself peeps to help me along my way,,thanks everyone!

Got measured today!

So it's been bothering me what pre-op size I truly am since I've read a lot of things saying that we've all been wearing the wrong size. Wanted to know for a reference to see how much size I really gain. Everyone should do it as I was totally surprised! So I went to Nordstrom's and got measured by a really sweet girl who brought me tons of beautiful bras to try on. She was guessing 32DDD-DDDD by her measuring and brought me a couple. The 32DDDD def fit good :) so she brought me bunches to try and some were tight in the breast area so she started bringing me 32G which is the same size as 32DDDD for some styles or up 1 sz from DDDD in other brands. Who knew I was that big cuz I've been wearing a 34D-DD all this time?! Lesson learned today is I'll be going back there after my revision to get sized! Imagine if I hadn't been measured I'd have thought I'd gone up from a D-DD to whatever size I end up being. Which I now know will be BIG! YIPPY! No more Ds for me! I took some pics in the dressing room that I'll load tomorrow, my phones charging at the moment. Let me tell you those bras were super comfortable too. I felt so guilty for putting her to so much trouble I even bought a 32G bra lol that won't even fit me after next Wednesday! Tags are still on it so mb IF I don't wear it I'll return it for a comfy sports bra, cuz I know better than to invest in too many right away until they do some changing. I am really excited to see what size I'll be tho!!!!! Can't wait for Dr. Revis to work his magic on me!

Nordstroms dressing room.

Best weekend ever

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend, got to do all the things I wanted to do! Good times with good friends and an awesome NIN concert last night with the best man I could have ever found :) We whooped if up good last night, felt so good to listen to some awesome music and have my husband treat me like his queen. We danced and made out like new lovers lol! Enjoying these old girls for a lil longer ; ) Just as I'd hoped we stayed so busy I hardly had time to think let alone be nervous about Wednesday. Saw the chiropractor this am for a lil preventive meds b4 I'm stuck sleeping elevated and weird for awhile, felt good to get my back cracked I think all those roller coasters thru me outa whack lol. Drove into work after that with a great big smile on my face thinking of the great fun I had this weekend and how much I love my husband and how happy we are with each other, I wouldn't trade him for anything! Getting so close now, tonight and tomorrow night left before I put my boobs in Dr. Revis beautiful hands! Not nervous at all just verrry excited! I'm actually giddy :) sure I'll be up late reading and have a busy day of meal prep tomorrow and lil more housework and laundry. Life is good, and hopefully even better Wednesday : )

800s officially today!

Have to get up at 4am...better go to bed! Have to be @ hospital @7am then surgery @10 :) got everything done today...protien shakes made and put in freezer, oatmeal porridge (oats and egg whites) pre made, homemade snack mix, prunes, apricots and some lil protein cookies :) My elevated bed made and ready, bag packed with mb some sleep!

In route to the hospital now :)

First off I really wanna say thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and support along my way to this day, its a great feeling having all of you here and to know you'll be here when I'm finally on the revision side. Like one of my friends on here said "women need women" and that is so true :) and very nice to have women who can relate and are here to help each other. Went to bed after midnight but I actually slept pretty good till almost 4 when my dogs got me up to go potty. Then I spent some very valuable time with them outside on the bench knowing that I have to keep my distance from them after my surgery :( our male is prob 90lbs and female is usually 10lbs below him and they are big babies that love to welcome us with kisses and jumping up to say hello. I swear the female gives hugs! So I'll maybe check in from hospital if I'm able and if not I'll see ya on the flip slide...800cc side! My friend said she'd come take pics later if I need her to....

First post-op pics

Well I got a nice shower this AM and took a couple pics of the girls. Not very good tho, I'll get some help later from hubby or friend. Didn't know what to do with the drain tubes so pinned them together behind my neck for my shower. Felt good to get cleaned up and I had to wash my surgical bra cuz there was a lil blood by 1 of the drain tubes. Nurse said Revis brings them and I can get another on my post-op app. Surgery went well but Dr. Revis did talk to my husband and said the CC was worse than we thought once he got in there so tubes were necessary. There not too bad but I sure wont be getting out with them on as they're kinda hard 2 hide. Was planning on a movie this weekend but mb not. It'd take an awefully big sweatshirt to hide these babies. Can't wait to get the tubes out on Tuesday and be able to appreciate my new girls more. Not in too much pain and when there is any its from the side by the tubes. I'm sticking with the meds right now tho just as a precaution, plus there helping me rest very peacefully. I must say the last 2 nights have been the best sleep I've gotten in a long time lol! I've created the perfect sleeping conditions for myself and have woke up feeling nice and rested, no back or neck pain thank goodness. I'll get back to all of you later...thanks for all yer reassuring thoghts for me XXXXXX to all of you!

another pic

Boobie blues

Well today marks 3 days post-op and I'm feeling down. Took a few pics laying down and they def look fuller but I'm wondering where my HP (projection & upper pole) is? Maybe I had just gotten so used to them being harder with the CC and maybe that was giving me upper pole cuz I feel like they were up higher pre-op. Trying not to get discouraged already but can't help it. My husband said all the right things and gave me a hug and said you know we'll do whatever it takes down the road if yer not happy. That's the thing I don't wanna havta go thru another surgery! Hopefully once I get these damn drains out and I can see them better I'll feel better about them. Played with them too much today and started hurting so I need to leave them alone till Tuesday. Hardly any bruising or swelling so hopefully the heeling will go quickly too. Sorry had to vent...

No more meds!

Well I think I turned a corner today, got out for a bit and it felt good. Went for a walk around a couple blocks while talking to my brother on the phone but had to support the girls with my hand as they started to hurt a lil. Took my last pain pill today @11:30 after my shower and doing some laundry I needed 1. I still have pain pills and muscle relaxers left but don't plan on taking them anymore. Never had to take the nausea meds either so that was good. It'll be nice to have a clear head again but wonder how I'll sleep tonight? Got to spend some time with the dogs tonight while watching a movie on the couch, I can tell they've missed their Mommy :) I sure can't wait till Tuesday to get these nasty drains out! There's no more blood coming just clear with a lil pink so I'm ready! Just curious does it hurt when they come out? Looks like there's a couple stitches holding them in to. Just wondering if I'll need to take a pain pill prior to my app, seems like it might hurt a bit. I def need to get out and find some support for these girls! I believe Revis said to wear the surgical bra or a sports bra for 3weeks but the surgical bra sure don't seem to supportive. Right now I'm wearing a sport bra that was a lil big before and it seems better but it's an over the head 1 and kinda hurt to put on. Any tips for front closure support bras would be great :) I'll get more pics up soon, prob after these drains are out. Not much pain anymore, haven't even taken Tylenol yet but prob will before bed just as a precaution. Been a long day think the pillows are calling me...

