Decided on saline 300cc Dr. Baker thinks I should get them larger, but I really want them small. I should prolly listen!

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Remain the same size and go from saline to...

Remain the same size and go from saline to silicone. 375cc silicone behind the muscle. I have had a slow leak in the left breast, with no pain or problems. I have had the leak for 2 years. Dr. Baker said it was at the valve site and this is why it's such a slow leak. At first I wasn't sure, and then after needed shoulder surgery! Ouch! So finally scheduled surgery for May but will have to re-schedule for the end of June instead. I will post pictures after procedure. I am 55 years of age, and don't expect to look 30 :-)

Thinking about getting the implants removed period

Changed surgery date to July 10, 2014 to give me more time to think about what I'm going to do. I may just get the implants out explant without new implants. Age is a big factor.

I took pictures and my implants hang so low!

Gosh I am freaking out now that I look at myself. My titts with implants look like many who have gotten theirs removed ARGGGGG! Imagine what they will look like when they are out? I might be able to throw them over my shoulder! J/k Hey I'm nervous. I was thinking about the fat transfer procedure but I read that your body may absorb the fat.
Oh well I have plenty of time to lose a few lbs. and get healthy. Going to do some walking.

June 1st, 2104

I went to my doc in Dothan who I thought was really an awesome guy, but he wanted to replace the saline implants with silicone.

I just saw a new doc last week who was so freakin awesome. He said I work for you. He said you tell me what you want and I will explain to the best of my ability on how we. accomplish it. He gave me a price on taking implants out, and gave me a price on taking implants out with a lift. I chose the lift. Now I am saving the money. Oh and he mentioned that I needed a lift from the beginning, and that the doctor put large implants to try to make up for sagging, but it doesn't work that way. He explained everything in detail.

Dr. Luis Vasconez surgery

Love this Dr. But just because he's a great guy doesn't mean that I trust him completely. I will do a little more investigating. Surgery scheduled for Dec 10 to get implants removed with lift. 6200 with my 25% discount (employee) I am scared and excited.

Decided to just get implants removed w/o lift for now

Dr. Says he can remove implants in the office! 2200 to have this done. My thinking is this. I will have the implants removed and wait to see how my boobs look. It also will give me more insight into the doctor. If I don't like the way they look I get a lift. Dr says I will need drains for 2 weeks in my chest. Not looking forward to that. Local anethesia too

Deflation tomorrow Feb. 6th

Very nervous about deflation. For some reason I can not post photos!

R. breast bottomed out L deflated

Left breast is deflated, and going tomorrow to have the right one deflated. Very says left breast is totally deflated, but I don't think so. I will find out tomorrow!

Deflation with empty shells still in.

I'm not liking this look at all. Made an appointment with Dr. Baker and the smallest he said he will go is 300cc's. I don't want big boobs again. The others were 365! Not sure what the difference will be. Surgery is set for January 21/16

Pre-op January 6th Surgery January 21-2016

I am very excited, and have decided to go small this time. 300cc's I feel that I look thinner with smaller implants.

Going with 300-325 cc's. Hoping for a small large B small C.

Paid my surgery fees! Dr. Baker thinks that 450cc's will be better! That's large to me!

I went into the office after looking at thousands of boobs. I had it in my mind that I was going to get 300cc's because I wanted to be active again, and start working out. I used to be quite active until my thyroid started acting up. Well now I'm on new thyroid meds and have energy! 450cc's sounds awfull big to me I'm 5'4 138lbs. Dr. Baker said that he would try different sizers on me and decide which one is better. I suggested moderate plus to lift saggy boobs to the front and off my chest. He already knows I don't want huge boobs. I actually cried in the office when he told me I couldn't have small implants. The tears just came out! I tried to stop them! Crap~ January 21st surgery~
Dothan Plastic Surgeon

Extremely sweet and kind. All the qualifications to make me feel safe.

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