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I'm 32, 5'2", 113 pounds. I was about 120 pounds...

I'm 32, 5'2", 113 pounds. I was about 120 pounds when I first got my implants. I had my breast implants put in April 23rd, 2008. I have saline HP 350's filled to 330 CC's implanted via armpit. I got up to 200ish when I was pregnant, breast feed, and lost weight. The original doctor was Doctor Strock in Fort Worth, TX. I'd go back but I recall he said he would revise them with an incision under my breast. I don't want that and I'd rather not travel so far. He did an awesome job though! So now I have rippling in my implants when I tilt to the side, flex, etc. I plan to get them replaced with 400 cc HP cohesive silicone. I go in July 25th for my consult with Dr Agullo. I talked to him briefly about it during a follow up visit for my TT. I believe he said he could go back in via the armpit. We will talk it over again. I'm going to get my scar from my TT revised and a bit of lipo on my hips at the same time.

Saw the doc

Here is what we decided... We are going to do an internal lift with mesh (SERI, I believe) . Revising my saline 350's (currently filled to 330) with a tad bit larger implant in silicone (normal silicone not gummy, but still more cohesive), 375 - 400. $6,786.50 with no experal. I believe I will be adding the experal on it's $500 more. My incision will be under the breast. The mesh should take pressure off my incision as well as reduce any rippling. Looks like my TT revision will be put off a bit.

Found some pics of my first boob job before they dropped

Found some pics of my first boob job before they dropped

Pseudo ptosis

Ah forgot. The mesh will also correct my pseudo ptosis. My left breast is 9 cm and my right is 10 cm, 5 would be normal. So my nipple is in the right area I just have a slight boob pit now.

Pre-op date!

I have my pre-op date! August 27th! Very excited

Pre-op rescheduled

I have to go in next week to get my stitches from my tummy tuck revision out. Going to do my pre-op then on the 21st. :) can't wait.

Pre op done

Got my pre-op pics taken, blood drawn, and EKG done. My husband is filling my meds tomorrow for me.

Started vitamins

Started my Vitamedica vitamins today. They were great my last surgery, so I'm taking them again for this one

Presurgery forms

Got hospital re-registration done this afternoon. They re confirmed everything from the previous time I had been in. Went over presurgery prep and when to be in. So I will have to arrive two hours before my surgery time. Got a bottle of Dyna-Hex 2. Signed forms and consent forms. Basically that I wanted surgery, if I need a blood transfusion to give it to me, where to be etc.


My period started Sunday. I think it was from me freaking out. Since I couldn't take aspirin etc I bought red bull. I drank five yesterday before I realized it. I never drink caffeine any more. My stomach was upset today, as anyone would imagine. Called in the doctors office and asked if immodium was ok. They said it was so I took two and then two benedryl. Feeling good now. Pushing fluids to keep me extra hydrated. Getting a massage tonight. I'm so excited!!!!

It's Done!

My BA revision went well. I think it took just about two hours. I couldn't pee again (happened last surgery) I have not unwrapped them yet to look. The band I have on is super itchy. Ended up getting 475 Naturell hp silicone under the muscle. As l lay down I'm fine but when I stand up all the blood rushing to my breast is horrible. So groggy. Maybe tonight I will take a shower and see them. Attaching. A pic in my bra. Can't wait to see them. So groggy. Want to sleep.

Got to see them

Here are my Frankenboobs. They will get a ton better. I love them so far. 475 seems perfect. I can't wait till the swelling subsides. Got a shower and now I feel great.

New booby day

Changed my gauze, lotioned, and peeked in at them. Made my husband feel them lol. He was afraid to but I got him too. He agrees they feel better then before and loves the size. You can feel the mesh some what but I don't mind I'm in love. :) much less pain today all though I slept most of the day. Living on kashi roasted almond crunch bars not really hungry for anything else. Tried a few other things but eah didn't want to eat anything. Staying hydrated. When I get up I drink a bottle of water and walk around. One thing I don't like is this band thing. I know it's for my own good but it's a pain. Been putting cheap pads between it and I.

Can't sleep just yet

Decided to take a shower and more booby pics. I dry brushed too and it really helped all the itchiness. Used coconut oil all over my body except the incisions and that helped more then the lotion did. Measured myself and I know it's not the final result but right now I'm a 30F / 32 DDD / 32 F. I would put 34 in but I always have to alter the bands on my surger. I'm always happy with my surgeons work. Dr Agullo is the best. :)

Get with the program righty

I've been sleeping a lot still. My right boob hurts more then my left not sure why. I will ask the doctor tomorrow. Maybe it's just muscle spasms. I'm right handed too so that doesn't help I'm sure. Left isn't too bad though. Picked up a couple of bras yesterday. This Marena one isn't too comfy. I put gauze over my incisions then pads over that to keep the elastic from cutting in to my incision. My paper work says I can wear the new ones at one week but I will double check to make certain when I see him. I see and feel the SERI less and less.