Goin to Walmart

Well I'm in some pain this AM but gonna suck it up and get out to Walmart for some comfy bras. Took 2 tylenol so hope they kick in. My pain is just in my right boob on areola incision, feels like its burning and gonna rip apart! Put some heavy unscented cream from avon above where the steri strips are and all around my tight boobs so hope that helps, I did it yesterday too. Guess these 800s are pretty heavy on that incision site. The surgical bra felt like there was no support as the band was too big so leaving my sport bra on for now but def need a front closure 1 cuz it hurt getting into this 1!

Post-op today

So had my 1:00 app and thank the stars above the drains are out!! I think my husband was ready to upchuck lol!! Let me tell you it did hurt and I'm so glad I didn't know what was in there! Dr. Revis cut the couple stitches holding them in and then proceeds to pull out 8"'of drain tube out of the side of my boob! No kidding like the size of a straw!! No wonder it hurt! Glad I took a half of a pain pill prior to seeing him. On the bright side no after effect or pain and he said im free to wear whatever bra feels comfy, except wire. Told him my concerns of no upper pole/projection and he said mb @3wks he'd have me wear a push-up bra. I did get the internal bra and he said they're not gonna drop and as they soften up you'll be able to stuff them in anything you want. I told him how my first ones seemed so high, like under my chin lol and he reminded me this was a revision and I had just gotten used to the cc look of hard balls on my chest. So true, these are new implants so whole new look that I just have to get used to. I do love them and they are big, I have cleavage and side boob just like I wanted and I guess too much upper pole wouldn't have looked good with these. I'm beat! Got to dress up the girls tonight and do din with some awesome friends who said my boobs were huge :)"I'll post my 1wk pics tomorrow all!

My 1 week olds

So today marks 1 week already and I'd love to say I'm doin good but after getting my drains out yesterday my left breast isn't happy. I'm hoping its better tomorrow or I'll def call the office. You can prob tell in some of the pics, my side with the tattoo is the left. I woke up last night with it achy and this am it was just a lil swollen and I had called the office cuz I forgot to ask what vitamins were ok to resume and mentioned the breast to her and asked if the arnica montana would be good to use again and she said sure it wont hurt. So my awesome hubby picked some up for me at the vitamin shoppe cuz mine was all gone from the PS. So I've got 2 doses of that in me now and I've been icing on and off. Just gettin paranoid that its filling up with blood and that's why its swelling as it doesn't seem like the icing is doing that much. Plus I had no swelling at all until the drains came out and still just the left. An infection can't come on that fast can it? It did hurt like a bitch when he pulled them out, maybe cuz they were there for almost a wk?! Just took a pain pill so I can sleep halfway descent tonight and gonna ice 1 more time. Gonna put my pics up now, some of the girls and some of my sleeping arrangements which are very comfy at least. I elevated our futon mattress with some pillows underneath then arranged my normal foam pillow on top then a small feather pillow and a lumbar feather pillow for my back and then when I get in bed use the neck pillow, mb that will give someone else an idea. Plus the futon is low so easy to wiggle my butt to the side and stand up without using my arms. Its calling me right now :) lay back, read, ice, let pain pill kick in and SLEEP!

More pics tomorrow when I'm 2 weeks po

Sorry I've been MIA all but been trying to take it easy as I had a busy weekend. Swelling better just pain in the side boobs. Not sure if it's from the drains or the internal bra. So I'm already feeling bloated and along came my monthly friend...yuck! Well I'm doing a wrap on my belly tonight to help with the bloat so maybe it'll help. I've been drinking so much water I live in the bathroom! Gonna lay back in my boobie bed and read till these eyes get tired. Promise I'll update with pics tomorrow. I don't see much change and the left is still a lil swollen but seems to be getting better. Goodnight my friends ;)

2 weeks po

Well the morning started out good, I actually woke up pain free :) I still took it easy, just put some chicken in the crockpot and made myself a protein shake. Did one light load of laundry and took it easy the rest of the day. My boobs started aching just a lil bit so I took 3 extra strength tylenol to nip it. Then about 4:00 I started getting ready to just tag along with my hubby to the gym when he got home. Wasn't gonna do anything maybe a leg machine but just wanted to get out more than anything. So took off my front closure bra n noticed a lil swelling on the lefty and around the band but it wasn't even tight. It almost looks like I'm retaining fluid. So I iced for a lil bit then put cream on my boobs and body. Well my side boobs started aching and feeling like a stabbing pain was there. I guess that's the internal bra that I've heard others say takes the longest to heal. I'm only 2 weeks into this but just wanna get out. So when the poor hubby gets home I've got myself all discouraged and I have to admit I was being a pouty bitch. Hey I'm on my monthly right now too so he understands lol. He give me a hug and says it's ok you'll get better. I sure hope it's soon, I planned on getting our grandson tomorrow. I miss him so badly. That's why I'm not caving in and taking a pain pill! I'll overcome this funk I'm in gosh darn it! Thanks to all of you who keep checking up on me :) what would I do without my RS friends? So here comes some more crappy selfies...hey it's better than nothin. XXXXXX

can't load pics

Ok it wont let me put pics up, it used to say gallery now it just says files, pics (to take a pic) videos, voice record and documents. Wheres my gallery at?

I think I got it now....

2weeks po pics

Feeling better!

Enjoying my time with the grandson and he's lifting my spirits! Went to fun city yesterday for indoor fun then Applebees with Grampa for good food. Gramma got to dress up and feel sexy for the first time since my revision and felt good! Off for more fun! :)

3 weeks post op today!

Wow I cant believe it's been 3 weeks already! I'm feeling great now and easing back into the real world finally. Did my floors today but took my time and went slow. Been to the gym and did some light legs twice now and some abs. Boy were my legs sore! Can't wait till my appointment with Dr. Revis next Tuesday and be able to start my scar treatment. My steri strips came off over the weekend. Id kept on trimming them as they rolled up but they started hurting every time I would put a sport bra on or off. So I could tell they were barely hanging on so I gently peeled them off and they came off easily. When I looked at the incisions I thought oh my frakenboobs! I don't rem the original incisions being so raised and I can see holes or indents where I'm assuming the sutures were. My first one he had to remove them and these were disolveable. Maybe having scar tissue there made a difference too, but my other ones heeled great without any scar treatment so I'm gonna think posative. I know it'll take some time. Ill post some pics and I'm sure you'll see what I mean...

