Teen Starting Accutane - Edmonton, AB

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Starting accutane after putting it off for a whole...

Starting accutane after putting it off for a whole year not to. I've been battling acne for about 6 years now and I've decided it's time to put an end to it. Here goes the journey of taking the pill after supper last night. My skin feels a little extra oily and smooth this morning.. Let's continue to see how this goes.

Day 14 update

It is now day 14 on 1 pill, 40 mg a day. My skin felt very smooth yet oily the first days on accutane. Slowly, I started to get used to it. I'm currently experiencing some effects of dry skin. New and emerging pimples are still coming out. I'm constantly hiding my body from sunlight... I stopped using Tactuo when started the pill, but when the acne got a little extreme, I put some on at night - I most likely would be unable to if my skin gets any dryer.

Day 26, No signs of improvement yet

It is now day 26, pimples are still coming out here and yet and there have been no improvements yet. Time will tell how this will turn out.

Day 31 Update

It's now been one month! I've have raging new pimples bursting out and I'm trying to control them as best as I can... Accutane is being continued but what is to come next is unknown.

Day 43 Update - Minimal improvement

New pimples are still coming out, my skin is very dry and lips are very chapped. I'm trying multiple types of remedies for the lips, and apply more moisturizer. Doctor prescribed Prevex B for my dry hands. The journey continues.

Almost 3 months!

There have been no huge flare ups but rather scars and blackheads still persist. Due to sickness and pneumonia, I had to put off Accutane for about 1 week at the end of December. Dry skin and lips are still happening. The journey continues..

New flare up

It's been a while. No major improvements but no huge bumps. I am still getting some acne popping up here and there. Let's keep going to see if there will be any more improvements soon.


Scars haven't been fading lately, but rather I have good size pimple on my back and one just popped up on my face which it also a fair size. Here's to hoping that Accutane will do it's magic soon for. Dermatologist has recommended to keep going..

End of March Update

A new pimple popped up on my forehead, still waiting for signs of improvements. Any recommendations on whether or not how I should be restricting on my diet, or what I could in terms of rest to see more improvements?

New Update

Finishing up last pack and then it's time to stop being on Accutane. I am still getting flare ups and there are many scars that still remain and are showing.. About 2 more weeks left..

Finale! Not quite yet.

I have stopped taking Accutane per my dermatologist's recommendation. I still have multiple scars and was recommended Retin-A Micro, 0.04%. (feeling confused and unsure on what to do)
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