Dr. Been exceeded all of my expectations - Rhinoplasty

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Barrington Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had 4 initial consultations with other surgeons, prior to my first consult with Dr. Been. I had been told at all of my appointments that my surgery would be especially complicated. I had wide-set nasal bones, a large dorsal hump, a downward sloping tip, slight right deviated septum, and thick, fatty skin, that would make achieving a smaller, more feminine nose close to impossible. At my first consult, Dr. Been was so professional and took the time to truly understand my desired expectation. We had a thorough and transparent conversation about exactly what maneuvers he would need to take, and the challenges, especially regarding my thick skin, that needed to be overcome to achieve exactly what I was looking for. He computer-simulated my nose in office, which helped us reach a mutual understanding of my desired result. Dr. Been is extremely qualified and knowledgeable in facial plastic surgery, and rhinoplasty surgery in particular. He performs procedures in-house, in his surgically accredited suites, which saves you thousands in unnecessary overhead costs in a hospital. I truly believe Dr. Been is by far the best value in Chicagoland. Dr. Been’s staff had been so thoughtful and accommodating in scheduling the surgery, around my hectic schedule. The day of surgery, Dr. Been and his staff again put me at ease, and reiterated all of the maneuvers he would take in procedure. The surgery day took about 4 hours, with absolutely no complications, and I had absolutely no pain! Dr. Been doesn’t pack the nose, so even a few hours after surgery I was able to breathe very well in and out of my nose, which was a pleasant surprise! I had the typical bruising around the eyes, which resolved within about two weeks. One week after surgery, the nose splint was taken off, and I could immediately notice the difference. My nose looked significantly thinner, the dorsal hump was completely gone, I had a much more feminine, tinier looking nose overall, and that was at my peak swelling! I continued to tape my nose until about 3 months post-op. I also continued to see Dr. Been in follow-up, during which time I still had some clinically significant swelling. Dr. Been is a perfectionist, which is exactly what I needed in a surgeon, so he administered 3 Kenalog injections total, about 6-8 weeks apart, which significantly reduced the swelling. Now, 5 months post-op, I never imagined my nose could ever be as tiny, and as perfect for my face as it is now! Dr. Been honestly exceeded all of my expectations and I’m so happy with my new nose. I truly believe investing in yourself is the best investment you could ever make. If you are thinking of having a Rhinoplasty or any facial procedure for that matter, I would highly recommend, and completely trust Dr. Been.

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