4 week PO app

Everything went great yesterday and I got the all clear for the gym and to resume all activities :) YAY!!! Dr. Revis is just so awesome, I can't say enough good things about how kind, friendly, funny, he is yet still is very professional too. He's just so easy to talk to that he puts yer mind at ease and makes you feel so comfortable. He said my breasts looked good but wants me to massage the left one. My right is very soft already. The left one is the one that gave me trouble after the drains came out and was pretty swollen for awhile. The areola scars are like night and day since my last post! I can't wait for you all to see them :) the indents and raised skin was from the dIsolvable sutures and a few of them had released already when I was there yesterday. I got the Scarguard MD from the office yesterday for a whopping 75$ but hey why not try and help things along even more. So today before I went to apply the Scarguard (you paint it on) I fig I'd massage my areola scars again. I've been massaging/rubbing them in lil but firm circles to break up the scar tissue with palmers cocoa butter ever since my strips came off. Well low and behold, pop pop pop went the rest of the dissolvable sutures and omg everything smoothed out immediately. Just a lil twinge after but that's it. So I massaged my left and did the scars a lil more then showered so I could apply the Scarguard. I'm way more happy with how they look now that everything smoothed out :) now to get the left one to soften up a bit more. Of course now my minds been wandering, oh know what if I had an infection in the left one when it was swollen and now I've got cc in that one?! My right one seems huge right now too, prob because it's so much softer and fluffier plus it's always been my bigger one anyways. Can't wait to be 100 percent happy with them lol, right now I'd say I'm a 90 ;) The husband can't get enough of them and loves them, says their huge. He kept me too busy last night that's why I didn't get pics up ;) Gotta load them off my phone so they'll be up in a minute. Thanks for all my wonderful Realself sisters...I love you! XXXX

4 week po pics

more 4wk po pics


Hey girls, been a stressful weekend. After goin to the gym last week Thursday I was very achy and felt like crap so took tylenol and did some biofreeze on my sore muscles but as the day went on I got the chills and was running a fever. So I'm thinking the flu virus that a couple of our friends had hit me or that I'd picked something up at the gym. Well Friday and Saturday my right breast was sore and swollen. So....the hubby comes home and says email Revis now! He felt it and yes it was warm/hot so I took pics and emailed Revis and he said as a precaution I'll call something in and take a look at it on Tuesday when you bring yer friend in to see me. The swelling hasn't really gone down but hasn't gotten worse either but still trying to get a temp but controlling it with tylenol. Must say I've been totally stressing out about all this but I have faith in my PS so just see what he has to say tomorrow. I'll put up the pics I sent to him on Saturday been too beat to take more. Would everyone please help and support my very best friend :) who just starter her review? goina2c She has been my rock thru all of this :) without her and the hubby I'd be lost! She even let our dogs out today 4 me while I was at work (just feeding some fish) and left me some fresh pineapple in the refrigerator :) I will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow! XXXXXX

I'm alive :)

Hey everyone went well today, Dr. says it's under control and not even positive I have or had an infection but does have me finishing my antibiotics. I had a lot goin on that week, some sutures popping, returning to the gym, probably overdoing it. So weather I pulled something or the sutures releasing caused inflammation it's not getting worse so hopefully after time things will improve. I'm wore out tho it was a long day of driving but had a nice lunch with my bestie and she's officially found her PS so she's happy! We called it titty Tuesday lol since she had 2 consults and Revis looked at me. Her review is 38 years old, 2 kids, 5'2" height, 115- Mid Florida (goina2c) it's couch time for me now thanks for all the love....XXXX

I did it :)

Well I was able to put on a happy face and look sexy for my man on his bday :) I even cleaned the house for him today since he is a total clean freak lol. Yes I took it easy everyone ;) Tried on dresses to see what hid the swollen 1 the best and I must say I made it work just fine...posting pics just for you Tinka ha ha!

My infected right breast

The infection is exiting my body!
I'll post pics too but for some reason the video took forever to load. So the last 3 day my scar where the right breast drain tube was started getting red. Yesterday I noticed a head on it almost like a pimple would get. I didn't wanna pop it so last night I kept soaking a gauze pad in warm water n epson salts and applying to that spot. Then I put some neosporin on it and a bandaid before bed. This morning the middle looked even more yellow and more raised. So I emailed Revis pics and said could the antibiotics be drawing out the infection and its trying to find a way out? He agreed with me, but while I was waiting for his response it started oozing down my side. So I kept wiping it like the video shows and used a whole box of tissues then used a ton of paper towels! I eventually started to assist it coming out by massaging and applying light pressure and omg you wouldn't believe how much came out! I swear it squirted out at one point, sorry if that's tmi but I just wanna get that crap out of me! When we were out to dinner the other night with goina2c and her boyfriend he was playing with the cheese sauce and saying, ewe I wonder if this is what it looks like in yer boob? Well I tell ya what he was pretty damn close! I'm hoping that by Mon my swelling will be gone and all or most of the puss has come out and maybe Revis will just keep me on antibiotics for awhile longer. He had said in his response that he may have to rinse the pocket out and I'm assuming that would require him opening me up. I was crying after I read that! I really don't wanna go thru anymore surgery, no matter how minor! I'll continue praying that everything gets better and I could use some help from you girls too...thanks I'll post the pics in a bit.

It's My Lucky Day!

Sorry for not updating sooner but just saw Dr. Revis today. My prayers were answered, he doesn't have to go in and rinse the pocket out! He was astonished at how much the swelling had gone down and I told him about everything that came out which he said saved me! I do have to refill my prescription and he also prescribed me accolate twice a day as well to prevent cc after infection. Hey at this point I'd take anything he told me too lol! I just want 2 boobs the same size and no pain :) My pain level isn't that bad actually just a lil achy and that's prob from me helping expel the nastiness out of my breast. I've still been doing the Epsom salt compresses too but the fluid is getting much less every night. I promise I will load pics tonight or tomorrow so you can all see my changes. I thank you all for praying for me and just being here and caring it means a lot! XXXXXX

Before and after pics

I'm 6 weeks post op today and hopefully finally done with infection! Let this be a lesson girls that even at 4 weeks po yer not necessarily in the clear for infections! Revis found it very unusual too and said he'd never had a drain hole do that, he did check and made sure there wasn't a stitch left behind to cause this. Guess I'm his problem child so to say lol. Still love him :)

1 more pic of drain hole after

Will it ever end?!