First PO

Lots more healing to do. Saw Dr Agullo at my PO. He explained how far he had to pull my chest muscle down to put it back in the place it should be. It had slipped pretty far up. Makes total sense. More cold packs and pain pills. Still totally worth all the pain.

Better incision pics

Had my husband take some better incision pics. Started using my non stick gauze since the other stuff was sticking so much. Helps a ton.


My breasts are still tender and I still am having pain. It's slowly getting better. I have feeling in my left nipple but not my right. Still have a scab on the left incision, it's more tender then my right. The incisions are flattening out more. Sleeping a bit less but only because I'm trying to stay awake. I don't want to but I'm going to have to start taking care of my toddler again.

Resized again

So it is my husbands birthday. Toughed it out and went shopping. Got resized again. I am now a 32G! :D bought like six new bras.

Day 17

Muscles are relaxing much more and not spasming as much. They feel so much softer then when they were saline. I can't feel the internal mesh any more. They move really well with my pecs when I move my arms. I don't dare flex. I love them!!!!


Watching my daughter

Hum... My last pics didn't upload. I may try again in this post. I watched my daughter yesterday for a full day. She was very sweet but a bundle of energy and doesn't get mommy not being able to drive. She keeps wanting to go out and play with the kids at the park etc. my husband has been taking her out to play with other kids lately. Today she's being onry. I'm getting better by the day. Stiff in the morning. Achy and tired by the time my husband gets home. I've started really eating again. Appetite coming back is good. Seems like right after that I always turn a corner and am much better.

day 17 pics that didn't load

I think I got them this time!!!

Since last time

I was sick off and on all last week. Beginning of the week I had random vomiting. At the three week mark my left boob felt like it was burning and my right one felt like fireworks we're going off in it. A few days later they felt much better just achy, they still feel like that. Went to my daughters gymnastics class on Saturday because I felt better but then vomited from motion sickness. Back down to 113.4 pounds today. Feeling achy in my left more then the right. Got a new bra on Saturday. In underarmor I'm a 34DD, still a 32G in Walcol and Naturi. I have pics from the three week mark and Saturday. uploading pics from 3 weeks and 3 weeks 3 days.

Week 4

My husband took me out to the mall yesterday. I decided to see if I can squeeze in to a Victoria Secret bra. In the sports bras I was a 32DDD. They didn't have one in that didn't go over my head and clip in the back. I don't mind them clipping in the back but oh my! To get them off was hard. Note to everyone... Do not let the sells girls talk you in to putting on something tight that goes over your head. Just order bras to your door first. At the end I had the sells girl order a bra to my door that would fit in my size. I was really distracted chasing my toddler all over. My husband completed the transaction and when I got home a few hours later I got a confirmation email. I was confused when I asked my husband which one they ordered and he said the solid black one. I didn't try on a solid black one... Apparently she saw me in my Under Armor bra when my toddler threw open the door when I was getting dressed. Surprised she thought it was theirs. Well I will see when it gets here what it's like. I can't fit a 34 band in the non adjustable bands in VS. Way too big. I did try on one normal bra there but it was like a push up? The sells girl threw it over the door. My boobs don't have enough drop to be in it. Felt odd and I didn't like it. My boobs certainly didn't fit right in it. I have a bit more of relaxing happening in the muscle. Looking better with each day to me. My scars are fading. The left looks great. The right one is good for the most part except tword my armpit a small piece feels raised still.

Decided to take measurements.

Earlier my cat was standing on my thigh briefly. His paw print was left for over an hour. So, I decided to take measurements. I'm about an inch and a quarter bigger under my breasts, around my waist, all the way down to my thighs. I need to ask how far down my crease was moved to get a more accurate idea of how swollen I am. Usually, I'm about 27 inches under my breast, I'm 28 1/4. With my last set of boobs I was 32 1/2 around my bust, I'm currently 35 inches.

Swelling down

Since yesterday I started wearing my compression garments (from my tummy tuck), stopped drinking sprite, and drank a ton of water. I'm down to 27 under bust and up to 35 1/2 in my bust. Amazing what you can accomplish in one day. My under armor bra will not fit any more. The band is too big. I guess I can try to alter it on my surger later. I can fit both of my hands up under the band. Switching to my Walcoal in 32G. (Noticed a typo in one of my earlier posts, should be 32 DD in Under Armor). I may go ahead and buy a new Panache soon. My left boob has sharp lightening striking pain. Starts at a point and branches out. Both of my breasts have a dull pain that is constant. I was suppose to run a race tomorrow but there is no way. Plus I don't have an all clear to exercise yet from my PS. Going back in on the 15th. I will take it easy til then. Liking my left boobs looks more then the right. The right muscle just hasn't relaxed as much but it will be the same soon

