Fantastic Voluma and Botox!

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Westborough Ophthalmologist

I saw Dr. Keamy for Voluma and Botox. I'm 40 years old and gravity is starting to do what it does. I had two full syringes of Voluma in each cheek and it lifted my whole face. I'm writing this 2 weeks after I had this done and it looks amazing! I've had a lot of compliments of how "rested" I look. The Botox in my forehead and brow looks great too! I have a bit of a saggy eyelid and Jean was able to make it lift up a bit with where she injected the Botox. Dr. Keamy did a great job with making my face more symmetrical. One side was a bit more hollow in the cheek area and she put just a touch more Voluma there to make it even with the other side. Dr. Keamy has a wonderful bedside manner. She asks all the right questions so she can understand what your needs are and what you would like to see improve. She has a great eye and is conservative in her approach. If you are looking for a subtle, non-surgical lift I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Keamy for Voluma. Not just any practitioner will do with this. You need someone who really understands the anatomy of the face and ocular area. You also need to see someone with a great eye for detail and artistry. As an Ophthalmologist and professional photographer (some of her awesome work hangs in her office) Dr. Keamy is the perfect marriage of that art and science we all seek.

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