Fantastic Experiance! overwhelmed with my results.

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London Oculoplastic Surgeon

I had Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty with Dr De Silva on the 25/06/2016 and I cannot express how thrilled and overwhelmed I am with the results. The whole experience has been truly life changing and nothing but positive. Why did I decide to undergo rhinoplasty? I decided to have the procedure due to a large hook shape on my nose. This made me feel very uncomfortable and really effected my confidence, as it really didn’t suit my face. It also became apparent to me how much I struggled being assertive with other people or looking people in the eye while studying at university. With many reasons I decided it was something I needed, I was so fed up of feeling sad about my nose. Why Dr De Silva? I have wanted Rhinoplasty since I was 17 years old (5-years ago), because it’s such a technical procedure I spent three years searching for the right surgeon. After coming across Dr De Silva I was certain he was the Doctor for me as he specialises only in the face. I was so overjoyed when I read about his experience and fantastic customer reviews. With this decision I was committed to finishing my studies and then having my surgery. So after wanting to meet Dr De Silva for two years, the day finally came! And it exceeded my expectations, he was very professional, very reassuring and very calming. He answered all of my questions and completely made me feel at ease about the whole procedure. I must say the whole team are incredibly lovely and make you feel very comfortable and safe. After a great consultation and being overwhelmed with Dr De Silva I booked a day for my surgery. Surgery So on the day of my surgery I was overcome with nerves. I have the biggest needle phobia and the thought of the procedure made me so scared. However, after walking into the clinic I was made so calm and relaxed. The staff are incredible, I cannot express how grateful I am for the care and patience’s I received. The antitheist was also fantastic. Then I woke up. I can honestly say I just loved it! I’ve never had surgery before but I was so relaxed and came around so happy. I just remember waking up and being like it’s done and its pain free?? I decided to have sedation and I cannot express how amazing it was. I left surgery half an hour after my procedure and just felt incredible and completely normal, I was so surprised how quickly the effects of sedation wore off. I was very anxious about sedation as I thought I would hear/see stuff going on, I didn’t at all I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the experience. My experience I noticed a difference as soon as the cast came off, but I must say the 6-8week healing period I seen results virtually every week, I am still noticing smaller refinements now! I still cannot believe how virtually pain free my whole experience was, when I say pain free I mean I didn’t even take a paracetamol. I am so happy with my experience with Dr De Silva, from the very first consultation to the aftercare I have received. To look in the mirror every day and see my nose completely fitting with my other facial features is something I have dreamed about for years, and now that dream is a reality. It is exactly what I wanted. I am so happy Dr de Silva was my surgeon he is a credit to his field. Truly an artist! I would highly recommend Dr De Silva to anyone! He has made such a positive impact to my life. I will forever be thankful to him and his team.

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