So I'm 9 weeks PO now and I'm still dealing with a leaky, draining, oozing breast :( I must say I'm feeling defeated by my own body right now! To top it off my skin is crawling and I literally have red bumps (rash) over my entire body, from my hands to my feet! For some reason it's spared my face thank goodness. I'm pretty sure it had to have been from the accolate and I've been off it for 2 days now but it's def getting worse before getting better. I went to CVS 2 pick up my 3rd round of antibiotics and I know Dr. Revis intended to give me a dif antibiotic this time but I get hm and it's still bactrim! Maybe the girls in the offi e just called that in not knowing that he n I had discussed via email anout using something different this time. I had called the office and emailed Revis pics and told him I only had 2 days of no drainage and then the next night and morning it did again and I had also asked him if perhaps my body could become resistant to this antibiotic since I'd been on it so long already and when he emailed me back he said it was a good point and he'd switch it up. I'm getting nervous being on all these meds for so long but what choice do I have? I did buy some probiotic acidophilus and some milk thistle at CVS too. I know that the accolate is bad for yer liver so fig maybe the milk thistle would help get it out of my body. I always have my greek yogert and have been doing a probiotic tea as well. My face feels flush and I'm sure it's a reaction to the accolate or the excessive antibiotics I've been on. Ugg I'm just ready to be over this shit! Last night I wore a big gauze pad and my sports bra and I soaked through it all and woke up to a wet pillow and mattress! Good thing I have a waterproof mattress pad on. I'm thinking we def need to change my meds cuz this 1 obviously isn't doing the job! I'll be calling the office again in the morning, at least their all fantastic there. So I'll put some pics up that I sent Revis, there's even 1 of the rash but it's even worse now!


So it was a mistake on the antibiotic and they will be calling in levaquin now so I'm gonna give it a chance, wish me luck! XXXXXX


Well I went to see Dr. Revis yesterday and I had already leaked through my gauze pads and was stuffing tissues in my sports bra as I was driving so he got to see things when they were at there worst. I swear since going on the levaquin it's gotten bad again! I feel like I'm right back where I was! My breast is draining yellow stuff again and quite a lot too! So he poked and prodded at my poor drain hole again to make sure there's not a suture there, I said umm you did that before. So he made me bleed and bandages me up and I'm like can't you take a sample of the fluid to pinpoint what we're dealing with here, duh?! So he did and believe me he had no problem getting a sample cuz all I had to do is push on my areola and it was coming out in full force! I feel like I'm literally milking myself! It's disgusting! So he sent the sample out and told me to go back on the Bactrim but 4 times a day now and to continue the levaquin too until we find something out. I really feel like it can be cured with meds we just need the right one. It was draining clear at one point when I was on the Bactrim but I think it's just not strong enough. Now I'm 2 doses into the Bactrim again and my skin started crawling! Ugg! I'm pretty sure it was the accolate that gave me the rash before cuz it got better when I stopped it and I was still on the Bactrim at that point. Another girl went through this for 2 months before getting a 2nd opinion and then being sent to an infectious disease specialist who prescribed 2 really strong antibiotics and felt it was improving after a weeks time. I gave Revis all this information I don't understand why he wouldn't have just prescribed those same meds she told me instead of using the same stuff! If they don't fig out what the hells goin on with the sample then I'm goin to a specialist too! I love Revis but I wish he was being more aggressive and compassionate about what I'm goin through here! It's been life altering for me and my husband, I'm always afraid of leaking through my gauze or my sports bra it's ridiculous! I have found a good water proof bandaid but when I go to take it off it's always full of yellow puss and it's really on the verge of being green now! My husband and I just celebrated our 29th goin steady anniversary on the 14th but I was ready to have a breakdown getting ready for dinner. My boob is a lil swollen again so it's hard to find the right thing to wear and I snapped at him and he's like hey why you being a B and I was like well maybe cuz my boobs swollen and leaking all the time and I can't even dress up! I know it's been hard on him too but it's my body and I'm so disgusted! I did wear a nice top with cleavage and put some glitter on the girls and wore a funky necklace that hung in my cleavage for camouflage. We had a nice dinner and came home and sat outside and popped a bottle of champaign and reminisced about when we were young and how we wondered how we'd ever make it or afford a nice apartment. It just sucks that our extra curricular activities have been hindered by my damn boob! He's afraid to even touch them, and it's been 2 months! Of course Aunt Flo decided to visit that day anyways lol, what is it with our monthly always coming at the worse time? Or is that just me? I'm sure I'll have to go the weekend before hearing back from Revis on the sample, you'd think he could have put a rush on it! Not even gonna bother with pics they look the same as always, not quite as swollen but is warm to the touch again. I want to thank all you ladies for the support through all this it means so much! The couple I work for was here for awhile, I'm a caretaker. Anyways she made me call Revis, she used to be a nurse and she said it's not good for me to be going through this for so long. They were so nice and understanding and she wouldn't let me clean up after them and said I had plenty of time to worry about it when I get better. They won't be back for a couple months. It's the daughter of the lady I took care of for so long and she's close to family, she and I teared up together and she said she worries and cares about me and my health and to focus on me and nothing else. They pay my full time and I hardly do anything except feed the fish 3 times a week. Then I get there this morning after they left and they left me an envelope with 500$ in it! I'm so fortunate and so grateful for everything and everyone in my life it's just this one bump (my boob) that's hindering my happiness right now. Thanks again everyone! XXXXXX

I'm in it to win it!

I swear I will not let this infection ruin my life! I must say its getting the best of me at times tho. So...saw Revis last Thursday, a week ago today and been on 4 Bactrim a day and 1 levaquin and absolutely no change! How is that even possible?! I'm still draining an snoozing puss out my drain hole both daily and nightly and still can't lead an active happy life cuz I gotta worry about leaking if I do get out. So the labs didn't show anything just as Revis thought so now he wants to open the pocket and rinse it out and replace the implant all for my cost of 2,265$ all that's waved is his fee. I just feel so regretfull for even doing this surgery and wish I'd have left my old ones in. I feel like I shouldn't even have to be dealing with another surgery let alone replacing my new implant all because my PS couldn't help me cure my infection! Let this be a lesson to anyone who has an infection, if you don't get results from a certain antibiotic and don't feel like yer getting all the help you should please seek a 2nd opinion. No way in hell am I gonna be opened back up when I have an active infection running rampant in my breast! I'm sure it has the very good chance of spreading elsewhere if he does it now. They wanted to do it Monday! I had already called my gynecologists and she recommended I see an infectious disease specialist and get a handle on the infection prior to another surgery. She gave me the name of 1 so I called Revis back and told them I wanted to see the specialist first and they have gotten my records sent over but they couldn't even get me in until next Thursday! :( So here I go waiting and draining again while everyone else's life continues on as normal, I'll be home reading and changing my gauze! I called Revis again and let them know it'd be a week before I can be seen and let them know I'd be needing more Bactrim called in, but also said why continue on as I've been when it's not helping and asked if we should try something else in the meantime. Another girl on here said she'd gone to a specialist and they prescribed doxycycline and rifampin for her and she was seeing a dif after a week so I told the girls that too. My pharmacist said he can't believe more action wasn't taken sooner and to most def not have surgery with a raging infection and to also stay on something till I see the specialist next week. I miss my life, I miss my grandson and I miss my boobs. I wanna get my grandson for a couple days cuz I miss him so much and it's goin on almost 2 weeks since I've seen him :( I was just hoping I'd be getting better so we could have more fun when he's here. Anyone who has a little one knows how hard it is to go to the bathroom when their underfoot, let alone tend to an infected breast that's constantly needing attention. Now I'm facing more surgery and starting the healing process all over again! Not to mention if I'll heal good, if ill be responsive to the antibiotics after. I'm sure I'll have another damn drain tube after too and I suspect that's the source of this infection! I was only on 10 days of antibiotics after my revision and had the tubes out on day 6, so I feel like there should have been another 10 days of antibiotics after that. I had a revision, not a nice normal BA why wouldn't I have been on more antibiotics in the first place?! All things I think about now that I've went thru all of this. It just sucks facing another weekend of me being miserable and depressed and nervous to even do anything! I'm gaining weight and my skin and lips are so dry from all these meds I've been on and I drink so much water and fluids all day long I'm goin pee. I've been thanking God for the small blessings I do have but asking to be healed of this infection too. I sympathize with others who struggle with health issues every day of their life and don't have any hopes of getting better or getting healed, it can't be a good place to be. I know I will overcome this and I know I will be a stronger more thankful person when it's all done and I'm wise enough to know that maybe I was meant to be here in the position I'm in to value and appreciate my life and my health and the people that are in it that love and care and worry about me. For out of everything bad comes something good! I'm ready and waiting for the good, and thanks to all of my realselfers for bringing some good...XXXX

