My Revision Rhinoplasty

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I am having my first and last revision after I was...

I am having my first and last revision after I was unhappy with my primary after I fractured my nose! I was assaulted by an ex and even though he was out of my life, I felt like I should not have to live with a small bump because of him. I could never admit I dated such a person , but I am no-longer ashamed and it is refreshing to open up to total strangers, I wanted no reminders, so I decided to go and get it fixed. I was young and liked my nose, but foolishly asked if it could be improved, thinking he was an expert and thought anyone that is an ENT/ facial surgeon could do a good job, well he recommended to shorten the tip alittle, even though I pointed out no faults, even though my side is great, my front is round and fat to me, I was back & forth about getting it done again, but decided I am going to the best, a revision specialist, world known who only does noses (chins too) anyway, I am flying to Florida in one month for consult and surgery, I'm excited!

My surgery is in 4 days

Wow, I was lucky to get in so quick and the wait is almost over! I found a resort a few miles away from him, I got a great price on it! I'm getting into Miramar around 6pm on Monday, I have my consult on Tues and surgery on Wed. I have so much to do!!!!

I had my consult with Dr David

This was the best consult I ever had, not only is he friendly, professional and funny, he told me how attractive I was & made me feel really good about myself. He found some problems with my breathing so not only is he fixing the function of my nose but making it beautiful. My surgery is tomorrow morning, I am so confident and excited, this is my consult before & after......everyone says his afters are better than his computer after....I don't know how that is possible.

Dr Richard Davis!!!! Not David-phone did that!

He really knows about the nose, definitely an expert, he showed me things and explained everything in perfect detail. I am so fortunate to have found this doctor!!!

Night in the hospital

I am staying the night in the hospital, he wants to see me and unpack my nose in the morning before I leave, the fee for that goes right to the hospital along with anesthesia, because of breathing obstruction, my insurance is covering this part.


Surgery went perfect , my insurance picked up a nice portion of the surgery.... The secretary got it approved and arranged for the next day!!! She's wonderful!!! I only had 60% cartildge in my nose then Dr Davis used my ear, I have been busy icing, icing but I will post pictures on Tues. I am so happy I found Dr Davis.

3 days post op

Very swollen but can't stay in the hotel one more minute, icing then going out for awhile, I don't care if people stare

2 more days my cast comes off

Day 4, I managed to take a bath and washed my hair very carefully not to let my splint thing get wet, it was so easy!

Day Sony came off!

Cast off

It was well worth going to Dr. Davis!!!

My husband loves my new nose!!! He said my new nose resembles my natural nose ( before the fracture) I showed Dr Davis the picture and he took a close look at that. I did not want a different nose, I wanted it back to what it was, and the tip was ridiculously round..... Not anymore!!!

Omg! 2wks in 2 days and love my nose!

Dr Davis is king if revision & I knew it from the start!!!

Love Dr Davis

Pembroke Pines Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Richard Davis knows his stuff

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