42 Years Old Getting a Revision After a Deflation. Fayetteville, AR

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11 years ago I got a BA after breast feeding 2...

11 years ago I got a BA after breast feeding 2 kids. They have been great until last month. After a week my left side totally deflated. I will have surgery next week to remove the old saline ones and get new HP Mentor 450cc gel implants. I'm so ready to have it done. I'm tired of stuffing my bra so that I look even. My Dr also informed me that Mentor is going to cover my new implants at no cost, YAY! So my fee went from $5475 to $2835. I never planned on getting new ones until this. I hope this surgery goes as smooth as the first. He said it will be easier. I hope so:-)

Picked up my meds and some new bras for recovery.

Four days away from surgery and just picked up meds and bras. I'm getting nervous but so ready to have my deflated implant out and get my new ones. I'm hoping my 475cc HP gels are a good fit for me. My old ones were 375cc saline and decided to get a little bigger. I just don't want to look way to big.

Surgery tomorrow and before pics

The left side is deflated:-( I will be taking out 375cc saline and replacing with HP 475cc silicone gel implants.

All done:-)

Surgery went well. No pain so far and I'm feeling really good. I can't see them for 48 hours. He cleaned out the side that had the ruptured implant. Made some adjustments to the pocket. I now have 475cc HP smooth round silicone implants.

1st day post-op

I'm doing really well. Not much pain. My left side is more sore because he had to do extra work on that side since my old implant had deflated. I have full mobility in both my arms which makes me excited. I want to look so bad but the PS said not till tomorrow. Got some good cleavage right now though:-)

2nd day post-op

Just got to shower and see my new boobs for the first time. I'm happy with the size so far. I'm still so bloated. How long does it take to go away? I'm tired but can't get in a good sleeping position. I'll post a pic soon.

2 days post- op pictures

3 days post-op

I'm off my pain medicine and just taking Tylenol now. My left side is more swollen and sore because of the extra work he had to do on that side. I feel good but still a little weak. I'm still pretty bloated too. I'm ready for that to go away. I feel 6 months pregnant.

5 days post-op

I'm feeling really good. Not in pain at all. Just irritation from the incision sites. I'm happy with the size I picked. There is still more swelling on the side he had to do extra work on. Hoping it will even out in a few weeks. Its killing me not being able to work out. I hope at my 2 week appt he clears me to at least go walking. I'll check back in soon. Here are a few new pics I took this morning.

5 days post-op

2 weeks post-op

I had my 2 week check up today and had my stitches taken out. I have healed great. No pain and no more morning boob pain. I go back in 2 more weeks and he said he might release me then to workout and wear normal bras..Yay. I'm glad because not working out has been very hard for me. I went to VS to get a sports bra after my Dr visit. The sales lady sized me and I'm a 36DD. She said I can still wear 36D if I want more cleavage:-). I'm so happy with the size and look of them. I'm so glad I went with he HP gels too. I was worried but they are great. I also decided 2 days before surgery to go with 475cc instead of 450cc's. So happy I did that.
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