A different course of action

So after pestering the girls at Dr. Revis office today I'm happy to say I will now be taking doxycycline and rifampin :) I gave him those 2 last Thursday and I just wish I'd already been on them for a week and having some change, but better late than never :) I'm a little worried that it could be MRSA, damn that Google lol! MRSA can start with a pimple looking sore and you've all seen my drain hole pimple! It's scary to think I could be pumping out MRSA out if that hole! I still have faith that I'll get better but if I've learned anything from this its this...don't stand by and except that yer dr or ps knows everything cuz they don't, like PlatinumBarbie said were only human! I don't blame anyone for my infection, things happen. I just don't wish for anyone else to go through what me and everyone around me has gone through. It's our lives and our health and our bodies that our compromised by things like this and sometimes we need to do what's best for us and take matters into our own hands! Please don't let this frighten you if you haven't had yer surgery yet. I love my breasts, or at least I will when I'm infection free and it's a decision I don't regret. What I do regret is not taking action for my own well being a lot sooner. May God Bless me and watch over me and all of you as well, as long as we believe anything is possible :)

Infectious disease specialist today.

Well just as I thought it's not over. The specialist was very nice and complimented me on my decision to not go in and rinse the pocket out. Yes it will need to be done but he agrees on finding an antibiotic that it responds to first and then move forward. He also thinks that it's gone on so long and gotten so bad that it may not even be possible to get a handle on it at this point. Thank you Dr Revis! He said he sees a couple cases like this a year and that PS are rather lax in their treatment but agrees that something should have been done sooner and not because I stressed it. He actually said, I don't know how you feel about yer PS but I can recommend someone I know has dealt with this before. I think I will see him, not because I'm discrediting Revis but because I think it's necessary at this point just to get a 2nd opinion. Obviously I have to and will have Revis do the surgery since he did it and it'll cost less that way but I believe I'll be facing 2 surgeries if this specialist is right. He believes that the implant has been compromised and has ordered a ct scan to see what's goin on and changed my antibiotics to Augmentin and Biaxin 2 times a day. He couldn't believe how extreme the drainage was while I compressed my breast for him as he collected a sample and did 2 swabs to send off. He believes its all around the implant now and may even be a puss sack attached to the implant. His theory is that the implant will need to come out and the pocket rinsed but implant stays out till infection free, possibly 3 months. I had prepared myself for that after all I've read. The Drs on here all said that to others like me. There's just too much risk of another infection, I thought the same thing and that's why I didn't let Revis do it. So this is now my reality! Maybe by some miracle these antibiotics will work and the ct scan will show no damage to the implant and all will be perfect in my world...NOT! I called and told everyone after and awhile later my husband called me and said are you okay I said yeah for now and he said well I'm not, I'm having a panic attack! I told him all along what I'd read and he was always the positive one saying, once they find the right meds you'll be okay. Denial... On a more positive note I went and hit some Gramma time with my grandson this afternoon after my appointment. I asked him where he wanted to go for lunch and he said Applebee's lol. I said well we can go to Mommys Applebee's not Grammas and he was fine with that. Then we went to an enormous park and he swung and played on the slides and other fun stuff. It was an awesome park with cushioned matts everywhere and all in the shade. My boob got a lil sore pushing him on the swing (his favorite) but it was worth it :) He's gonna be a TRex for Halloween and I told him I'd come visit on Saturday to see all his candy. Thank God he didn't cry when I left or I would have lost it...well that's all for now...XXXX

I need to get better!

So I have something to look forward to if I can just get better and avoiding surgery would be the best possible outcome. I'm getting a puppy :) her name is Dallas and she's a black and silver miniature schnauzer. The breeders been sending me pics and videos and he's been calling her Dallas too. I just need to be able to take care of her when we get her, and we can get her on November 18th. If I'm not better than my husbands gonna have to do all the work and then I feel like she'll bond with him and not me :( I need this unconditional love of this lil puppy so bad. Our cockatoo that had female problems and had 2 surgeries to fix things kept laying eggs and she couldn't go thru another surgery and we had to put her to sleep :( her name was Dallas and this puppy is gonna be my new Dallas :) We had 5 mini schnauzers at one time then they grew old and left us and now we have the 2 giant schnauzers but I've missed my lil guys so much. Granted these giants think their lil lap dogs lol but just not the same. They go to doggy daycare most of the week, thank you goina2c :) She's their 2nd Mommy and they love her. They play with her lil dogs all the time so I know they'll love Dallas! Their only 2 now so their still puppies too. So girls, send another prayer that I'll be able to take care of my Dallas when she's ready to come live with us! Our animals can help heal us I truly believe and I really need that right now :)

Losing confidence in the Specialist.

