12yr Old Implants Time for Renew Strattice and Saline - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Have 12 year old implants. I'm fit and very thin...

Have 12 year old implants. I'm fit and very thin skinned. This is my 4 set. First set was silicon 350 2nd set 600 saline 3 rd was 800 high profile silicon 4 set with saline 1200 to 1500 cc. I'm hoping the strattice will help thicken the skin it is 3,000 a piece and I need 2 to 4 so better it be worth it. I have to have drains for this makes you produce more fluid inside. Not excited about that. Any ways wish me luck I'll post pics soon.

Old set bye bye

Post old 800cc silicon pre op 11/5/15 surgery 11/6/15 will update soon

Here are some shots with bikini

Old implants with bikini they look ok in it but not great.

1 day after sugery in a lot of pain

I had the internal bra lift . I'm posting picture I am scared because I don't know what will happen next. I'm praying this will all go way
Doctor Revis said it looks good

So this is not what I expected

I'm a week and 1 day out since surgery. Not a happy camper yet. Breast are scary right now dealing with issues of nipple dying and making sure I have no infection still have drains in hope to get them out Monday

Healing is slow

3weeks slow going

Bottom and side view

Doctor vist

Well went to Doctor today cut a lot of dead skin off my nipple. It looks better but more open so I'm pray it will heal faster now. Will update you on Friday. That's my next check up.

4 week my local cosmetic surgon taken care

Well I was told to massage my dents and I heard a pop sound hope it was scar tissue and of course went to my local cosmetic surgon who let me know my implant and stattice so he sewed it up inside and out. He's the best. Outback on antibiotics and some type of cream. If it gets infected I'll update soon. Looks better closed of course will post pics tonight

Pic 4 weeks

5 weeks feeling better

5 weeks went to my surgon here they removed stitch they put in last week. Put steric strips on. And the dents are going away. Feeling better about things.

8 weeks

Looking better waiting for the middle to relax

So it's been almost 4 months here's some pictures

I'm adding these photos to show how my breast look after my $22,000 breast augmentation. Wrinkles, bottoming out and breast spread 3 fingers apart. Not happy! over being positive. But I guess I have to keep these for a time because. I could of had 3 or 4 breast jobs were I live for that price. And I wouldn't do that to my husband. So for my mistake iof not believing some reviews I paid the price. They are true. He's fast and always rushing. I felt like he just tells you what you want to here and doesn't listen to you. He marked me left. And wasn't coming back to see me before I left the hospital. But I threw a fit and I think the nurses were worried any way. I mean I looked like Frankenstein. Then no one called or checked on me. I didn't here or see anyone until the follow up. I did text him he always was rude and seemed put out. When ever I ask him questions.
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