More bras

So I went back to the mall and was going to get another resizing but the people who worked in that area were not around. The girl that was there had no clue about bras... I guess that's my first experience with that lol. So I told her my previous Walcoal size I knew (which was in a sports bra) 32G. She pulled out a 40G... Uh. Lol! I'm like mmm nope need a 32G or a 30H. Ended up giving up on her and was like neah that's ok I will find them on my own. She did entertain me for a while when I was finding her. Great sense of humor. So found 2 bras that met my criteria and tried them on. Seems that Walcoal sports bras vs normal styles are different. By this time my husband and almost 3 y/o had found me so I just kept barking out sizes from the dressing room to my husband. Toddler came in and started trying on bras too. Finally found a few that fit and were unlined, they had underwire but I ended up taking it out after I bought one of them. So in normal Walcoal I'm a 32DD or 30DDD. Tried on a few B. Tempted by Walcoal and sams results with size. Bought one of the ones I tried on since I knew I'd be taking out the underwire. I feel pretty sure this will end up being my size now. It's one size up from what I was wearing in Walcoal before my 2nd BA. I actually have a few of the correct size I bought a few months ago at home (figured that maybe my size after BA 2, since I knew I was going to have another BA). I know I'm still swollen though.

Another day in boob progress

Saturday I went back to Victorias Secret. They had a sell going on (buy two bras get $15 gift card, and two Demi bras got me a free panty), so I bought a few more bras. All are 32DDD.
I have noticed that under my scar on my right during massages I can feel a sharp corner. Slightly irritating. My left I can feel it a bit too tword the outside corner of my scar. Feeling better. I get morning boob at times and a bit achy when I get up but it gets better as I move around. Less lightening boob but it's occasional. Still no feeling in my right nipple. Skin still a bit lose but getting much better. I have been sticking to wearing soft cup, no under wire bras, saving my new bras for later after I heal up more. It helps wearing a cup more then a sports bra that creates uniboob with my sag. Uniboob makes the skin go off to the sides and feel with fluid and sag oddly making my boobs appear squarish.

5 weeks!

5 weeks mark today. :) massage is definitely helping me feel better. I've been wearing a Walcoal bra and it feels pretty good. It's unlined and wireless but has cups. The uniboob that zip front sports bra type was ok but the little bit of loose skin would pool at the sides of the bra giving my breasts a squarer look. This one doesn't have that issue and seems a ton better for my skin. Even though it was a tiny bit of skin. Looking better with every day that goes by. loving my new breasts. :) not much longer and I hope to be cleared to exercise.

Six weeks PO

Had an appointment with the doctor on Wednesday. He pulled a suture out of my right breast that had started poking through my scar off and on. I felt so much better. Seemed like it didn't matter much, it did though. I was finding it annoying when it did poke through because it would catch on my bras, but it seemed to be actually irritating the underlying tissues. I was cleared to resume activities and wear underwires.
I have not been taking long showers just short as possible and had not been submerged in water. Saturday I went to an indoor water park. One thing I didn't really think about switching to silicone from saline is that the silicone seems to hold in the temperature of the water. Makes sense because they are like huge internal gel ice packs. I've been feeling much warmer lately but thought it was due to healing or something to that effect.
I'm still up six pounds but it's ok. I ordered a new workout bra and it arrived yesterday. I'm not sure if it fits right or not. It seems right but they sent the wrong size. I ordered a 30DDD Panache, but was sent a 30DDDD/G. There is no puckering, folds, or gapping. It feels right with the hook that makes it like a racer back hooked together, but I'm not sure with it unhooked. The underwire doesn't come up very far so it's hard to tell. In the middle I know it's right but I'm unsure at the sides. Unfortunately at the local stores they never carry the 30's and very few 32's. I might try it on again tomorrow and see what I think. It's almost like being a small 30DDDD but a large 30DDD.
I feel pretty good. Starting to ease my way in to laying on my chest. The scar sort of pulls a bit till I get perfectly on them. Not putting much pressure on them though.

Since October

Went on vacation at the end of November. Took my new girls snorkeling, parasailing, diving, up One of the best places in the world to view stars, around a volcano, hiking, etc. they feel more like they are part of me now. My right nipple still has no sensation. They looked fab in my Halloween costume too!


Pics from the last few months

4 months

It's been 4 months and 9 days! Seems like it's been longer. Had another stitch pop out a few weeks ago but it healed up fast. This white thread just sprang up one day. Other then that nothing much has happened. I have a bit of sensation returning to my right boob but not much just tingles occasionally if it's pinched or something.

Almost 7 months.

I will be moving soon. I had my last appointment with Dr Agullo before I move on March 18. His staff is really great and it's sad to know I won't see them like we have over the past year they have worked with me.
I have lost some fat. I'm at a 30E (panache), 32DDD (Victoria's), or a 32 DD (Wacoal). Love my new boobs. My scars are bearly visible.
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

Still has a great staff and nothing's changed. Great bedside manner. He really cares about his patients and is great at what he does. Always impressed with everyone in his office.

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