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for not updating sooner and I've yet to talk to the specialist office so I have limited information. I had an absolutely horrible weekend and all week I felt like I had the flu this lead me to believe the infection was back in full force again and that the new meds weren't doin it. So Monday morning I call the specialists office and its either always busy or you get put on hold for a good 10 min at a time. I had left a message for the nurse saying swellings bad again drainage is same which is a lot and feel worse than before. I did that first thing in the morning and waited and waited all day for a call. Finally I call back and get the receptionist and tell her I need to cancel my appointment on the 13th and need it moved up if possible then tell her everything I left on the nurses voicemail. Well she got the nurse and I got to talk to her. Ran thru everything and told her I was having flu like symptoms and was trying to get a fever too I was freezing and when I'd get warm and cozy it'd bring up my temp, only to 101.8 was as bad as it got and tylenol brought it down. You know what she said?! Well if you have a fever then you have an infection you'd better go to the ER! I was livid! No shit I have an infection that's why I went to see the specialist! No way in hell was I goin to the ER either! So then I called Revis office and told them everything and she even said I wouldn't go to the ER unless the fever doesn't come down. She said they may keep me in there and worse thing they may feel like they had to relieve the infected breast and who knew who'd do it and if they'd even be a PS. My fear was being in there and getting stuck there! So the specialist never did move my app up either and I'm so disappointed with them I don't even know if I wanna go back, I mean obviously that nurse talked to me and didn't even have my chart pulled up! So at almost 5:00 on Monday the nurse calls back and said they got the labs back, I said oh good can you fax them to my PS? Yes but the Dr needs to see them first and sign off on them. Revis office had said come see him first thing Tuesday morning. I asked the nurse what it said so I could at least tell Revis when I got there. All she told me was it was a fast acid bacilli bacteria and I said what does that mean and will it help us find the right meds, well of course she couldn't tell me a damn thing! So then I'm googling what it is and as far as I can tell its frikn a tb disease so I'm freaking out! Oh and the nurse asked if I was goin to the ER and I told her no I don't wanna get stuck in there. Then I had myself thinking oh no she needed to know if I was goin to the ER cuz she had to warn them I had tb! It's been one hell of a roller coaster ride ladies! All these meds have me in a fog and I swear I can't even function anymore! So see Revis on Tuesday and I actually apologized to him and told him I feel like a fool cuz I should have just listened to him when he wanted to rinse it out awhile ago! He said it's perfectly understandable, you were trying to avoid another surgery so you gave it a go it didn't work and now I'll go in and fix it! I hope it's that easy! He asked how I felt about leaving it out and I said obviously that's not my first choice but I'll leave it up to you. So I'm scheduled for surgery next Wednesday November 12th almost exactly 3 months PO! He said he wants to get in there and see things and he will decide then and I'm just gonna put my trust in him! He seemed choked up and gave me a big hug and said I'm sorry you had to go thru this. I still love him! My other breast is awesome just like he said and now the goal is to get the right one the same. Oh ya and another thing about the specialist office, I was supposed to get the scan on Tuesday afternoon and the radiology dept called me and said the specialist hadn't gotten it cleared with my insurance and they couldn't get thru to them so I told her I'd try. I'm crying on the phone (this is Monday too) to the radiology lady saying oh know I really need this scan! She said usually they'd cancel it but since it was so late in the afternoon she'd leave it for me so I got thru to the specialist and she said they called and ins wouldn't cover...just great! So Tuesday at lunchtime I get a call from the radiology dept and she said they talked to the specialist office and sounds like the lady felt sorry for me after crying to her and she told the specialist they had to put it thru as medically necessary so then it was approved. How stupid are those people in that office?! Of course it's medically necessary! Unfortunately I was all whacked out on pain pills and couldn't make it cuz all along I thought it wasn't covered and would be cancelled! So then Wednesday I call specialist again! Still no changes and was still getting low grade temp but wasn't gonna tell her that! Said ok you have the results and you know the bacteria do we need to change the meds? I'm scheduled for surgery next Wednesday and I feel like shit and I wanna be on the right meds before and after surgery and my PS is under the assumption that the specialist is handling my meds now but keep in mind it's getting worse not better and I'd like to see him or talk to him before my surgery. Oh ok I'll get hold of the Dr and get back to you ...NOT! She finally called on Thursday afternoon close to 5:00 again and I was sleeping when she called feeling as good as I could from my pain pill. So I'm gonna attempt to call them but I'm not too hopeful! I did call Revis off yesterday morning and told her I wasn't very confident in these people and would they either contact them or ask Revis to see about changing my meds cuz these aren't working and he has the results of the strain of bacteria so I'm sure he can fig something out if you can't contact them. Well Revis decided to put me back on Bactrim and Biaxin so took that last night and this morning and no fever so far. So surgery next Wednesday be there @1 and surgery is @3. Time to try and call specialist I'll letcha know if anything changes! XXXX

Surgery done!

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers ladies! What a very long day! Man that's the longest I've ever gone without having anything to drink! Surgery was supposed to be at 3, but they had me checked in and in a room @1, well I didn't even see Revis for the consult until 3:30 and he had another patient to do!! So ended up being closer to 5:30 when he got to me. Yesterday was the most horrible day I had, my pain level was a 10 and I was crying on and off all day! Had to take 2 pain pills, I in afternoon and 1 before bed hoping I'd sleep well. I actually did sleep good too. Fast forward to today and was in very minimal pain :) maybe a 4. So Revis explained he would go in and rinse the hell out of that pocket!!! He wanted to determine his course of action after opening it up and seeing what he found. I guess it was pretty bad in there and a capsule of puss had actually surrounded and attached itself to the the implant and he said he even scraped some tissue out as well to make sure he got it all and then rinsed the hell out of it! Unfortunately he did have to leave it out :( but I was totally prepared for that! My husband on the other hand was having a panic attack on my behalf just from hearing it was a possibility when Revis consulted with us before surgery. I was prepared and he def wasn't. I think he's afraid of how I'm going to deal with it and handle it and most of all the effect it's gonna have on me. Well I'm okay right now and the BEST part is I'm not in any pain, but of course I took a pain pill and muscle relaxer and ate a power bar as soon as we left the hospital. I haven't looked at it yet either though, but I'm sure it's gonna look like a saggy boob for sure! I can and will deal though! He gave me the implant he took out to use in my bras so that should help. He had said 3-4 weeks and maybe put the new 1 in but has sent a sample out and said it will help determine the new antibiotics and if the infection responds we should be able to precede as planned :) I will update with pics possibly on Friday as I want to share this part of my journey too. It won't be easy taking pics if it looks like I think it does, but if it helps someone else someday I'd like to do it for them. I've read and seen, some great things on here and some not so great things that appalled me but they did all help in there own way. It's easy to do an awesome review with awesome pics and results, but it takes a strong and secure woman to do a review like mine :) that's why I want continue either way. Drain comes out on Tuesday if drainage isn't too extreme, it'll just be so awesome not having that crap drain all over me and soak my bras anymore and spend tons of $ on supplies to deal with it! Be back soon to share you all and many many thanks for the happy thoughts, healing prayers, kind words and all those glitter bombshells and glitter sparkles from the very special Tinka love u girl...MWAH! XXXXXXXX

