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PLEASE READ: I am writing this with great sadness...

PLEASE READ: I am writing this with great sadness BUT I strongly feel the need to let others know about this office as I realize how personal and important it is to find a really good plastic surgeon and professional staff. I initially chose Dr. Sz because he did the face only and that was my personal area of concern. He was my exclusive plastic surgeon for over 8 years and he was good.

Some issues I had were that I had a straight forward rhinoplasty (expensive) to eliminate the bump --other docs offered to fix my sinus issue (he did not, but that was ok) and after a while when things "settled down" the bump was still present (smaller...but still there). I was not about to have another procedure and just accepted that it's "better". As time went on, I noticed under the skin a "line" like a surgical scrape was visible under the skin and I addressed it as "could this be from a surgical tool from the rhinoplasty". He was nervous (he always is) --this "scrape" is now fixed with filler. Also, I have a scar that I'd asked him to avoid the area with filler as when filler goes near the scar it makes me look like I have a cold sore on my lip. Two times since he again filled that area (even after he notated it in the chart) In addition, his own exclusive product had made my skin look/feel like sand paper and he had me discontinue it and I had just purchased an expensive jar of it. 

Also, he doesn't always fully advise me of the full costs of things and I end up shocked with the final bill. In over 8 years with Dr. Szachowicz I've spent at least $50,000 on this physician. I was a loyal patient and was treated well by the staff (Sharon is great and recommended that feedback is important and since I was not taken seriously at the office THIS is my feedback).

I didn't even consider changing physicians until my recent experience: 5/2013 --I went to pay for my services (keep in mind I had no makeup on, I had injection marks and slight bruising on my face and felt vulnerable and embarrassed as I am an incredibly private person) I had questions about Brilliant Distinctions and my bill. A man who apparently is the Office Manager was checking me out and seemed quite irritated with my questions. He raised his voice and indicated his annoyance with ME. I had only seen this man a few times in the 8+ years that I'd been there and was horribly confused. I said that he must be mistaking me for someone else. He had such anger in his voice when he stated that, "NO, I AM NOT MISTAKING YOU FOR SOMEONE ELSE, It's YOU that I'm referring to...." What I found out by his remarks was that he was upset and had built-up extreme animosity from apparently what was a credit issue that took place (I think) about 8 months before. He marched around the desk and got uncomfortably close as he pointed with his finger the charges. I've NEVER experienced this before and it was alarming. Everything I asked or said he got even angrier and DEMANDED that I go into a room with him to discuss this. I refused as I was extremely uncomfortable. I did not feel safe in that office. I headed for the exit and he marched much too CLOSELY behind me, ran ahead of me, angrily FLUNG the door open as I was leaving and made a flourish with his hand like "GET THE ____ OUT" I was dumbfounded and knew I could never return.

Dr. Szachowich was made aware of what took place and made no effort to hear my side of the story or even acknowledge how uncomfortable I felt because of what happened. I swear on my mother's life that this is what occurred. I feel that this is really important for people who are looking for a good experience and a great physician and staff.

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