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I have been meaning to write this review for a few months now, but I am glad that I waited, primarily because I can include my assessment of Dr. Janjua's aftercare (and not solely my procedure with him). You see, I had an original rhinoplasty performed eight years ago by a surgeon in Maryland, and I was truly unhappy with the entire process. I am an African-American woman who wished to thin the tip of my nose and also add projection. I chose my original surgeon based on ONE picture of an African-American rhinoplasty that he had on his website, (in hindsight, I realize that was a big mistake); and drove down from Pennsylvania for a consultation. While the surgeon was a nice guy, I always felt rushed and that he wasn't truly attentive to what it is I desired aesthetically. Long story short, I was talked into having a Medpor implant in my nose.. even though I wanted my own cartilage. I had done enough research at the time to learn that there was a greater chance of infection with implants(as opposed to my own cartilage), and I hadn't wanted to take that chance. The surgeon assured me that it was BETTER than my own cartilage, because my nose was so flat. I don't know the science behind that, but I assumed he knew best. Surprise, surprise...my implant was infected just a few weeks later! Not only that, I was left with a huge jagged scar across my columella that is still terribly visible to this day. And though the surgeon did a revision AND a scar revision, the results were atrocious! My nose was even more bulbous than it originally was, and my surgeon refused to administer steroid shots to help with the excess edema. I walked around looking like an extra from The Nightmare Before Christmas for years, until one day I decided to give it ONE more try.... With a different surgeon, of course! I can across Dr. Janjua here on Real Self, which led me to reading each and every one of his reviews. Perfect five stars, all of them! That lead me to his website and (drum roll, please!)..his YouTube videos of him actually performing rhinoplasty surgeries! He explains every step, and the results looked sublime! The bonus for me was that he attended an Ivy League university and ONLY specializes in facial surgery. No offense to my last surgeon, but his results were all over the place and I think he suggested the implant because he wasn't that confident in his skills. Dr. Janjua is quite another story. I emailed him and sent photos of just about every angle of the monstrosity in the center of my face. His office quickly got back to me and scheduled a Skype consultation, since I live two hours away from his office in New Jersey. I fell in love with him from the initial cyber meeting! He is warm, funny, EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE, and asked me just as many questions as I asked him(and believe me...I had a ton!) so that he could accurately accommodate my needs. He was also very frank in telling me that revision rhinoplasty on a nose with my implant might present problems, but that he was confident he could help me. The fact that he wanted to remove the implant tip and use my cartilage to create a refined tip sold me, and he did not disappoint. In fact, he actually exceeded my expectations! When my friend and I drove there, his assistant Lily (very professional, warm, and accommodating--just like Dr. Tanveer) helped me finish some of the paperwork (I had already filled my scripts, taken an EKG, and gotten bloodwork done in the previous weeks in preparation for the surgery). I didn't even have to be put to sleep...a great big plus but an even greater testament to Dr. Tanveer's expertise, in my opinion. He personally helped me to my vehicle and painstakingly went over aftercare instructions with my friend who was driving me home. When I did my consultation to remove my splint, I promise you I looked like a goddess, lol! A refined tip and bridge; my side profile was gorgeous; and the front of my nose no longer looked like a VW Beetle from the front. He even lowered the visibility of the scar that was so high on my columella! As far as my aftercare, he was very gentle removing my stitches, and explained to me that he wanted to perform the steroid injections three weeks after my surgery (btw, my surgery was May 25th 2016) as a preventative measure to combat edema. I have received two series of injections roughly a month apart, and while I swell up immensely on my nose the day I receive them, the finished effect is lovely. They have helped me maintain my results, and Dr. Janjua told me that if I EVER feel that the swelling and edema is bad, he wants me to make an appointment as soon as possible to rectify it! He truly cares about his patients, his craft, and his reputation. Not to keep knocking my last surgeon, but when he did (a poor job on) my scar revision, he left me alone and bloody as soon as he was done. I had to find him (chatting in the hallway to one of the assistants) and ask him if someone could clean me up! That is NOT the type of carelessness you will receive with Dr. Janjua. He and his staff always make you feel like family! If I ever have any other facial surgeries, he is definitely my first and only choice. He gave me the nose I wanted, fixed someone else's horrendous and callous mistake, and also preserved my "ethnic" look (I joked to him that I didn't want a Latoya Jackson nose... Just smaller and more defined). I love this man.. He literally changed my life!

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