Thanks everyone :-)

Well I gad pretty good weekend. Did a lot of resting and taking it easy. Yesterday I even felt good enough to get out on the bike with the hubby. It was a gorgeous day for a ride! We met goina2c and her boyfriend for dinner. Pain levels pretty good just been taking a pain pill at night to get my sleep. There's hardly any drainage, I've only drained it about 4 times now. My breast doesn't look as bad as I thought it would, just looks like my other boob but without the implant in it. I can tell I'll never be without my implants though, there's not much breast tissue left after cleaning up my cc. I still wanna post pics but I think I'll wait until I get the drain out tomorrow. Thanks again everyone :) XXXX

Got my bubble burst :(

Well I saw Revis today and was looking forward to getting this damn drain tube out, didn't happen! BOO! What a downer! He wants to leave it in until they can grow my bacteria sample and make sure we're handling my infection with the proper meds. He said if he pulled the drain tube it might make the infection come back if I'm not on the right meds. So gonna try again next Tuesday and hopefully we'll know more about the results. I must say I mastered faking having 2 boobs pretty good tho! The girls in the office said you couldn't even tell. Just won't be sporting any cleavage anytime soon that's for sure! Since the drains staying in I plan on posting some pics tomorrow just to continue to share with you all. I'm not happy about this but it's not as bad as I thought it would be either. Revis said my breast looked good, I said yeah if you like the pancake look :) I have a flat tire boob, at least that's what it looks like. Like a deflated balloon. I can't believe how small my boob looks! I was a pretty big but droopy C cup before my original implants and I'd be lucky if I'm a B cup now. There's no way I'd ever be without my implants that's for sure! So I'm waiting patiently for things to look up and I know they will :) EVENTUALLY anyways :) all I need to remember is THIS TOO SHALL PASS! XXXX

My deflated breast.

Heres a few pics of my poor boob after all it's been through with the infection. Boy does that 800cc implant weigh a lot! Can't really use it to fill my bra though so I've been using a couple breast pads they used after he removed it. Hopefully next week I'll be able to get the drain out and learn a lil more from Revis. Until then, I'm the master of disguise ;)

I'm enjoying my Dallas girl!

I'm beyond excited to have this special black and silver mini schnauzer! She is so special and so smart! She's just a lil over 8wks old and she's already going potty on demand outside :) She's so tiny, she weighs 5.6lbs and will probably only be 10-12lbs. She fits right in with the giant schnauzers too and the only thing they wanna do is sniff her butt or eat her food. I'm getting just what I wanted a lil cuddle buddy and she's already a Mama's girl :) She's at work with me right now taking a nap and then it's off to see Revis this afternoon to hopefully get my drain out! I will let you all know how it goes! Wish me luck! XXXX

Drain removed ????

Sorry I didn't update until today. I was busy getting ready for our Thanksgiving company. We have a really good friend here from Ohio and a good friend of hers came with her. It's great to have her here she's like family to us :) So I was a nervous wreck for my appointment cuz I knew what to expect this time when the damn drain came out! I'm happy to report it hardly hurt this time. Although I tried to relax more this time and he sat me in the chair. Last time I stood up and I think I balled up my fists and tensed up which apparently didn't help any. It's so good to have that out! No pain after either...YAY! So I'm continuing the antibiotics and he wants me back next Tuesday to make sure there's no pain or swelling after the drain removal and then he said we can discuss putting it back in :) The labs on the bacteria still haven't grown anything but he said maybe that's good cuz it may mean I'm on the right meds. We have another week to see if anything grows in the meantime. I hope all of you are getting to spend the day with friends or family and enjoy a nice meal. I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! It's so good to not feel so drained or be in pain! If I've learned anything from this its to not take anything for granted, especially yer health cuz it can change at anytime. I look forward to going to our special place for Thanksgiving, it's the resort where we had our wedding reception and they have an awesome elegant buffet with everything you can imagine to eat. I will probably be feeling fat today lol but hey I'm treating myself, desert too. 1 of everything :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I'm very thankful to have all of you too! XXXX

Yay I get my boob back!

Went to Revis yesterday and he was happy with everything and I'm happy to announce I have surgery scheduled for December 17th ???? First thing in the morning too...YAY! Gotta be there @ 5:30 and surgery is @ 7:30! He said my breast had softened up a lot already and that's good and the labs on the bacteria never did grow so that means I was on the proper meds and the infection is gone...YAY! The best part is......NO DRAIN THIS TIME! YAY!YAY! And YAY! I went right from the Drs app to get the grandson and we are having a blast right now! I'm so glad that this is almost over and I'll have my boob back for Christmas! Thanks for all yer support through all this ???? XXXXX

I feel whole again!

Everything went smoothly this morning :) I was in a lot of pain when I woke up so they gave me some more meds. I think it hurt worse then the revision did but 1 of the nurses said it's the pocket being empty and then it had 2 be stretched again. Just hope I heel good and fast and can put this behind me! I'm sitting here @ Ford getting an oil change lol. While driving to the hospital my signal for lo tire pressure came on and I was thinking shit what if we get a flat tire?! Didn't happen tho thank God! Well I gotta sit back and relax, I'll add another update with pics when I'm able to :) OH YEAH NO DRAIN!!!

Happy Ending

Crap I already did this once so now it's gonna be shorter lol! Alls well in booby land...YAY! I'm happy the hubby's happy so it's all good! My evil right breast is behind by 4 months but not looking too bad considering all it's been thru. Been a long hard road girls and 1 I'm very happy 2 have end! A very short recovery for Gramma as 3 days after surgery we gained temporary custody of our grandson. You all know he's my greatest joy in life so as stressful as its been I wouldn't have it any other way! We had both grandchildren here for Christmas so it was awesome :) If I'm MIA 4 a bit i know you'll all understand and I know I can count on you when I return ? XXXXXX

Still good!

Not many changes here. Waiting for a lil more softening and dropping but I'm not complaining! Just a pic the hubby took when we went to our last concert...Pennywise. You can see a slight difference on the right side, left in the pic. Still a bit higher but my husband was in heaven since it was the first sexy boob shirt in awhile ;) Miss all you girls, hope everyone's doin good! XXXX

A little worried :(

So I've been trying to stay positive about my evil right breast but I'm afraid something is wrong. Its still sitting high and I don't remember this happening with the original implant. Them being on top of the muscle I know from experience that they don't really drop and fluff like the unders do. My other issue is that I'm having a weird crease in the rt breast when I move or flex a certain way. I've never had muscle involvement with my implants before. That's why I personally like overs because it's supposed to eliminate that problem. I did mention this to Revis at my last appointment but he said he wasn't concerned about it so I figured it was just a matter of it having to healing more. Now I'm worried it's healed that way and will stay that way. The last thing I want is ANOTHER surgery! UGG!


