Dr Revis Breast Revision Disaster - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I went in for revision and after the surgery...

I went in for revision and after the surgery looked worse and still in pain after 5 months. I had several other consultations and have to redo the whole surgery. I am deformed and in pain. Dr.Revis offered come back and redo with double the price. He is very unprofessional and doesn't care about the surgery just the money. Run! There's several good plastic surgeons in South Fla. Don't go to Dr. Revis.

Dr Revis revision picture

Here is a picture of all that asked for one of my revision by Dr. Revis. Hopefully I can help others make their own decision based on this picture.

Horrible getting worse revision Dr. Revis

After 6 months getting much worse. Can't wait to get them redone in August.

Getting worse

It's now 6 months. It's getting worse.

Before my revision pic

Picture of me before revision. You can see left breast went up too high is why I needed revision. Also too close together had been that way for 10 years.

Before revision

Ladies, I'm working on getting my before pic but Revis is NOT sending me the file after 4 emails. Hopefully my last PS has them. If not I'm entitled to my files let's hope he gives! I'm sending this is all I have right now!

Close up view

Read review my friend posted June 9 on this photo. You can see from my other photos its getting much worse now than this picture

Dr Revis botched revision

8 month post now. It's getting worse. Planning on getting new revision in September. Still deciding on PS that can fix this mess!

Revis law suits

For all the girls asking me about law suits on Dr. Revis it's now posted on my site.
Sorry it took so long to answer all of you.
I'm soon getting my new revision and will keep you all posted.

New PS

My implants are much worse. It's been since 12/2014 and today I'm seeing Dr. Krau. He stands by his work and seems to be the genius of revisions.


Another photo trying to get it close up all the holes, ridges, bottoming out

Finally revision

I'm finally found the right Dr. Krau to fix this mess by Dr. Revis. My surgery is November 2/2015

Dr. Krau best PS ever!

I'm excited about my results. The left side extreme pain he had done lot of work. I was really messed up! Here's the first pic

Revision finally by the genius Dr. Krau!

After year of pain and deformed boobs I finally picked the right PS Dr.Krau!

Dr Krau revision 10 day post

Well ladies! To all that supported me this is 10 days post! Am I dreaming! Perfect job Dr genius breat revision Krau! No holes no ridges! I LOVE YOU DR KRAU!!!!

Sports bra

Here's the sports bra Dr. Krau gave me. Some of the girls have been asking what I'm using.

Review from June 15 it was nightmare!

June 9, 2015
My friend is the one who is posting about her revision surgery with Dr. Revis. I saw her a month ago when she was traveling to Raleigh and I never saw anything so horrible. I took several pictures of her to show the 5 plastic surgeons that I work for. They felt very sorry for her and said she needed a major revision with mastopexy and strattice for support. She went back to Dr. Revis and he wouldn't help her. She was smart to let the public know what happened to help others know that he did not help her resolve her issues. Our surgeons would have been embarrassed with the horrible outcome and helped our patients resolve it. I am trying to post the picture I took of her but need advice to see how to do that. I have talked to her countless times and she has now been to several Florida surgeons for consults. Everyone who sees her is appalled. Also, everyone she has seen agrees with our doctors that she needs a lift with strattice or siri for support and smaller implants. I wish he would have just owned up to the fact that it didn't turn out well after all the pain she went through. He could have just been ethical and fixed the issues. Our office charges minimum anesthesia and minimum facility with no surgeon's fee when we have revisions to do within a year from the original surgery. He should have stood by his work. If I were this doctor, I would be humiliated if I had an outcome like that. Of course patients are going to post bad reviews and put up pictures if the original surgeon doesn't try to help. Had he been professional and fixed the situation, she would have been happy. Of course she will now have to go through all the pain again which is so sad.

Bottoming out

Few girls are contacting me about my Revis bottoming out revision. No I was not bottomed out before. I will post those before Revis so you can see no bottoming out no holes no ridges.

So happy!

I'm looking so good! I'm so happy!

Dr. Krau is master genius of revisions

Dr. Krau is master genius of revisions

5 week post update pic

Side view. This is 5 weeks post. I'm 6 weeks now will post again. My scars are disappearing now so I will send update on 6 week post soon!

17 day post

This is 17 day post ( not 5 weeks) sorry!

Side view Dr. Krau

Dr. Krau side view

Dr. Krau 7 week post

Here's 7 week post. Swelling is down and I'm very happy with my results!!!


Going to beach and looking good!

Update pic from botched to beautiful

From botched to beautiful My revision from Dr. Krau still looking awesome! Amazing!

9 months

Same bra been 9 months!

Still awesome!

Wow! Still looking high and perfect! Girls if you don't want big implants get them for you're man! Lol Men love BIG!

Off to gym Dr Krau miracle!

Dr Krau revision loving it!

Better pic

Better pic

Dr. Krau

Just reminder how fabulous Dr. Krau is!

At the beach! Looking good! Lol

Loving going to the beach now! They still look awesome!

Facebook Revis reviews

Dr. Don Revis reviews on Facebook. Now ladies can post and reach out to other girls there disasters with him.
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