So I went for my appointment on Tuesday and told him I wasn't happy about the muscle pulling and he said massage :( I have doubts it's gonna help but guess I'll have to try. On a good note it has dropped a lil more so maybe massaging will help on both things. It just feels so tight, like it's catching on something when I move a certain way. Now to focus on massaging that baby and exercising my ass off! I'll post pics soon and maybe a video to show the muscle flex thing...XXXX

I need a favor

Hey girs! Wow I miss all of you and my daily activities on here! I still peek in on all of you but so busy right now. I've met a new girl on here Fit and Healthy Mom and she needs some advice :) I figured I'd send you lovely ladies over to check her out and lend a hand! We all remember the nerves of making those final decisions towards getting our ultimate boobies...I promise I'll give an update this weekend! Things are doing a ill better as far as the evil right 1 dropping, it's just goin slow. Thanks for all yer support!!! XXXX

I'm still here!

Ugh I just wrote a pretty long update then went 2 look 4 a couple pics 2 put on and when I clicked back it erased what I'd wrote! Man I hate when that happens! So....I'll write my update and then put pics up after this time! I just went 2 Nordstroms on Monday and finally got sized! I was a lil disappointed 2 find I'd only gone up 1 cup sz. So @ the same store pre op size was 32G and now I'm a 32H. I was really hoping 4 more out of these 800cc! Geez I went up 300cc from 500 - 800cc! They just seem fuller is all 2 me and not huge @ all. Don't get me wrong I'm sure others think they are big but I guess when yer already used 2 them bn big goin a lil bigger isn't so noticeable. That's why I went 4 the 800s thinking they'd give me what I want. Wish they made bigger silicones lol! The rt 1s still not dropping but it may be a tad bit softer. I'm just trying not 2 obsess over it as much and let time do it's thing. They look awesome in clothes but I want them awesome when I'm naked! I feel self conscious during certain sex positions now and I never was b4. It's crazy when I'm up to almost 16,000$ on these things! Just puts a damper on things 4 me when I wry about that damn boob flexing! I know my hubby thinks I'm hot and sexy but u can't change what goes on in yer own mind lol. I've been goin 2 the gym again and my hubby did notice my boob flex when I was doin a shoulder machine. Nobody else would prob notice but again I worry about it! Its the worst when I force a flex in front of the mirror so I'll try and get a pic of that when I get hm. It pulls that whole boob up and over and makes it considerably smaller from it tightening up. It has 2b hooked 2 a muscle from that internal bra Revis does. At this point I can live with it but on down the road I may have a revision done and who knows...BIGGER TOO :) Just not ready 4 anymore surgeries rt now! I'm gonna post a couple pics after this and then take some when I get hm. Sorry 4 disappearing and disappointing any of my friends and followers! I love and miss u all! XXXXXX

I can't believe it's been 8 months!

Lol sometimes it seems longer!

More pics!

I'm loving them more and more!

Well I haven't had much of a chance to get any good pics of the girls but thought I'd let everyone know that I'm finally loving how they look and feel. The right still has some catching up to do but it's feeling really soft now and feels like its more a part of me. Still my flex distortion but mainly while working out @ the gym and I'm loving working out too much to give it up. Something to discuss my next app end of July. All of my probs and I can still say I'm happy with Revis and choosing him. Wish I hadn't gotten that damn infection but I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason. Who knows why, but a lot of things happened @ that time. I was healing from finally getting my right one back in on the 13th of Dec I think and had to save our grandson from getting taken by the state on Dec 20th, so double whammy! But priorities are priorities and being there for him certainly made me forget my booby ailments and I think focusing on him helped both my husband and I. He's still with us and Moms in rehab doin good so we'll just see what the future holds. We love him so much sure will be hard if things change too much too soon, but the longer he's here the harder it'll be 4 everyone. As much as I support Revis I'd still like to bring to you girls attention a girl on here who's not happy with him. Her names marsha8398 and as much as I support Revis I also wanna support my RS friends too and if I can help her by bringing her some of the support I've gotten then I'd be happy to oblige. Also gonna post some pics and some are for her. Revis gave me a 1yr guarantee of sorts on his work and I can't find the paperwork but did find the receipts for the 2 surgeries following the revision he did for me. 1 was for the removal of the evil right breast implant and then to replace it and my husband insisted we buy a replacement implant just in case it were to blame in anyway so it would have been 800$ cheaper otherwise. Check her out and offer yer my girls and I couldn't have made it through without you all! ? XXXX
I'll put pics up next as I've lost a post this way b4...

now for some pics

Try and get some more up soon :)

Some fun :)

Been so happy with my girls now so been sending selfies to the hubby and we did have date night Saturday night thanks to goina2c :) gotta love when the grandson has a sleepover lol! More pics soon...


Ok I hate my phone! Just had a nice long update nearly done and accidentally pressed the back key and lost it...SHIT! Sorry been awhile but had tons of stuff goin on. Saw Revis 4 my 8 mo post-op (rt breast) and 1yr for original revision. He took pics and said they healed nicely after all they went thru. I told him my onoy concern was the muscle distortion and associated pain while lifting weights. He said he may be able 2 rectify it by goin back in and releasing the muscle...NO THANKS! Plus he couldn't guarantee it'd fix the problem. Overall I'm very happy and the muscle thing isn't noticeable unless I'm flexing so I can live with it until my next revision. I've been asked about the internal bra and I do think it's a good thing altho i never had trouble except 4 my cc anyways. They do still fall slightly 2 the sides but i think that's the actual implant and the weight of them. The rt side may fall a lil more 2 the side due to the muscle thing. I think it reall feels supportive underneath 2 me 2. I felt like my old ones did drop more but I'm still wearing a bra, sports bra or some kind of support most of the time and always 2 bed. Gonna load pics now wish me luck that my phone doesn't pull a fast 1 on me! I miss u all and promise I'll find time 2 catchup with u all soon :) XXXX

Backyard fun

Feeling pretty good for only getting a couple hours sleep last night! Gotta limo and hit the town with goina2c and my hubby to celebrate his 50th birthday:) got pretty wild! Just a quick pic for now but try and put some up of last night too. We were showing off the girls!
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I've gotta say I found a fantastic PS! Dr. Revis makes you so comfortable he has an awesome bedside manner which leads to comforting his patients. He's also very confidant without coming off cocky. The nurses at the hospital couldn't stop saying how nice he is and what a great PS he is. Even the lady that checked me in prior to surgery said how great he is and how people travel from everywhere just because he's so great! So thank you Dr. Revis...I haven't even seen my naked breasts yet but if he's as great as his reputation, then I have every reason to believe gonna be perfect ;)

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